December 30th, 2017 | 16 Entries

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16 Entries for “steel”

  1. The contraption was gray and red. It rose higher than the trees that surrounded it. What civilization raised it I do not know, but their collapse must have been wrapped in steel and rust.

    By Chuck URL on 12.30.2017

  2. Steel gray eyes, a homeless man staring at me. He’s four feet away in an underground parking lot and coming closer. I think of all the warning things I might have carried on me, the mace or pepper spray had I listened, but I am alone, unguarded, unprotected, unarmed, unable. “Hello,” I say, “What can I do for you?” I smile my best smile. I project at him, with all my might, helpfulness and trust. He smiles back. “You have a flat tire, right rear,” he says. “OMG, I don’t even know how to change a tire. If I give you $10, would you change it for me?” “Sure thing, Lady. And a happy new year to you.” Which one of us did a good deed? Maybe both. Maybe 2018 will be a year of togetherness.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.30.2017

  3. My soul is forged from steel – my mind is titanium circuits. I am not a being of silicon, however, but of carbon. The metaphors I spew like nonsense streamers still apply to my fortitude, my determination, my endurance. Perhaps linking myself to the most powerful of the physical – the toughest of materials, the most lasting of impermanent minerals – allows me to feel invincible. If only temporarily. That’s worth something.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.30.2017

  4. The steel sword made a loud whooshing noise as it flew from his hand to the ground. The clattering sound rung like a death toll in the fighter’s head. Without the sword, he tried to dodge the next attack, but the hammer came down hard on his shoulder, and he felt the joint give as surely as his armour dented from the impact. The next swing was straight to his chest, caving in his torso until his lungs could not draw air. He gurgled out a cry of pain – a final prayer – and died with the taste of metal on his tongue.

    By darseyrsm URL on 12.30.2017

  5. I got to be strong. I have to be gear myself up for this. I have no choice but to face this with all that I got, flaws and all.

    I must be as hard as steel to charge into 2018.

    By Sarah on 12.30.2017

  6. The first thing Roman thought about when he stepped into the room were his eyes. His eyes, a stark and vibrant shade of steel blue. Roman couldn’t understand how someone’s eyes could be that way… But it turned out, Logan was just another bundle of miracles.

    By Majesty on 12.30.2017

  7. Man of steel, man of steam, man of sleet. The man she cries about. The man that never was, that never came, that never went. The man, the man, the man. I am all arms and feet of steel. I am all man. I am me. Just try and break me.

    By Victoria_Park on 12.30.2017

  8. The cold, hard steel was all that I could sense, the ricochet of bullets echoing in my ears. I was holding a rifle- a sniper rifle, the gun that I’d been assigned as I entered the Second World War. I couldn’t hear anyone near by: no targets, nothing but the steel beneath me.

    By Evelyn Rowan URL on 12.30.2017

  9. She turns and looks at him, hands on her hips, her lips pursed in a hard line.

    “What is this?”

    He shrugs, hands in his pockets, and gives her a badly-written essay with his eyes. A drunk essay. An essay written at six in the morning for a safety school college application.

    By Riannon on 12.30.2017

  10. The barrier was cold as steel in the depths of winter. I ran my hands across it, letting the chill run through me. This was my first time seeing the wall up close. I was lucky the guards were pre-occupied with the riots at the far end of town or else I would have been arrested 50 feet back. The question that we were forbidden to ponder seeped into my mind, “What’s on the other side?”.

    By Kisovit URL on 12.30.2017

  11. His body banged against the thick steel surface. A resounding thud echoed and he screamed in pain. It was all or nothing. The fight wasn’t over yet. He wasn’t going to let a slab of steel let him lose.

    By Ananya on 12.30.2017

  12. The factory belched out clouds of steam and coke smoke as molten steel poured into the molds that would become the shells of bombs and later become death dealing fragments.

    By Andy Hsi on 12.31.2017

  13. the blade gleamed silver in the moonlight. the edge was sharp, so sharp. the lightest touch drew blood on his finger and ignited the bloodlust within. this would do. this would do just fine. he could slip in and out, slip the blade in and out, countless times before it lost its appeal.

    By firelight on 12.31.2017

  14. She was unyielding. She bowed to no-one. She was willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted. She was steel.

    By El on 12.31.2017

  15. Its not the kind where I take something that belongs to you. It’s the sort that runs through the veins of the broken and wounded. It’s the stuff that makes us stand up straight when actually we’d rather fall apart

    By Amanda on 12.31.2017

  16. She inhaled and turned her heart into impenetrable steel on that inhale. Nothing was going to affect her. Nothing was going to break through. The walls went up and they were going to stay up as long as she thought that was safe.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.31.2017