July 27th, 2018 | 17 Entries

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17 Entries for “suggest”

  1. Here’s what I’d suggest to you, old man, before you hurt yourself or anyone else: Get out. Pack your bags, sell your house, hop in your dingy pick-up truck, and just drive away. Drive away until you can’t see our little town on the horizon anymore, and make sure you leave behind any traces of your name – real or fake. We won’t miss you. We won’t cry for you. We just want everyone to be safe. And they won’t be until you’re living out in the wilderness and leaving the rest of us normal folk alone.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.28.2018

  2. You suggested to me after I suggested to me that I stop moaning and get to work so we both agreed on that . . . I don’t have self-control, I’m sorry. I don’t do what I don’t like to do, I’m sorry. I grow more indignant each day, I’m sorry. I’m sorry but not that sorry.

    By Zoë URL on 07.28.2018

  3. Might i suggest that we all retire for the evening, and perhaps forever, this evening is becoming tiresome and I wouldn’t bother to gather up again in the morning. I would suggest that we all just get up, have our own breakfast and go our separate ways and not pretend like we’re friends anymore.

    By loveyou URL on 07.28.2018

  4. Brannon Rose made the suggestion that I get comfortable on the couch. Was he hitting on me? I was in love with him.

    By GraceAnonymous on 07.28.2018

  5. He had suggested it, but nobody seemed to listen to him. Which was really infuriating, he knew he was right and they SHOULD not let their antipathy get the upper hand. But you can’t change human nature.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 07.28.2018

  6. is there a word or an idea of mine
    that hasn’t been thought before
    is there a moment caught in time
    a simile strained in lies
    this isn’t just a first time high
    suggestion to me
    plain as day
    suggest me, to me
    no other way

    By Matt m. on 07.28.2018

  7. She shrugged. “Just a thought.”
    “You want a thought? Here’s a thought. Keep your mouth shut.”
    She tried not to let her face burn as she turned her attention forward, pretending he hadn’t just gashed her deep, wide, severely.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.28.2018

  8. I suggest that you get better at life. Your game is terrible, and you can’t seem to play it right. If you play it right, you’ll for sure get rich and be successful like everyone wants. So quit your game. I suggest for the better of the future, and the better of you. No more disappointment, you hear me?

    By Nick Cage on 07.28.2018

  9. Impatience suggests I move –
    move, finally move –

    my feet are making mudcastles.
    I’m practicing star-breathing.

    “Please,” I say,
    “tell the wind to come another day.
    I am so very tired.”

    I am still in the same place.
    I am still in the same place.

    I am so very tired.

    By Pandatry URL on 07.28.2018

  10. I suggested going to the park instead of a movie. The weather was good for a picnic and maybe flying a kite. He wasn’t happy but he went along with it. I could see him trying not to have fun but it was hard to keep from smiling. Good food, good weather and a good time. How can you hate that?

    By MsShel330 URL on 07.28.2018

  11. my friend walked into my door and suggested me to take the trash out because it was starting to smell like the inside of womb after a bomb had gone off inside; a controlled explosion, the mother should be fine and healthy. i sniffed hard and realized that he was right. he is rarely right. i lifted the lid and found out that a whole new ecosystem of organisms had risen inside. There were maggots, there were tiny flies, there was even some green thriving. some of the maggots, not all, were huddled together as if they were planning a coup. perhaps the food they were being served by their masters wasn’t up to the standards, perhaps the work hours were long, every society turns into an Orwellian one when given enough time, and they had a lot of time. I thought i have had enough and decided to take the trash out. Inadvertently, i ended up spilling all the contents inside the bin onto my friend. “man! i dont feel so good”, he exclaimed and vanished. So much for trying to keep my room clean.

    By Ganeshan on 07.29.2018

  12. Suggest what? Dude, I don’t know. It’s too late. My best friend is mad at her boyfriend’s mom for making too many suggestions. So that’s too bad. I don’t know.

    By Madeline Marie Doyle on 07.29.2018

  13. Suggesting is nice. It means you actually care about someone when you want to tell or explain to them their options. It’s a way to show empathy and responsiveness for me. People who like to suggest are more likely people who care.

    By Janita Regalado on 07.29.2018

  14. There’s nothing to suggest

    you noticed
    my eyes
    on you
    across the room

    you felt
    sparks on
    your skin too

    I did

    By Wonderlion URL on 07.29.2018

  15. I suggested that he shut his mouth, as he was not qualified to speak about such matters, himself being straight and having never experienced the kind of dilemmaI had. To love somebody? Or to love your family? Why not both? Why does loving someone whom your family disapproves of mean you cannot love your family?
    He replied that before I make such suggestions, I should know everything about his story.

    By Serena on 07.29.2018

  16. Here’s a suggestion for you: do something productive for once. Write something meaningful instead of procrastinating on the internet and writing stupid things to avoid confronting the blank page.

    A suggestion for you, or a suggestion for me?

    By Serena on 07.29.2018

  17. The best fly companies aliance ever!

    By Yuri Faria Frehner on 07.29.2018