April 30th, 2017 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “symbolic”

  1. The speech was meant to be symbolic, but everyone took it literally. The real carnage started as soon as he said the word “carnage,” which he claimed was a metaphor. But the metaphor had grown arms and legs, and it wielded a sharp ax and a butcher’s cleaver and split the skulls of the rallygoers open like rotten fruit. Their innards spilled out, but only in a trickle – there wasn’t much brain to begin with.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.30.2017

  2. amazing. everything is so subjective. trees are life or death. the sky is full of possibilities, but only depending on who you ask. but everything is only as complicated or as simple as you make it. fin

    By m on 04.30.2017

  3. life is only as simple or as complicated as we make it. nature is life and death. everything is subjective. state of mind is everything. fire is nothing, and it is eternal. death is the beginning of everything. that’s just what I think

    By m on 04.30.2017

  4. a cymbal lick
    is symbolic
    an emblem filled attic
    is not automatically emblematic
    probably problematic
    critic spinning rhetoric
    nitpicking prick with a nit-sized dick
    probing grasping acidic cyst
    cynic grinning cleverness
    ideal list? ick!
    I see idealists
    gimmickly mimicking cryptics
    rhythmically finicky septics

    By omqwat URL on 04.30.2017

  5. Its the principle of the matter, I dont actually cared about what happened but what its represents its symbolic of a larger issue

    By Anima URL on 04.30.2017

  6. Phonetic or pictorial
    It all stands for something
    The meaning under meaning under meanings
    Like a map
    Color worn roads where my fingers rubbed off the ink
    Built them with words
    With paint
    Your hands, your eyes
    LED in my palm
    Over 1200 characters with
    meaning under meaning under meanings
    more FLASH card than flash CARD
    drive-by readings and strokes
    ‘I love the meanings, the art of it all’
    I say
    Less convincing this time

    By Ai URL on 04.30.2017

  7. everything is a metaphor.
    depths upon writhing depths of things that are
    real and not real,
    is a bottomless abyss
    of meaning

    By batteryman URL on 05.01.2017

  8. It is more than it seems. Stronger feelings than what is felt at the surface. Heated yet cold but so deep inside that there is no bottom that can be touched. Its stands at attention, yet fades in the background as an unseen object not yet found.

    By Kprowess URL on 05.01.2017

  9. He held it in his view only a little longer. The roving pattern of streets formed – at that moment, from that angle – the key to his dying-breath question. Their curvature revealed flexibility within the rigid confines of the materials used to make them.

    By ml on 05.01.2017

  10. the scars on my chest. the depths of despair that are faced everyday. By an amazon, a goddess, a powerful prowess that lies under my skin. It eats away at every dreams I’ve had of my life. Letting it go, day by day, still grasping on with desperate desire…How to consolidate the weight of joy and pain and symbolic wounds that lie in bed with me, that flourish in my mind.

    By Macha Dubois on 05.01.2017

  11. everything is beautiful because everything has meaning. a flower isn’t a flower; it is a life in bloom, or the peak of youth. a smile isn’t a smile; it is happiness, it is love. everything is up for interpretation everything is meaningful and thoughtful and every little thing matters

    By georgia URL on 05.01.2017

  12. Your presence is symbolic for me. But you don’t have to go, if you not want.

    By Édipo Gama on 05.01.2017

  13. I always have a hard time getting back in to OneWord. I guess that’s a bit symbolic of how I’ve been feeling recently: there’s so much I want to do, so much that excites me, but then when it’s placed in front of me and I have the opportunity to grasp it, I don’t have the drive. It’s unfortunate.

    By rockegan URL on 05.01.2017

  14. The bald eagle is symbolic of our country. It is a bold, majestic bird that is free. Freedom is so important to our country that the bald eagle is a perfect symbol for us. Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey, but it is neither bold nor majestic. Can you imagine the turkey on the picture of our currency instead of the bald eagle? Not quite the same now, is it?

    By Robin URL on 05.01.2017

  15. What is situated in the middle of crafts and arts precisely? Would you learn how to have a handle on what must be done to pick up a crafty interest and have fun with this? This information is for you if you would like get more information.The tips below include a large selection of ideas for your next projects and arts venture.

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    Crafts and arts can be fun for individuals of every age group.

    In the event you alter your brain concerning your oils painting photo, you could always painting over it. Oil is adaptable and it won’t cause harm to the outer lining. It may even then add range towards the total design and style!

    Your house includes a good place to find products and disciplines products. You will find lots of gems for creating there. You can utilize vacant jars, tin foil, metal cans and several other things. You may even use things like superstar anise in it’s total kind to incorporate style for your projects.

    Products are a good technique to go out with your household. By including these recommendations in your following venture, you may be impressed by what it will be easy to generate. Follow this advice and pass it to relatives and buddies, in order that you all can produce some amazing crafts!

    By Abrahamtot URL on 05.01.2017

  16. What is placed at the heart of arts and crafts precisely? Will you discover how to use a deal with on what it takes to grab a crafty pastime and really love it? If you would like learn more.The tips below include a broad variety of ideas for your next arts and crafts task, this post is for you personally.

    There are a number of products you can be used to generate some thing crafty. Papers items you normally get rid of are usually thrown away are excellent. You may use expended papers cloth or lavatory document rolls too. Periodicals or newspapers may also excellent to use. Consider to come up with ways for you to combine items you would normally be garbage for innovative jobs.

    There is a thousand various things which you may be used to make something crafty. Papers goods you normally dispose of are typically discarded are wonderful. You should use empty toilet document moves too. Periodicals or newspapers may also be used. Try using what could typically discard into the tasks.

    You need to avoid good examples so that your kids can produce issues them selves.

    Beadaholique offers shoppers a location to discover almost everything necessary to make custom made precious jewelry. There are actually a variety of stores and beads to create some exceptional looking expensive jewelry.Costume precious jewelry is quite preferred in today’s fashion today.

    Look for new ideas online. There are many web sites that have valuable ideas. You can find things that anyone can total.

    Squirt glass more clean on the towel and remove it clean. It may be hard to get the mortar out however, you don’t want natural powder for any a lot more beautiful done project.

    Crafts and arts may be entertaining for the kids spanning various ages.

    Crafts and arts could be enjoyable for individuals of every age group.

    Your kitchen area includes a great spot to discover crafts and artistry products. You will find loads of gems for creating there. You should use vacant jars, tin foil, metallic cans and many other objects. You may also use stuff like legend anise in it’s complete kind to include flair to the assignments.

    Because you have these useful suggestions, take the next thing and set these to use. Have a good time using this activity, and revel in it for the fullest extent level. You’ll have fun and make good use of your time and energy if you are taking the recommendation you’ve just obtained to coronary heart.

    By Abrahamtot URL on 05.01.2017

  17. What is situated in the middle of products and disciplines exactly? Would you discover how to use a deal with on what is required to buy a crafty interest and extremely appreciate it? This post is for yourself if you wish to discover more.The tips below include a wide range of concepts for your upcoming crafts and arts project.

    Would you like a remarkable resource for art items? There are numerous places online that give you excellent price savings on your create products. A quick on the internet lookup is all that you should discover substantial financial savings on everything your create activity demands. Some of the finest World wide web merchants even offer shipping and delivery to assist you preserve even more.

    If you’re carrying out jobs that might make a wreck, use old local newspaper on any areas in order to avoid any problems. When your project is carried out, throw the paper out and become carried out with it.

    Washable marker pens and adhesives are an alternative.

    Try looking at some 2nd-fingers shops if you have issues tracking down materials at respectable rates. Goodwill along with other comparable consignment retailers have lots of things for smart crafters. Check in commonly because these products are sold swiftly.

    Seek out new concepts on-line. There are lots of websites who have valuable concepts. You can find stuff that anyone can comprehensive.

    Apply glass cleanser on a fabric and wipe it nice and clean. It might be difficult to get the mortar out but you don’t want powder to get a a lot more stunning done venture.

    Crafts and arts can be fun for the kids of any age.

    Arts and crafts may be exciting for individuals of all ages.

    Your home carries a good place to get crafts and arts materials. There are tons of gems for designing there. You may use vacant jars, tin foil, metal cans and lots of other objects. You may even use stuff like star anise in it’s entire type to provide style for your projects.

    It is likely you sense much more creative, now you have read through this piece. A lot of people commence tasks and not finish them simply because they was without the best details. These guidelines will help a lot to getting the tasks accomplished.

    By Abrahamtot URL on 05.01.2017

  18. What is situated at the heart of projects and disciplines exactly? Can you discover how to use a handle on what is required to pick up a crafty activity and extremely enjoy it? This article is for you personally in order to find out more.The tips below protect a broad range of ideas for your projects and arts project.

    Don’t tension youngsters also overbearing when they are enjoying arts and crafts time. The entire point of getting them included is always to allow them to promote and communicate ingenuity. In the event you discuss problem areas as to what they’re doing, they won’t be able to generate.

    There are numerous stuff that can use for the assignments. Paper items you get rid of are actually excellent choices. You can utilize put in document cloth or lavatory pieces of paper moves too. newspapers and Publications will also be great to use. Try to come up with techniques to include items you would typically be garbage for imaginative projects.

    If products are costly in your area, try out second-fingers merchants. Goodwill and similar outlets have excellent issues for a innovative adequate thoughts. Check usually to see what they have as merchandise is offered easily.

    Beadaholique is actually a spot to get almost everything found it necessary to make personalized precious jewelry. There is a big selection of beads and stores to help make some outstanding seeking jewellery. Numerous clothing right now integrate outfit jewelry.

    Appear online for ideas for designing. You will find quite a few Web sites that provide ideas on some websites where one can acquire motivation and concepts. You can find items that you can total.

    Spray window cleanser with a cloth and remove it thoroughly clean. It can be hard to get the mortar natural powder to get a much more stunning done task.

    Children at all age group take pleasure in projects utilizing crafts and arts.

    Should you change your thoughts regarding your oil painting photo, you can always color around it. Oil is versatile and it won’t hurt the outer lining. It could even include some range to the all round style!

    Your house carries a great place to discover arts and crafts supplies. There are lots of gems for crafting there. You should use empty jars, tin foil, metal cans and many other items. You can even use things such as star anise in it’s whole form to incorporate flair to the assignments.

    You almost certainly really feel far more innovative, now that you have read through this piece. Several men and women start off projects and never accomplish them mainly because they did not have the correct information and facts. These tips will greatly assist toward having your assignments accomplished.

    By Abrahamtot URL on 05.01.2017

  19. What is placed in the middle of projects and arts particularly? Do you learn how to possess a manage on what it requires to pick up a crafty interest and really have fun with this? This post is to suit your needs if you want to find out more.The following deal with an extensive variety of concepts for your upcoming products and disciplines project.

    You can utilize different things for products and disciplines. Pieces of paper items that you usually get rid of are actually excellent options. You should use papers bath towel or bathroom document moves too. Magazines or papers also can good to make use of. Try using what can typically eliminate into the assignments.

    Cleanable markers and adhesives are an alternative.

    Beadaholique is actually a spot to get almost all you can get nearly almost everything needed to make custom made expensive jewelry. You will discover a sizeable variety of stores and beads to create some outstanding hunting expensive jewelry. Outfit precious jewelry is included in the vast majority of trend these days.

    Mist cup more clean with a towel and wipe it clear. It may be challenging the mortar powder to screw up the finish off.

    Try to find tips about projects and disciplines. There are many kinds of jobs.You will discover items that any age team can comprehensive.

    Roll the pinecone in birdseed for an instant bird feeder. Should you suspend it coming from a tree using a string, then you can just get pleasure from watching wild birds feast on your property, the plant seeds stick to the peanut butter, even with drying out, so.

    Roll the pinecone inside the peanut even better has adhesiveness. The plant seeds adhere to the peanut butter, even with drying out, when you just affix a string, then you can certainly just enjoy watching wild birds feast on your lawn.

    crafts and Arts can be entertaining for individuals of any age.

    Your kitchen features a great place to find products and artistry products. There are lots of gemstones for designing there. You should use vacant jars, tin foil, aluminum cans and several other things. You may even use things such as celebrity anise in it’s whole form to provide style to your jobs.

    You are hopefully bristling with passion to use the things you have just discovered. You’re almost certainly itchiness to just go and create some thing right now. Well, exactly what are you awaiting? It’s a wonderful time to do products and arts the more effective your skills get, the more pleasant it is.

    By Abrahamtot URL on 05.01.2017

  20. You are able to go in different fascinating guidelines with resources and contemplating new tips. Continue reading to obtain ideas for your tasks. You can’t make sure what development you’ll make next.

    Do you need to look for a awesome spot for tracking down resources? There are lots of online that offer substantial price savings on these items. Conduct a speedy internet search for the greatest bargains on designing components. Some of the better merchants supply free delivery to save cash.

    There are several things that may use for your tasks. Document merchandise you throw away are actually excellent options. You can utilize expended document cloth or lavatory papers moves as well. classifieds and Magazines are also great to use. Try out to consider methods for you to include items you would usually be garbage for innovative assignments.

    Washable markers and adhesives are an alternative.

    When you have issues finding items at good costs, attempt going through some next-hand retailers. Goodwill and also other comparable consignment merchants have lots of items for clever crafters. Sign in commonly since these products are marketed rapidly.

    You ought to steer clear of good examples so your children can make stuff on their own.

    You will discover lots of items on the internet on internet sites like Etsy. This website which includes things available for sale using their company individuals. You may also promote your projects on this website. The web page is ideal if you want to work with retro multimedia on your own tasks.

    Your kitchen is a lot of possible in providing you with arts and crafts materials. There are lots of amazing create goods available to do in products. You can utilize outdated foil, more, jars and recipes. Dried up pasta can be quite a materials you could also be used.

    Crafts and arts may be enjoyable for people spanning various ages.

    Your kitchen area features a good way to locate arts and crafts items. You will find loads of gems for crafting there. You can utilize vacant jars, tin foil, steel containers and lots of other physical objects. You may also use things like celebrity anise in it’s total type to add style to the jobs.

    Discovering a special crafts and arts task that looks great is rather straightforward in case you have good quality suggestions to adhere to, as you can tell from your over report. Use what you learned and you could have more exciting and become far better together with your crafting efforts. Stick to this information, and present it to others who want to create top quality art assignments.

    By Abrahamtot URL on 05.01.2017

  21. What type of art work assignments do you love to produce? Would you like to talk about your knowledge with others? This post will help you consider new tips to broaden your crafting options.

    There are a zillion various things that can use to your assignments. Pieces of paper products which would otherwise be thrown away make great options. You may also use put in paper toilet and bath towel pieces of paper rolls. You may also use papers or periodicals. Try out to think of methods for you to integrate stuff you would usually be trash for creative tasks.

    Go shopping at different thrift shops if you can’t manage to get cost-effective craft materials. Goodwill together with other consignment retailers at times have lots of treats to attract the eagle-eyed designer who recognizes artwork between every-working day goods. Sign in frequently as these merchandise is distributed quickly.

    Beadaholique can be a place to get just about all you will find practically every little thing necessary to make personalized precious jewelry. You will find a large choice of chains and beads to help make some outstanding searching jewellery. Outfit precious jewelry is integrated into the majority of style nowadays.

    Try to find suggestions about arts and crafts. There are several Sites that offer ideas on some websites where you could acquire suggestions and inspiration. You will find stuff that any age team can complete.

    Before beginning one more, give attention to only one issue. Spend some time to finish one project prior to starting on one more. Before very long, it is possible to end up one art.

    Mist glass more clean on the material and remove it nice and clean. It may be difficult to get the mortar natural powder for any far more stunning finished venture.

    Your home is a lot of potential in offering you arts and crafts supplies. There are several amazing craft things around to do in crafts. You should use outdated much more, jars, dishes and foil. Dried noodles may well be a fabric you could also be used.

    You can painting above it when you make positive changes to imagination relating to your gas painting snapshot. Essential oil is adjustable plus it won’t harm the surface. It might even include some degree on the general layout!

    Your home features a good way to locate projects and artistry items. There are lots of gems for crafting there. You can utilize bare jars, tin foil, aluminum cans and several other items. You can even use things such as superstar anise in it’s whole kind to add pizzazz for your assignments.

    Reading this report must help the innovative aspect of your persona to come up. Numerous individuals commence tasks rather than accomplish them mainly because they did not have the best info. As you happen to be given fantastic ideas on how to generate exclusive art work projects, even though you are lucky.

    By Abrahamtot URL on 05.01.2017

  22. Very symbolic in it’s nature, the little bird was perched on the twig on the large oak tree. Calm and zen it was very happy to be there.

    By bb on 05.01.2017

  23. writing here is symbolic of the many whoas that I have been experiences lately. is God unjust, is there reason

    By a false terl on 05.01.2017

  24. the first thing I thought of when I heard this word was the symbols on superman’s suit. I have no idea why so please don’t ask.

    By Dylin URL on 05.01.2017

  25. There should be images that
    find themselves in my mind that
    I can remember and recall all
    the different moments I have lived and
    enjoyed and cherished but
    all I see is a resounding blur of
    good times and less good times and
    times in between

    By peri URL on 05.01.2017

  26. Everything is symbolic. The word honey can be symbolic of something sticky, something sweet, or both. Almost anything can have an underlying meaning. Whether it be a rock or water. It means something.

    By Bree on 05.01.2017

  27. It’s highly symbollic that we found creature on the same day Jarrod died. We’ll keep creature with us forever now, and probably he’ll live longer than we will. We need something to remember jarod by, and creature will do that. We love creature, yes we do.

    By Zhelana on 05.01.2017

  28. Nothing has meaning, any of it. Meaningless, voids, blackness, darkness. all of it is on a path and you’re on that path and we’re all on that same god damned path and you know where it’s taking us? to the end, that’s it. No, that doesn’t mean a thing either. It’s all the same, where you’re going where I’m going where she went where he was all of it. There’s not a sunset that’s going to change your life, you’re not going to find God in a puddle, you’re not going to see a forest and just KNOW that it has something to do with what is coming for you. Bull shit. you’re in control, here and now and then and forever you make the choices. You are driving, who would get into a car and just say “Go” and not think they can pipe up if you’re heading towards a cliff? Guess that’s what the taxi fare is for, guess we’re both supposed to veer into oblivion. Horse shit. Control the wheel, be the driver, race down the cliff for another day and another sunset and sunrise and tell yourself where you’re going. Symbolism, hot patootie, you know what I see when I look at a rose? My grandmother, because they were her favorite. you know what that rose means to me? Seeing my wife smile. Symbolizing love and friendship and that’s for the english teachers of advanced lit to tell ya until you pass the test and get on out of there. In the mean time, eat the food and love the art and see the colors of the ocean and stop assigning your arbitrary shit to random acts of consciousness and just. Fucking. Live. There’s a lot to life, everything doesn’t need extra meanings.

    By Serian URL on 05.01.2017

  29. Symbolic, alcoholic.
    Drinking away your life,
    sitting in pure blithe.
    Setting examples for the children,
    who use substance as a parental fill in.

    By Julia St URL on 05.01.2017

  30. Rowing out to the middle, he spots a fishing boat. On the deck of the boat, a scraggly bunch of fishermen is tirelessly pulling in nets of fish. With muscles sculpted by a lifetime of hard work they empty these nets and let loads of fish spill all over the deck. The fishermen then sift through their wriggling catch, throwing back the undesirables. He watches the fish as they wriggle on the deck and then squirm in the fishermen’s hands and then twist and contort in the air as they are thrown back into the icy waters. He looks down at the face disappearing under the surface of the water.

    “It’s strangely symbolic.” He thinks.

    By kaazmeya URL on 05.01.2017

  31. Oh, but now when I think of a dungeon I will always think of you. . It’s supposed to be a good thing, a little secret joke between us, but the symbolic meaning of a dungeon isn’t lost on me. It’s torture knowing you, when I can’t have you.

    By Susan URL on 05.01.2017