December 28th, 2018 | 16 Entries

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16 Entries for “swift”

  1. Zebediah’s retribution was swift, and yet, it was completely inefficient. For the rebellion continued, and the blades were sharpened by sunrise, and the entire swarm of the disenchanted soon took over the palace of golden bricks. The emperor, at this point, was pointless. He sat on his throne and watched as the windows of his fortress were shadowed, accepting the fact that the edifice would ultimately become his tomb.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.28.2018

  2. swift smile
    gone are the moments that felt so right
    the youth
    the urge to fight
    the moments lost in time
    very quiet
    very quaint
    a smile played upon my face
    as i lost it all

    By matt m on 12.29.2018

  3. swift smile
    gone are moments
    blinked and your eye
    the youth
    the urge to fight
    the moments lost in time
    very quiet
    very quaint
    a smile played upon my face
    as i lost it all

    By matt m on 12.29.2018

  4. swooping quickly
    moving smoothly
    flying rapidly
    singing speedily
    soaring flappily

    By teedubz on 12.29.2018

  5. To write something without thinking about it. I say it is swift not being without mistakes in just one minute , as fast as I can write. I think slower and write as I look up at the screen.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 12.29.2018

  6. She RAN. As fast as she possibly could. Everyone had warned Abby that if she pushed it, the beats would come after her. The people who told her that weren’t wrong. She tried to hind but she knew taht the beast could still hear her, but if she ran… Oh she’d run. And finally find safety.

    By Annu on 12.29.2018

  7. My horses are my best friend. They don’t talk back to me but they are always there for me. I have only had Coon for about 6 months. He has won me lots of money in the summer of 2018 and my first buckle.

    By Brittany Ollenberger on 12.29.2018

  8. It was very swift, the falling of the snow. They were like little ice crystals landing softly on my tongue and melting into little puddles of cold. I loved the snow. It reminded me of her. She loved to skate. Every winter she would head to the pond and see if it’d frozen over. If it had she would put on her pink skates and dance on the ice like a ballerina. She was perfect.

    By Opal on 12.29.2018

  9. to move quickly, to be a quick study, fast, gets it, street smart, rapid,

    By rebecca on 12.29.2018

  10. Like a deer, like Taylor, but she giggles too much
    Swift, like a swiftly titling planet, a trip in the universe
    Swift, fleeting

    By Jody White on 12.29.2018

  11. Swift like a deer , oh deer
    Like Taylor, but she is always giggling
    Swift like a swiftly tilting planet
    an adventure in the universe
    Swift, fleeting, flying, going going gone
    too quickly

    By Jody White on 12.29.2018

  12. Swift is the air and breeze that flows thru the trees, as little hummingbirds fill its branches; as it stands tall with pride from the Sonshine brightly beaming thru the crisp morning atmosphere. Each one with wings fluttering, as they get their nourishment from the mighty tree standing tall , rooted deep , knowing this is exactly how it was created to be. As she stands there watching the miracles all around her, she breathes deep and is warmed by the warmth of his love light, as well as, the sounds of music from her wind chimes: kissed by his God breezes. This is a wonderful day and knows it is well with her soul, as she takes her surroundings deep into her heart and soul. She knows she is rooted deep , just like the tree, and smiles back at the warmth of the love light coming thru; his wink to her and so, she winks back. The gentle nudge she feels to her spirit, keeps her staying in the moments; forever captured in her heart and mind’s eye. It is well, it is well, with her soul!

    By Donna Whiting on 12.29.2018

  13. She gave him a swift kick to the shins and ran off, leaving him cursing and laughing in spite of himself. So much of her mother in her. It was painful to remember, but hard to ignore. He sighed and stretched his arms above his head.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.29.2018

  14. Swifter than moonlight on a foggy night
    Swifter than sunlight when the clouds are nigh
    I left you once you said we’re not right
    I left you swifter than an eagle can fly.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.29.2018

  15. The swift bird flew from the top of heaven all the way to hell. On its way, it passed something that looked like a community of people, and lots of buildings and some beauty. He had the greatest hopes for them, a lifetime on earth. But in the end, he found out that to many of the humans, life on earth was already a living hell.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 12.29.2018

  16. She is running, and her feet are pounding into the wet dirt, the soil is dripping into her shoes and her legs are sinking into the ground. The wind running by her cheeks slows – or maybe she slows, and she finds herself waist deep in mud and soil. The ground is moist and warm and she can almost feel herself decomposing as her legs move frantically. She gasps for breath but she keeps running, and perhaps she is literally digging herself deeper into her own grave, but she keeps kicking, no longer running, and the ground parts like liquid, and instead of helping her get free, she finds her face sinking further and further into the mud. It tastes like blood and salt and iron, and she wonders if perhaps she is drinking the lifeblood of the earth, and she has finally been recognized for what she is: a blood-sucking parasite.

    By Anahita Subramanya on 12.29.2018