November 28th, 2017 | 21 Entries

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21 Entries for “streak”

  1. Most of my streaks aren’t very long. I’m too impatient, too quickly distracted. But I’m trying my best to keep going, to keep writing although it’s not easy, considering the fact that I have a life.

    By Fe on 11.28.2017

  2. hi

    By Shawn Richardson on 11.28.2017

  3. The streak of learning never stops,
    the screeches of yearning never haults,
    we just happen to be human beings,
    always on a feign,
    for more,
    until we’re crushed
    like a smore under high atmospheric pressure;
    I don’t get stressed out any more because I am my own mood’s lever;
    a whiff of freshness, a gasp of a hellish,
    Angel hot dog on a bun, with extra relish,
    will relish,
    any Angeleno. Despite their mind’s level,
    Without education, a wingless bird,
    flapping into a misty destiny,
    where in the end, we know,
    that we will ultimately resent thee.

    By Milad URL on 11.28.2017

  4. A long, slimy trail followed his exit. He got up, having slid about two meters from the threshold, and dusted himself off. He thumbed his nose back toward the neon sign above the door, then turned and walked away.

    By ml on 11.28.2017

  5. “Hey guys look at the streak in my hair!” Annabelle said while playing with her hair “why is that streak important” Lacy said making

    By littleawesomepie on 11.28.2017

  6. I never though I’d break her winning streak; I never thought I’d snatch victory from her beautifully chiseled jaw. She stood next to me, drawing in air as if she were drowning in it, red-faced and red-eyed and oh, so close to screaming. I knew the gold medal around my neck would be heavy – it always would be. But now, as I witnessed the mental breakdown of the defending champion, I wondered just how much it had been really worth.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.28.2017

  7. As tears of joy streak down your face,
    laughter bubbles from inside the deepest
    spaces of your soul – I do not believe


    has ever seen you this happy,
    and I’m so glad I could be here
    to witness it the way you are always


    to feel the bed shake with
    my squeal-like giggles, and
    watch my eyes sparkle brighter

    every time.

    By adreamer on 11.28.2017

  8. Those planes that you say in the sky on a beautiful sunny day, leave a long streak, highlighting where the came from.

    By Unique on 11.28.2017

  9. The Streak is hard, The Streak is long
    The Streak is what I call my dong

    By omqwat on 11.28.2017

  10. Something you can’t erase when you have made it. It will be there for a life time until it grows. Once you make it, it can only get bigger.

    By Mackenzie on 11.28.2017

  11. Rabbits. Lost of lost rabbits. I watched them streak across the lawn , just about fell over the ootoman running to the window because .. there were so many rabbits! huge jumping in every direction! rabbits.

    By BlackCrowJones on 11.28.2017

  12. Healing a streak of lightening as a flash of inspiration is the urge to write a piece on a feeling of what it is in timeless exploration.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.29.2017

  13. he had this very very nasty streak in him. It meant that one could never be honest in fear of him blowing up over literally nothing

    By Unique on 11.29.2017

  14. It was the blond streak in his otherwise dark brown hair that made Jane look twice. He was an engineer, she knew, but other than some vague twitterings over the punch bowl that she had over heard – a gossiping clutch of bird-like women – she really didn’t know much about him. But that blond streak made her want to reach out and touch his hair.

    By Taylor on 11.29.2017

  15. I have a turtle, he is mutated. When he walks by he leaves a big streak of poop all across the ground. No one likes to clean that streak up.

    By Shawn Richardson on 11.29.2017

  16. Long and curvy. It can only get longer and curvier. Once its made it will never go away.

    By MacKenzie on 11.29.2017

  17. She felt her makeup begin to run under her sheet of sweat. When she wiped her face, big streaks of it came off on her hand. She needed to get out.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.29.2017

  18. go! he streaked off. so did I. who is he, who can go off like a streak? well, he is me, but i am not him, get it? we can streak, but I cannot. he can’t streak, but we can. i like talking in a way that doesnt make sense.

    By Secretcommander on 11.29.2017

  19. snap chat streaks are everything to meeeeee. Snapchat is my everything. Streaks are when you snapchat someone everyday.

    By chloe on 11.29.2017

  20. It´s a good companhy
    I want to fly arround the world
    for free

    By marcos on 11.29.2017

  21. The 1970s. I was a kid. I waited on the school bus. Someone said a streaker had run past the government buildings in Omaha. We were told to wait. We tried to get to the windows, to peer over each others’ shoulders to see if we could see where the streaker went, if it was a woman or a man, what their butt looked like, and what was happening next.

    By Daniel Ari URL on 11.29.2017