September 30th, 2013 | 99 Entries

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99 Entries for “stolen”

  1. When Combeferre opened the door his stomach dropped.

    “What happened?” he asked, running his eyes over a rage-shaken Enjolras in search of bruises and lacerations. “Are you okay?”

    “They fucking — stole — my car,” the latter replied in a deadly low voice.

    Combeferre’s eyebrows shot up. “Who did?”

    “Who do you think? Fucking — made up some stupid reason to tow it!”

    “You /have/ been evading taxes, Enj, they probably took it as collateral.” Combeferre stood aside and gestured for Enjolras to come in, pushing his glasses up into his hair so he could pinch the bridge of his nose. “Not that it makes them /right./ C’mon, let’s hit the books — we’ll find a chink and get her back.”

    By Julia A. URL on 09.30.2013

  2. possessions are replaceable, one should not become attached to the inanimate

    Loved ones are what can only be truly stolen from you

    blah blah ………………..

    By johnny on 09.30.2013

  3. When I was little I use to take candy out of the store.
    No one ever got me.
    I was so proud of that.
    I still am.

    By nicole on 09.30.2013

  4. He cursed the moment he met him and he cursed the moment his heart was stolen.

    By Alice Shina on 09.30.2013

  5. Mothering

    The only mother who
    has ever mothered me
    was my razor blade collection
    dancing across my wrists
    splitting skin
    releasing toxins
    from within
    words into the bathroom sink
    It looked so pretty
    Drip drip drip drip
    Her sharp edges
    brushing back my hair
    holding my hands
    while I was sick.
    She wrote history lessons
    up and down my arms
    Teaching me how to forget but
    Never forgive never forgive.


    Yesterday I stole from Father Time,
    His watch
    Then spat in his face
    Just so I could spend a little
    more time with you
    And at night I returned the watch
    to his bed stand while he snored
    But I switched it with a broken compass
    so he can never find me by your side
    creating our own time

    By Destroyer of Man on 09.30.2013

  6. My lunch was stolen
    By the northern wind
    And when it happened
    My summer was grim
    But I turned to you
    All full of light
    And smiled…

    By Manuela on 09.30.2013

  7. stop. don’t come any closer to me with those greedy
    fingers and unfaithful

    By Rachael on 09.30.2013

  8. If these stolen moments, so precious and so few, were all I was ever to have of her, then I would make them count.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.30.2013

  9. The stolen necklace lay in the bottom of her black leather bag. For something so materially precious, it lay haphazardly like any other piece of trash, such as a forgotten pen or receipt.

    By Kristin URL on 09.30.2013

  10. Someone has stolen my wallet. My entire life was there. Who I was, What I’m worth. Who I love.

    Someone has stolen my essence…

    By Ed Pierce on 09.30.2013

  11. stolen is my heart, my soul, my life
    stolen is my family, my love and my child
    stolen are my dreams
    but stolen will never be my faith

    By jamie on 09.30.2013

  12. Every part of my identity is stolen. I took pieces of everyone else and formed my own personality. I am not original, I am a product of everyone around me.

    By Amanda on 09.30.2013

  13. It was always taken away from me, love. Like a theft in the night someone always stole it from me. I never wanted it to stay but neither did I want it to go away. Just to stay at bay. Far enough to not hurt but close enough to feel good. That’s all I ever wanted.

    By Brandon URL on 09.30.2013

  14. I was sitting alone. I had time to think. Thoughts that couldn’t be stolen. I played a beautiful song in my head that no one else heard.

    By kathpine98 on 09.30.2013

  15. I took the glass without even thinking about it. It was my favorite and I couldn’t just leave it sitting there in the open like that. I didn’t want someone else who wouldn’t appreciate its beauty to take it.

    By Tammi on 09.30.2013

  16. i never really thought much about it when i stole things from others. No one else deserved them. They thought they were meaningless things meant to collect dust but i knew better. I knew they were trophies of every time i got one up on someone else.

    By Arika on 09.30.2013

  17. The bike belonged to him. He used to ride it around the streets at night. We rode it together a couple times though it was way too small for both of us. I meant to give it back to him. Now, I’ll never let it go.

    By Beth A on 09.30.2013

  18. My innocence was stolen,taken away from like a hungry bear.
    It was stolen from the man who raped me that cold october night. I
    was only 7,looking at the world with bright eyes,with hopes and
    dreams fro the future it all changed that night. I was playing
    dolls in my parents bedroom while they had a small get together in
    the downstairs living room. They thought nothing of it when one of
    their guests excuses himself to use the bathroom and to be gone for
    twenty minutes.

    By Alexis on 09.30.2013

  19. Someone stole Merlin’s neckerchief. He’d been looking all over his chambers for it: underneath his bed, under all of his clothes, in the medicine cabinets, even using his magic to try and summon it to him. Gaius looked on in a grumbling protest, arms crossed together and a frown on his face, watching his nephew scramble around for it.

    By Lilly on 09.30.2013

  20. He stole my heart. He kept it warm and he shattered it to a million pieces. He fixed my heart and put the millions of pieces back together, with tape and glue of course. It could still be broken, and now you had to be a lot more fragile. This will continue to happen over and over again, until it is no longer fixable and the only way out is death. Rather sad.

    By Mariel on 09.30.2013

  21. He had stolen my heart, and he had overtaken my soul. His face consumed my thoughts, and his touch lingered on my skin. He was beautiful and I was vulnerable. I was a perfect victim: willing, clueless, and unknown. But he didn’t realize that I had stolen his heart too.

    By Kristina on 09.30.2013

  22. “A horrible twist of events, a horrible bank problem…oh god…I just need a little bit of money…I get paid soon…but I can’t afford to eat tonight and my stomach…it hurts so bad,” I told him. And he said, “oh, it’s fine, I’ll help you. I love to help. I live to help. I am such a helpful person.” So, he held me hostage that night and did anything he wanted to me because he knew I couldn’t afford to escape from him. I didn’t even have change for a train ticket. And I was a foreigner. It was perfect. He withheld the money from me for as long as he wanted. When I finally got it, he told me he couldn’t give me as much as I needed because he “spent too much money on the hotel room” that I never intended to stay at…I intended to go home early that night. I really thought it would be simple but, yes, the costs of holding someone hostage…they create a large, deep, gaping dent, a dent, a dent in your wallet, wasn’t it? I went back to starving after a couple days. Everyone that heard the story thought I was a whore.

    By nodochinko on 09.30.2013

  23. “The pocket watch! It’s been stolen!”

    “By its true owner,” Samson snapped as he stooped down to redo his shoelaces. But his partner Munroe was having none of it.

    “That watch was an heirloom!” he growled. “It’s been passed down for four generations!”

    “Yes,” said Samson. “Through a different family.”

    “Finders, keepers!”

    “You’re absolutely ridiculous.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.30.2013

  24. I run quickly as I hear the sirens approaching not far behind. A smile grows on my face as the thought of what just happened reels in my brain. I’ve just stolen the most treasured thing in all of the world. Your heart.

    By Naseera on 09.30.2013

  25. I stole my aunt’s car last week, so that I could go to the hot dog place three miles away. She wasn’t very happy about that, especially because I could have just walked there without ever going to the trouble of stealing her keys and picking a time when she wasn’t home to get the car, and better yet I could have just made my own hot o

    By Moron on 09.30.2013

  26. The day she stole my heart was the day I first cut myself.
    She was in the hallway, putting books away in her locker when I first saw her. Her giggle was intoxicating. Her smile was infectious.
    I wasn’t good enough for her.

    By ladyofliterature42 on 09.30.2013

  27. One day I was stolen, more like an alien ubtuction. I guess in a way it was a new beginning. I learned the importance of not judging a book by its cover because actually the aliens were very nice people.

    By Maddy R on 09.30.2013

  28. I always knew you would steal something from me. I just didn’t know it would be my heart. Stolen like that pack of gum I stole when I was eight.

    By steph buonopane on 09.30.2013

  29. It was gone. Everything I had ever known was in that book. Literally. I was the youngest case of Alzheimer’s the Mayo Clinic had ever seen. I kept all my memories in that book, chock-full of photos, scraps of paper, phone numbers, addresses, bits of poetry I love each time I read them again. The man continued bolting down the street, scraps flying out errantly by his unsure footsteps. I watched everything I had ever known disappear, and all I could do was smile.

    By Samantha on 09.30.2013

  30. He was the devil. He stole things from you that you never knew could be taken. But he never lied. He told you the first night you met him, how he would steal your heart, your life, your sanity, your soul. So you can’t help but wonder, did he really steal it or did you give it to him?

    By lilldeh URL on 09.30.2013

  31. Sometimes you call it stealing and sometimes it just ends up stolen. Hearts, these blood pumping organs, symbols of something greater than the physical version of itself. For love is the truth. And truth equals freedom.

    By KWILD on 09.30.2013

  32. It was a hammer, a drum, a thousand drums, a thousand hammers. The nail wouldn’t budge and the beat wouldn’t stop. He rounded the corner into the alley and stooped down; clutched in his hands was the 500 dollars he took from the man’s till.

    By myliloneword on 09.30.2013

  33. I had them a moment ago … the ambition, the dreams, the goals of the young. Tomorrow was forever, and I had all the tools to become whatever I wanted. Yesterday, I could have sworn, I stood without pain, moved without hesitation, and loved as freely as any being on earth ever did. Where did my time go? Stolen away by hesitations and doubts.

    By terradi on 09.30.2013

  34. He had stolen my heart the first moment I heard his voice.Then, the second time was with his written words. I think the third time will be when I look into his eyes.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.30.2013

  35. The heart sat in a small wooden box in the corner of the room. Seemingly so out in the open, but so coldly forgotten. It sat there in that dusty corner lonely and confused. It wondered as to why someone would lock it in such a special place and then act like it never existed.

    By Joshua Barbieri on 09.30.2013

  36. I ran as fast as I could, feeling my heart beating like a caged butterfly. Clutching my handbag to my chest I resisted the urge to glance behind me. I could hear footsteps pounding furiously behind me.

    By Meagan URL on 09.30.2013

  37. Stolen. Again. Things are stolen again from my store! My store! these little rugged teenagers! Then the police came! It’s about time! The store owner said. then he turned on me for not guarding the store right. Huh? His store? Uh oh! not again!
    He caught me red handed again. Daydreaming. Wait, hold on. you cannot call it daydreaming. I was crying. Crying for the man of my dreams who stole my heart and be with for 3 years broke up with me. We were no more.! no more! Even though I am feeling this way I still went to work to this store.
    “What’s wrong?” he asked and suddenly forgot about the stolen things and shouting.
    ” I am fine.” I said wiping my tears.
    “Thanks for the concern. How about your stolen things?” I said.
    “we’ll take care of those later. Anyway hope you are fine.” He said.
    ” I am going to fire you but I think yo don’t need it right now.” He said while leaving to go to the police station. I smiled.

    By roze_princess on 09.30.2013

  38. the future she had imagined was gone
    she moved on, made new friends
    kept on living
    made a new life,alone,
    and ok with it
    most of the time
    but sometimes
    felt denied,
    ‘i was robbed’ she said
    ‘i coulda been a contender’ she said
    ‘i have so much to give’ she said
    as she walked in front of the midtown bus

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 09.30.2013

  39. He pulls off her shirt with haste, planting kisses along the shell of her ear and her collar bone, keeping her distracting as yanks her pants down. Forcing his way in, and ignoring her cries of “no,” and “don’t,” and “wait.” He taints her, ruins her. Slowly her cries of pain change into lustful moans as he continues roughly plowing into her. This is her first time. She is now his. Her virginity claimed and stolen.

    By Iris URL on 09.30.2013

  40. She stared out the window, watching the horizon move gently next to her, while the sky rolled on by. Her heart, crushed by sorrow, beat softly in her chest. She placed a hand on top of it, trying to convince herself that she really was alive. The light was stolen right out of her, by an old friend, now simply a foe.

    By umbazachika on 09.30.2013