November 8th, 2013 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “stereotype”

  1. All the assumptions we make every day about the people we walk by in the street or look at when we eat. This stereotypical world we live in is a horrid place to be. All the profiling and the posing as a member of society because of race, gender, or name is absolutely disgusting.

    By Aja Payton on 11.08.2013

  2. Everyone thinks in stereotypes, but what are they really. Ways for us to categorize each other… ways for us to define ourselves. It is how we make sense of the world and our place in it.

    By Heidi URL on 11.08.2013

  3. Why does everyone just rely on stereotypes to tell them what other people are like. It’s like everybody is defined by the stereotype of where they come from, what they believe in, or their life choices. For once, I would like to be judged by who I am…not what labels society has given to me.

    By Morris on 11.08.2013

  4. This is why teachers earn a bad reputation, I think as I leave the break room. I hate people. I hate how they think they can judge students, saying this one is a failure because once there was maybe a bad situation or a bad reaction. One bad behavior is not equivalent to a bad kid.

    By Beth A on 11.08.2013

  5. Many of us grow with that ingrain in our heads. But it can be liberating if we can shake it out like mud from our head. It is a word that teaches contrast and allows you to see what your world is. We all have those misconceptions of it.

    By juan on 11.08.2013

  6. Once again my head gets filled with ideas related to stereotype. Sometimes, it might be helpful to use this type of idea but other times it is not needed. The world is the way it is and what am I going to do. Nothing.

    By Juan on 11.08.2013

  7. I am not a word
    I am not a sentence
    I am not a decade
    I am not a century in the making
    I am not the past
    I am not them
    I am not anyone
    I am what I am
    Take me as I am
    Not as they were.

    By James on 11.08.2013

  8. you always say you know exactly what I’m thinking
    you always think you know exactly how I feel
    but maybe if you’d ever have asked, I could have proven you wrong
    I’m an open book and an open mind
    so come in and read me sometime

    By Josh Miller on 11.08.2013

  9. It was so loud.
    It invaded and
    It permeated into me.
    “Look at me!!!!”
    It screamed.
    “Here I am!!!!”
    I’m everything you say I am.

    By Alouette on 11.08.2013

  10. It was so loud.
    It invaded and
    It permeated into me.
    “Look at me!!!!”
    It screamed.
    “Here I am!!!!”
    It pointed out, and
    It jumped up.
    I’m everything you say I am.

    By Alouette on 11.08.2013

  11. She fits every stereotype available to blondes: vapid, sneering, and more than a little promiscuous.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.09.2013

  12. I was always afraid of being a stereotype. There goes the black girl with the kid in the buggy at 16. This thought terrified me and my twin sister when we were in high school. Also coming from a strict West Indian household, we believed just looking at a boy would make you pregnant. We worked hard at school so as to avoid being a stereotype.

    By HerMelness URL on 11.09.2013

  13. Everyone stereotypes other people it is how we meet and understand one another. Not a bad practise it allows

    By tking on 11.09.2013

  14. So many stereotypes ie blonde girls, wearing white shoes and dancing around their handbags are likely to be typecast as…………………

    By Alexandra on 11.09.2013

  15. The stereotype people gave us was simple. Sluts, whores, punk bitches. It was the usual thing every single time. And we all knew it.

    By YannaIsJoy URL on 11.09.2013

  16. The stereotype for me is usually simple. Slut, emo, or whore. But if they had known why I was the way I was then maybe they wouldn’t call me those names. They’d lower their false lashes to the floor and maybe even balk like fishes do. Mouth open, mouth closed, mouth open. But what does it matter? I’m still the slut, emo, or whore to them.

    By Yanna J. on 11.09.2013

  17. There are all kinds of people out there who believe that it is their god-given right to criticize everyone, who say or do some thing that is not the norm. these persons have a stereotype mentality and need help, but would not confess or accept any kind of advice offered.

    By victor URL on 11.09.2013

  18. i use this word when grouping people together. the only way to see the blonde as a person that is silly

    By Tina on 11.09.2013

  19. He looked like a stereotypical gay man, all lispy-limp-wristy and styled from coif to pointy toes, but his eyes had a steely gleam and when we shook hands, his grip made me wince.

    By mrsmig on 11.09.2013

  20. well, we know about them. we know about their lies, their hygiene, their dance moves. and there’s that patois, always with the patois. hairdos? don’t get me started. well just don’t we will make sure that doesn’t happen here!

    By Lee on 11.09.2013

  21. A stereotype is a preconceived notion describing a set of people. For example, “All girls like pink” Do all girls really like pink? No. But the author of this statement thinks this and transfers this notion to most girls he/she meets or sees. The author of this statement bases this thought on the fact that the few girls he/she has seen likes pink, therefore ALL girls must like pink. A stereotype is a generalization based on limited information. Generalizations are generally wrong, because one cannot judge a whole group of people based on a few individuals.

    By Katie on 11.09.2013

  22. Why do they always make fun of me? I’m exactly like them. Why don’t they just give me a chance? Just because I look, dress, and act differently doesn’t mean I’m a bad person.

    By Katelyn on 11.09.2013

  23. i’m thinking about blur’s song stereotypes. i really like it. once my english teacher told me she likes that song and now she lives in england and i live inbrazil and i think it’s really unfair. blur is coming to brazil this november and i’m not seeing them. i dont think i am ever seeing them but they’re really important to me. when i took the brazilian SATs i watched a blur concert on dvd the day before and i think it helped me.

    By Mariana on 11.09.2013

  24. i love black men

    By caca on 11.09.2013

  25. i am not a stereotype. i am not who you want me to be. i am not who i am thought to be. i am myself. that is enough. i am not on drugs, i do not sell them, i don’t kill people, I do not speak in an unintelligent manner, i am black, that’s okay

    By babe on 11.09.2013

  26. don’t worry, old white man.
    i’m an innocent oriental flower,
    subservient and small-boned,
    me love you long time.

    sure, i’ll marry you, then i’ll pop out
    pretty mixed babies to show off.
    i’m not just waiting for you to die
    so i can have all your money;

    i’m not patient enough for that.
    here, have some wine.
    promise it doesn’t have
    any arsenic.

    By h. b. on 11.09.2013