July 19th, 2017 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “swept”

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    By What do you do for a sore Achilles tendon? URL on 07.19.2017

  2. You came to me on an winter’s night, and you swept me off my feet. You brewed all the love you had in a bowl, piping hot, for me to drink. As I took a sip, I felt the edges of my mouth curl up with fire. I saw your visage through the smoke, and you were my greatest desire. You carried me to the bed upstairs, and we huddled together for warmth. I knew despite this blizzard, you would protect me through the storms.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.19.2017

  3. And off to the corner she went, her feelings swept under yet another rug for yet another time after yet another occurrence. So was the price of being made small, confining herself into the smallest reaches of the Earth.

    By Jej. on 07.19.2017

  4. “Swept”

    I never meant to go, was merely taken by mistake. A night-ride along a whim. I was simply following the tail-end of a moon-beam. But suddenly I was there, somewhere but no where at all. A wanderer in a forest-full of green and dreams. Something like Alice, I pushed my hands into the atmosphere and swam.

    By Stacy L. M. on 07.19.2017

  5. swept away by you
    by your postrure, your confidence
    you hold your head up while they laugh
    by your attitude, calm cool collected
    by your personality, as big as an elephant
    by your smile, which brightens my day
    by your kiss, which brings up my pulse

    (this took longer than 60 seconds)

    By Pandyfish on 07.19.2017

  6. Swept away by the tides. It seems that’s how life has been. As I get older, the days pass. Swept under the bridge. Swept away.

    Eventually there will be a final clean sweep.

    By chipschap on 07.19.2017

  7. He swept me off my feet. I can’t thinik properly, I am overcome by emotion. And I keep smiling, foolishly. Shall I talk to him? I think I’d just be a liability for him. Still, I sense something. Nonsense.

    By Edna Paulet on 07.19.2017

  8. swept away into the river with a current, I had only one paddle and my lifejacket and swimsuit. It was cold but I was able to stay afloat. My head was above the icy water and I could see the blur of rocks and bushes rushing by on hte far shore.I tried not to panic, so I took big sips of air as I told myself, “survive, survive, survive”

    By Juniper on 07.19.2017

  9. I was swept away by society’s broomstick. Brushed, shoved beneath a heavy carpet. I strain to fold over the corners, pop out and announce my presence to the world. You can’t sweep me away a second time.

    By Laura J. on 07.19.2017

  10. The red tinted wind swept across the surface, particles shifting off of stone untouched by anything other than the weathering wind. It was a bad storm but that mattered little. There was no one around to see it.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 07.19.2017

  11. Because today is too hot,so many people swept in the sun

    By Jessie URL on 07.19.2017

  12. It’s cleaning time again and I
    Pull myself out of a chair that I no longer want to sit in and yet it is an effort to walk away from. I wander for a place to fit in, a spare broom, a chicken-scratch blackboard. I no longer expect to accomplish anything, but just put the guise on in a sea of masks. The dirt comes back every day, the same wear, the same half-hearted disposal. I try to sweep below desks, pile it all up, not push it under chairs and rugs. The dust plumes in the air and settles on me shoes. The build-up steals my breath and I have to blink out the water in my eyes, trying to keep the dirt from poisoning my body.
    I stop.
    Just stop.
    I sit down in the little mound, everyone too busy pretending to be busy, and so I watch their backs. My skin is dust. If not now, eventually. Is there a dust pan big enough for this?

    By Ai URL on 07.19.2017

  13. I was swept off my feet by the man that I love. It took one day for me to forget everyone else and only focus on him. It took one day to know that he was the man I wanted to marry. One day to know he was my forever. It took one day to be swept off my feet by this guy that was 5 year my senior. And I’ve never regretted it.

    By Julia on 07.19.2017

  14. With never starting patience, he plunged up in the sea,
    He swept down all the cleanness, and relished all the fleas,
    For always ending newness, he closened up his mind,
    And then until fornever, he’s forgotten he won’t die.

    By Cannon Hyche URL on 07.19.2017

  15. swept under the rug
    swept away
    swept off her feet
    and caught in the wind

    By peri on 07.19.2017

  16. This year Spring Cleaning was especially tiring for her. He swept the floor, washed all the textil pieces of the whole house, packed the cupboards aout and in and swept and swept and swept. It was boring and tidious as everyday chores can be. But then, almost as a reward at the end of the day, she found something really interesting in one of her drawers.

    By cup on 07.19.2017

  17. people say they get swept off their feet when they fall in love….especially girls….i wonder what if this really happened….like physically….Hey girl i love you…Girl:…. im here on the ground..sweeping it! nonsense! no one gets ‘swept off’ and just imagine if one does…would not be a good sight would it?

    By Rashmi on 07.20.2017

  18. The day I met my soul mate it wasn’t like I was swept off my feet, or there was love in the air kind of things. We met in a more sensible manner. We discussed a lot of things

    By garima URL on 07.20.2017

  19. Swept across the globes
    of our little world
    is a feeling of regret
    for the night
    we believed
    that we were immortals
    and proved wrong
    by the knives in each other’s pockets.
    Yes, darling, we failed.

    By Kanav Sharma on 07.20.2017

  20. a broom across the floor
    that girl’s feet at the store
    Marat Safin, Australian Open final, 2004

    By omqwat on 07.20.2017

  21. I swept the leaves from my terrace floor. There was so many there, I just had to do it. Afterwards it was great to see the clean floor. I managed to fill one bin bag. So I was quite happy.

    By jonathanballantine@mac.com on 07.20.2017

  22. As all my dreams were swept away, I couldn’t have known I wouldn’t miss them.
    Humans aren’t made to think rationally.
    Appearently, neither am I.

    By Anastasia on 07.20.2017

  23. The house I am taking care of has a dog and a cat. Every day, I the kitchen has to be swept. The cat litter, cat food, and dog food are all over the floor. I don’t particularly like to sweep.

    By Kate on 07.20.2017

  24. a moson like swpt.

    By elijah URL on 07.20.2017

  25. volt had to carry lucy to bed and tuck her in and kiss her good night

    By jordan on 07.20.2017

  26. how did the broom and mop fall in love? the broom swept the mop off her ”feet”.

    By lauren on 07.20.2017

  27. today is my mom and dad’s aniversery.#mydadsweptmomoffherfeet

    By lauren on 07.20.2017

  28. She let the emotion fall over her, even though it wasn’t really the time or the place to do so. She inhaled and released. Her computer screen went blurry and she let the image disappear in a flood of tears.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.20.2017

  29. One day I was happily on my way to my friends house when I dropped a glass cup on the ground so I got a broom and swept it up

    By elisha URL on 07.20.2017

  30. I was swept away by her graciousness. She didn’t know me, but I had been dragged to the party by her friend who thought I needed a night out to get out of my own head. I appreciated the effort, but she was the only one I knew at the party, and I felt so out of place. Until her friend, the hostess, came up and began a conversation with me. Her blue eyes were shining and glistening and she was so attentive. Maybe that was just what I needed

    By Catherine on 07.20.2017

  31. the floor is finally clean. I lay down on the creaky boards and stare at the light painting stripes on the ceiling. It’s time to go to the party- but all I really want is to be quiet. To not worry.

    By Ylan Chung on 07.20.2017