May 3rd, 2018 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “stray”

  1. “Mr. Sandman…” the radio, over static, streamed. Around me the scene unfolded into distinct nine points of interest. Nine bullet riddled bodies. Shot up shootout-style and here I was a stray who wandered into the local donught shop.

    By Hurts Donut URL on 05.03.2018

  2. he’s stray -he said, that’s dangerous. She look at him, she could see in his eyes that he didn’t think of that man behind the glass as a person, he thought of him as another infected, a creature with no rights. Something to experiment on -… No, he is a human -she concluded, leaving the room determined to help that man get away

    By Bramsy URL on 05.03.2018

  3. The cat that liked to sneak into our house wasn’t a stray. She was well-fed and well-groomed, and she lived with another tabby in a condo across the street from us. Still, she found our living room to be to her liking – sniffing around the couch, nuzzling her head against the coffee table. It was only when she tried to run upstairs did my wife acquiesce and carry the feisty feline back outside.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.03.2018

  4. Never stray from the path they said. Only bad things will come if you do. One day I was feeling particularly adventurous and in fact strayed from the path. That was the biggest mistake I ever made. And now here I am in a cell awaiting the judgement of the people that found me.

    By Cheyenne Aeternum on 05.03.2018

  5. Dont stray too far from your goals. Or maybe that’s what you need to do to get some focus and new perspective? Maybe you should take in that stray!

    By Shanmuga URL on 05.03.2018

  6. she was a stray.

    I could tell by the paper-thin confidence she exuded.

    As I let her in the back seat of the taxi, I knew a couple of things.

    The night was going to be crazy, and I definitely needed to wear protection.

    By Drew Allen on 05.03.2018

  7. Don’t stray from the right path… It seems like a simple enough concept……. but determining what the “right path” is, can be intensely complicated and difficult.

    By okayfine on 05.03.2018

  8. The concept of straying from a path only exists for people that frequently have to do things that they do not want to do. If your goal is simply to choose the direction you desire most at all times then you are not technically straying. The correct path will always be the one right in front of you. That being said, just because you never find yourself astray does not mean your path will always be easy. Sometimes the easiest path is the one we choose to avoid the most.

    By Fair Enough URL on 05.03.2018

  9. She was more than a stray. As soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted her. They didn’t want to adopt her out, they said she was dangerous. Maybe that is what caught my eye. I fought for her, and finally got her. She became my sweet Angel. I was fortunate enough to have her love for 13 years, before the cancer took her from her. My heart aches for my world, my beautiful stray.

    By Cat on 05.03.2018

  10. I was so lucky to have her love. What could she ever see in me? She was perfect. My entire world. My heart was full. and then the truth came, something I had always feared, it was to good to be true, she fell from her pedistool, breaking my heart, all because she wanted to stray

    By Cat on 05.03.2018

  11. I stray away. From you. From me. From everything. And it’s not that I want to stray; it just happens. And when I stray somehow I feel whole. But I constantly come back to you. To me. To us. Was I a stray and was somehow saved? The connotations are maddening. Life can be so cruel.

    By Robert James on 05.03.2018

  12. my famliy found a stray dog once. She is so sweet I’m glad she is are pet

    By Deann on 05.03.2018

  13. She looked out of the kitchen window. There the little kitten sat. The mouth opening, as if there was the tiniest, heart-breakingest meow.
    No, not this time. She had had enough of strays. They came, they left their paw prints on her heart, she shouldered their medical bills and then they vanished.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 05.03.2018

  14. meme jokes stale
    stray strangely strangle
    repeating iterations of the past
    to appear informed of the future

    By Matt m. on 05.03.2018

  15. The stray showed up just before closing. Or he assumed the poor raggedy looking thing was a stray. No good dog owner would allow for their furry friend to look like this and be out in the world alone. The cold water from the tap reached the old bowl just in time to give to his new friend.. He was in no position to take on an orphan. He had a hard enough time taking care of himself. “I will give it some water and send it on its way.” As if that is how these situations turn out. The mutt attached it’self to his side. Followed him around the parking lot, not what he wanted. He knew the rule of thumb, don’t feed or water the stray or they stay.

    By Cris Nole on 05.03.2018

  16. The cat strayed further away from its house. It doesn’t know where to go. It decided to leave the house because the owner had been torturing it ever since that day, when one of the people in the house suddenly disappeared.

    By jake on 05.03.2018

  17. Once in a while we all have the habit of straying from our goals, from what brings us joy and peace. The realization that comes with it, that we’ve hit rock bottom, becomes a searing pain in our heart and minds.

    By Shalini on 05.03.2018

  18. There once was a stray cat who lived under the window of a posh apartment. Things are not as they seem at this place, there are many within who identify with the stray even though they have a place to stay.

    By Christa on 05.04.2018

  19. I ran upstairs as fast as I could. Emotions rushed through me, my adrenaline pumping, I slammed my door behind me. I stared in the mirror. I had become astray of my own mind.
    The air that was clogging my throat became unstuck and a sob broke past my lips.

    By Sades on 05.04.2018

  20. I’ve followed the yellow brick road for so long. It has brought me many achievements, many results – yet I find none fulfilling. Could it be? This path I am on is not right for me?

    By humanly URL on 05.04.2018

  21. I am such a suckeker for stray animals. I used to live on the reservation, and I ended up with an extra dog–chowder–because she was a chow…der… She ran after my car when i would leave the res, and so she would end up spending the whole day, happily hanging out while I ran my errands.

    By Susannah URL on 05.04.2018

  22. Hello!

    By loan URL on 05.04.2018

  23. The cat tensed up as she got close and, when she got within about 5 feet of the steps, sprinted off across the porch, leaping to the next house. She rolled her eyes. Stupid cat. “Yeah, stay off my porch, jerk.”
    The cat was long gone. She was talking to no one. She fumbled with her keys self-consciously.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 05.04.2018

  24. They’d been good together for the first few years, but things had unraveled in that slow way that they do. Like cracks working their way through a sheet of ice, all the small fractures had finally sundered what they’d vowed to each other. Their marriage was over now

    By Joren on 05.04.2018

  25. i remember flashbacks smiling on the
    the future frowns
    stray away from the mindless jokes
    my endless clowns
    do i ever want it again
    i do not know
    but my god
    how i miss it so

    By Matt m. on 05.04.2018

  26. friendship is one of the best things you could have in world. I like to do everything with them. they help me grow in my faith with God. It is amazing what friends would do for you. i wish i could stay with them all the time. God uses the right person to make you so amazing of a person. I like to tell my friends how wonderful they are to you.

    By mikkala Skrede on 05.04.2018

  27. astray ashtray strange
    the thoughts float away
    forgotten forgetting getting older
    not the wiser
    stray, the mind delays
    echoing a history of knowledge
    never quite learning

    By Matt m. on 05.04.2018

  28. She would stray back to her room just to get out of the line of fire. Watching her parents argue had been away of life. It was nothing out of the ordinary for such an ocurance. Except, tonight she noticed her mom not fighting back. Instead, her mom sat silent as her dad used every four letter word possible to put her down. They have been married for over 15 years and it still is the same song and dance, except for this silence.

    By Cris Nole on 05.04.2018

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    By Johnd478 on 05.04.2018

  30. “I liked angular rods.”

    I did a double take and read the sentence again.

    “I liked angular rock.”

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Also what does “angular rock” even mean? I shook my head and put the diary away. If I don’t get back down stairs soon, my hosts will figure out I’ve strayed.

    By Half Tone URL on 05.04.2018