July 17th, 2018 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “stunt”

  1. Brannon Rose and I painted the town brown once. The trail let right to his door. What an unbelievable stunt. I was in love with him.

    By GraceAnonymous on 07.17.2018

  2. Is everything between us just a stunt, like the ones you pulled on movie sets, until you pulled your back out so far that it was like you were a marionette growing strings? Is every word we exchanged as worthless as zinc flattened out into currency that’s rarely used and barely relevant that days? Look, it’s raining outside, on a July afternoon. I’d like to see you drown in it.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.17.2018

  3. a stunt is when you’re excluded from the question because you already know the answer

    By n k URL on 07.17.2018

  4. It was just herself and her trusty trick bike. She’s been warned numerous times by her friends and family, but there was nothing left standing between her vigour for life’s spectrum to its tail end, the extremities which left her breathless yet a renewed fiery intensity each time she completed the moves. She positioned herself across from the ramp, only about a metre wide, but would subsequently thin out by half to the edges of the roof, only barricaded by a low railing and the precarious ledge.

    By Issie Kay URL on 07.17.2018

  5. situation satisfied
    political input
    factual suicide
    stunt stutter me
    confuse me
    right your wrongs
    sing your psalms
    remind me why
    i think not, lie
    keep me satiated
    political calculus
    got to be the worst of us

    By Matt m. on 07.17.2018

  6. The saying ‘everything rests on this’ is deceptive. Often when forces collide the outcome is unclear: the strongest does not always rise, the weak not necessarily buried, it takes a lot to stunt or demolished what has will and determination. It may be that accident and chance that drive the outcome where context and resilience are more strongly weighted than force. Who rests on whom is often open for discussion: exposing the beams, the strata and folds of our humanity, the emotional fortresses we build, our blended understandings; these all show us as flexible and malleable, adaptable and innovative in turn.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.18.2018

  7. I have always been attracted by adrenaline. Stunts are an interesting way of testing our own limits. I would never practice stunts as my sport but I definitely admire people who do.

    By lyell grunberg on 07.18.2018

  8. the stunt she pulled on herself was the worst of them all. she was the spy and enemy target all the same. she didnt try to reconcile the difference just played the team that called for her the loudest at any given time. she pretended to have a fav, but that too was a lie. she

    By Safon on 07.18.2018

  9. I have always enjoyed watching behind the scenes clips of action movies. When I was young, I wanted to be an actress so badly- not for the fame or glory, but so I could run on the walls like Trinity in the Matrix. I watched the actress hooked up to wires, performing the stunts, and I wanted to try it so badly.

    By okayfine on 07.18.2018

  10. She saw the poster on his wall. Indiana Jones riding off into the sunset. “Oh, I saw that movie,” she said. “I mean, I didn’t frame the poster or anything but I saw it! Some guy got an award up front at the theater.”
    He chuckled. “That guy was me. I was the stunt double.”
    (True story)

    By Kiki H on 07.18.2018

  11. A quick little stunt every now and then keeps her on her toes. Shedding an otherwise reserved demeanor for just a few seconds helps remind others that everything is not always as it seems.

    By Kristian Pierce on 07.18.2018

  12. Many people do stunt without practice and in return they lose their Life.Life is precious.
    stunt ads should not be displayed in TV during Peak Hours.

    By Sanjay Solanki on 07.18.2018

  13. I can’t fucking believe he did this shit again. My stupid brother is always pulling stunts out of his ass and they never end well – once he started a small forest fire.

    By Sebastian Harper on 07.18.2018

  14. Little was known of him before he donned the helmet. To be honest, little was known of him after either. Most just knew his name, few what he looked like, and far fewer still why he did it. But none of that really mattered. All he cared about were those few seconds, high in the air, with all eyes watching.

    By mr.bojangals on 07.18.2018

  15. i done a stunt last weenkend , but i was for hospital.

    By eliane on 07.18.2018

  16. seems the president just performed a really sleazy stunt at the meeting with Putin this week. I don’t know what Putin has on him, but I’m pretty sure there’s something.. So, really, what is this all about? Seems this president has a ‘thing’ for autocrats.. Men in leadership positions that have only their own personal gains in mind.. That is a really sucky stunt, I’d say..

    The population of the earth is growing.. no seems to really see it as a problem, but I do.. it’s easier and easier for people to game the system, perform all kinds of stunts on other people, business and even politically in our government; which seems less and less like what the founding fathers had intended..

    Political stunts are devious, and destructive to our democracy and the decency of a ‘free’ people.

    By Bill Sottile (so teal) on 07.18.2018

  17. Me and my siblings were on the trampoline doing sum stunts to see who was the best. I said that I was the best out of all of us. So they dared me to do the scariest stunt ever to me, a triple back flip.

    By Keith Foley on 07.18.2018

  18. There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush before a performance. Well, thought Iago, there’s the feeling of jamming an epi pen in your thigh, but that’s tainted by the pain of asphyxiation.

    By Jacob Constable on 07.18.2018

  19. That’s quite the stunt, isn’t it? Those children stunting, however, that is not very fun. Stunting is a wrong condition, and needs medical treatment. Sadly most of those children cannot afford the “stunt” treatment, as they are poor. The stunt condition remains a problem.

    By Ivan July on 07.18.2018

  20. The news carries a piece of a shocking incident. It is a not a stunt, but time is still.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 07.19.2018

  21. The stunt didnt go as planned—-they never do. she had it all mapped out from call to response. she perfected the exchange and even considered possiblity for wild card—just not wild enough. the stunt started as practiced but ended in disaster. the end is always what gets ya.

    By Safon on 07.19.2018

  22. She flipped over onto her back and tried to stretch into a table top. Nope. She collapsed back on her mat, groaning. Usually she was good at this. Really. She was really a good yogi. She looked at her watch. She had been trying to focus and stretch for almost an hour with no results. She needed to try something else.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.19.2018

  23. double, actor, movie high paying omg ang hirap pala nito, oaky next time your not allowed to write filipino words. Stunt as in stunt double, anything acrobatic or live action or just amazing, why is this hard hahahah. ri

    By Jansen Serdoncillo on 07.19.2018