April 22nd, 2011 | 400 Entries

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400 Entries for “styrofoam”

  1. styrofoam is used more than I like. It’s synthetic. It’s bad for the environment, but it’s so damn convenient. Well, except when the little kids eat it and bite it and tear it and get the little foam pieces everywhere. It makes a squeaky noise is is apparently cancerous if you microwave it, but whatever. We still use it.

    By Mary on 04.22.2011

  2. the chunks were floating everywhere. there was nothing left of the oat at all. the missle had demolished the whole thing. all the was left were huge chunks of what looked like styrofoam floating everywhere. and right there in the middle clinging to a large piece of debris, was the Captian!

    By LynnNolan URL on 04.22.2011

  3. Styrofoam is A plastic like material made out of medium-small foam balls. It’s used as a packing material, and is composed of oil. The bad thing about Styrofoam is that it does not decompose well and isn’t environmentally friendly.


    By heyfeystus URL on 04.22.2011

  4. once there was a tiny styrofoam cup. he was a fairly sad little cup, because he always wanted to be plastic. one day, he was taken out from amongst his brothers and sisters, and a cool, sticky liquid was poured inside. it was awkward for him. then it slowly drained, and before he knew it he was inside a trashcan, and the garbage all welcomed him as a brother.

    By efffff on 04.22.2011

  5. there were bubbles everywhere, they kept coming, they turned into a dense foam, there was a boy trapped int here, he can’t breathe, he can’t escape, he dies.

    By Shiriusa URL on 04.22.2011

  6. White debris swells in soft bellies, pinning sea turtles to the surface of the ocean. Poor scattered shell-backed fishing buoys bobbing lonely on the salt.

    By what people will see URL on 04.22.2011

  7. The styrofoam cup had sprouted a leak. It was unfortunate seeing as her prized possession, her goldfish, was making its temporary home inside it. No one was around to see the leak. The water slowly poured out until none was left. The fish died an unfortunate, lonely death.

    By Amanda URL on 04.22.2011

  8. Peanuts.

    By Lance URL on 04.22.2011

  9. The knock echoed through the entry hall of my new house. The hall was lined with boxes of books and pictures. I opened the door to be given a box. I took it inside opened the lid and pulled out the styrofoam that was protecting my new computer.

    By Evelyn URL on 04.22.2011

  10. I stack them on top each other like a heaven for tofu eating mice but they won’t enter in. Too boring.
    Maybe a few holes and some yellow flavoring.

    By nannan on 04.22.2011

  11. styrofoam Is fun to play with. Itmakes a huge mess but it is still fun!(:
    SYrofoam cups are the most fun to play with.
    Plates made of it are just lame.
    I can’t say i use sytrfoam often.
    I usually use paper plates.
    and regular cups.
    I dont know what to write about.
    WAIT A MINUTE, why you talkinn like that? You think cause you with it you get it just like that.
    shut up shut up, Lemme talk to you for a minute.

    By cassie on 04.22.2011

  12. As a small boy I sailed around the world in a styrofoam cup. I would say that my least favorite place of all had to be the dutchlands. The Dutch have a peculiar disregard for small children in styrofoam cups, I will tell you that much.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 04.22.2011

  13. The sound Styrofoam makes when it rubs against another piece of it has driven me crazy ever since I heard it. At school, there were always pieces of it laying around in the field and I couldn’t stand it when my friends wanted to play with them. I was too shy to speak up about my hate for it, though. I wish I would have, then maybe I wouldn’t be so shy now.

    By Mary on 04.22.2011

  14. “What the hell? Styrofoam? I told you to bring me CLASSY coffee cups! How in the world are styrofoam coffee cups classy?!?!”

    The vein in his neck threatened to explode; crimson and bulging.

    By Leira Carola URL on 04.22.2011

  15. she threw the cup out of the car window. a moment later, the brakes screeched, bringing the car to a hard stop.

    “What are you doing? Go pick up that cup.”

    “Excuse me?” she said, incredulous.

    “Now. Your’e not leaving that styrofoam cup on the side of the road.

    By Mathewson URL on 04.22.2011

  16. omg. one time i put it up my nose as a kid and it rotted. ahahha it’s funny it is sort of rotting the world or detriorating it none the less. so why do we still keep it around like a disgusting mole cause it is hard to get rid of it, it makes life easy, cause it is hard to wash coffee cups with the rest of your dishes…

    By lindley URL on 04.22.2011

  17. Styrofoam cups littered the walkway, topped with a scattering of cigarette butts. Clearly this path was busy during those 15-minute coffee breaks, employees rushing outside to inhale their smoke and their caffeine before being forced to return to the drudgery of the office. But why did they not consider that their waste disposal habits just created more drudgery for someone else?

    By maritov URL on 04.22.2011

  18. styrofoam… that would mean that I had a package. I love getting packages. it makes me feel so special. There is nothing as exciting in teh world as seeing that slip in your mailbox that means that you have something cool…. except maybe sex, sex is pretty fantastic.

    By kayti32 URL on 04.22.2011

  19. The styrofoam cup stood alone across from the fruit and away from the fridge. It was simply alone- away from the rest. The cup was white and had no contents. It was alone. Where am i?

    By Sarah R Frey on 04.22.2011

  20. Styrofoam is white. It hurts the environment. Cups. White peices of garbage. Laziness causes us to use it. Why don’t we use plate, plates that you can clean and re-suse.

    By Stephanie Lyell URL on 04.22.2011

  21. Styrofoam is what they use to make cups. Usually coffee cups cause it helps you not burn your hands. Styrofoam is a very strange word if you look at it closely though. What does it really mean?

    By Becky URL on 04.22.2011

  22. Styrofoam makes noises that kill my ears. When one rubs two pieces of styrofoam together, it sounds as if tiny mice are screaming out in pain, begging for deliverance. My ears also beg for deliverance.

    By Liz Humphrey URL on 04.22.2011

  23. i looked in the room. it was filled with styroroam. how could they leave me in this prison, and for the rest of eternity!

    By cool dude on 04.22.2011

  24. Styrofoam is bad for the environment but water tastes best in styrofoam cups. And when it is really cold. Lots of ice. Yum.

    By Samantha on 04.22.2011

  25. One word, one world, one sacred life to be shared. All is one… and one is none at all alone or by its self. We all are one, as we stand as many. I see the sense in it all, that one shall be the most forceful when it is we. One word to understand – One. A word of one. Go in Peace, as one of the children of the Creator. When He sees us all, we are one, we are as one.

    By Paul Leon URL on 04.22.2011

  26. styrofoam always makes me a little sad on the inside. To me, it shows that our society is totally worthless. instead of using a normal cup that can be reused 10000 times, we have TONS of styrofoam cups that are killing the earth. They always remind me that we as a people can no longer live WITH the earth, rather we are trying to live AGAINST the earth

    By Tom on 04.22.2011

  27. Styrofoam is really hard to spell without thinking about but i like the way it feels when i get a package and there is Styrofoam around what ever it is that I got. but other than that it doesn’t really mean anything to me at all. i guess thats all. . .

    By danielle on 04.22.2011

  28. styrofoam for this and for that

    packing peanuts can be cute if you put a face of them and a smile and sent just the styrofoam peanuts alone in a box for a gag gift

    By she53lly URL on 04.22.2011

  29. i had a box full of styrofoam because it was fun to play with. although it made my ears sensitive to the sound it gave out, it was still fun. but messy, thats why it stayed in a box! later i threw it out cause it was just annoying and my dog thought it was tasty to eat.

    By Katie on 04.22.2011

  30. Insulated, temporary
    a wall between what’s tender
    and the burning
    and then it crumbles

    By angelofmercy URL on 04.22.2011

  31. the word comes from the 1950’s. The word comes from a kind of expanded polystyrene. i like it because it helps me get stuff from one place to another without breaking it … it is very helpful in traveling and moving out. I wonder why they call it Styrofoam … sixty seconds is a lot to write about such a thing. I wonder what other people wrote about it …

    By Luby URL on 04.22.2011

  32. the nasty sound as it rubs together sending goosebumps through my body!!!! but keeps things safe at the same time!!!

    By cassandra on 04.22.2011

  33. its white sometimes other colors. very messy. i lik it. not the sound tho. it reminds me of planes. & comes in boxes. u have to sweep it up sometimes and we im not so sure. its spelled weirdd.

    By Emily Lucero on 04.22.2011

  34. Lucy was covered in little Styrofoam balls. the container being filled even as she tried to escape, this is what you get when you go up against a big evil corporation. The shipping giant of fed ex, an evil organization, Lucy had no chance of survival from the start.

    By Joel on 04.22.2011

  35. It took a while to let it sink in. The packing materials. The styrofoam. Him leaving. It was hard to imagine that six years of love, six years of him being my everything would be gone. But he was leaving and I was lonely and he was happy and I was alone.

    By Taylor on 04.22.2011

  36. i like styrofoam. it leaves alll that crap liyng around that makes your mo m yell “what the hell is this?” it is used during the making of presenst as if it were fancy or something…

    By laura URL on 04.22.2011

  37. lucy continued >>>

    The tyranny of it all, fed ex and its agencies were plotting against UPS. Planning to eliminate the competition, Lucy was just a nosy reporter caught up in it all, but she was a good reporter.
    Being trapped in a solid container in a isolated factory wasn’t going to stop her. She was smarter then this, more resourceful then this, a box of silly little foam balls wasn’t going to hold her.

    But the armed guards at th the door were another problem.

    By Joel on 04.22.2011

  38. As I unpack the styrofoam makes that certain sound of rubbing against itself. It irks me as nails on a chalkboard would but I dig further and more quickly into the box anyway. I know there is something, there must be something other then styrofoam here….I reach the bottom of the box my hands frantically scratching against the cardboard. A box of styrofoam. A box of hopeless hoping.

    By Lili on 04.22.2011

  39. Styrofoam is horrible. I highly dislike it. I prefer bubble wrap. It’s way cooler and way more fun. Ask any sane person; they’ll agree. Styrofoam just gets all over the place and makes a horrible mess.

    By June Lex URL on 04.22.2011

  40. styrofoam plates, styrofoam cups. death cab for cutie. styrofoam may be bad for the world in terms of recycling. I am curious as to what this exercise will analyze. I do not really know much about styrofoam. I once knew a person who did not like using styrofoam plates. I never really understood why. Sometimes when I put my hot bagel on a styrofoam plate, it will melt it a little bit. That always makes me nervous.

    By nicki on 04.22.2011