February 20th, 2019 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “startled”

  1. She was startled when someone came up and threatened her with a gun to give up her car so he could use it to run away from the police.

    By Jasper on 02.20.2019

  2. “Jesus,” she mutters, clutching her chest with one hand.

    The boy had come out of nowhere, torch in hand, and she’d almost gotten her hair burnt off for it. She swats at it now, just to remove every stray ember. She’s just about to give him a piece of her mind when she catches sight of his face … and feels her breath catch in her throat.

    He is clearly not human, this boy. His skin is too pale, pale enough that she can see his veins, even in the dim light. His too-green eyes rake over her, as if he’s never seen something like her before, and widen.

    “We’ve been expecting you,” he says, smiling, all of his teeth filed into sharp points.

    The girl swallows. That couldn’t possibly bode well for her. “Who’s ‘we’?”

    “Why don’t you follow me and find out?”

    He turns back the way he came, back into the forest, and maybe it is the darkness playing tricks on her eyes, but the girl swears the trees part just for him, branches swaying out of the way as she follows him into what is very possibly a trap.

    By fox_face on 02.20.2019

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    By jayda chambers URL on 02.20.2019

  4. She jolted up. “What?” He rolled over, concerned. “Sorry, sorry, nothing, I’m fine.” “Hey.” “Sorry.”
    “Okay, it’s okay.” “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” “Okay.”

    By Bridget Grace on 02.20.2019

  5. The loud buzzer startled me, and made me drop my pencil. We were directed to calmly walk out of the school, and not to bring anything with us.

    By April Stone on 02.20.2019

  6. The farmhouse was older than most of the others in the area. Some even say it was haunted. Last night, when I went to feed the chickens, I heard a groaning coming from the floorboards. There was something else living there. I was sure of it.

    By Annika on 02.20.2019

  7. I was startled to find this sword on here because it is such a difficult word to write about but if a have made this this far I guess I am doing a really good job!

    By Naomi Comeaux on 02.20.2019

  8. Visibly perturbed, the boy in the yellow jacket and red baseball cap shuffled off to the side of the street, where he sat cross-legged on the curb, rubbing at his eyes repetitively and obsessively. It was safe to say that he wasn’t simply startled by what he had seen, but in fact, he had been quite affected, even disturbed, by what unfolded.

    It wasn’t just the car crash, seeing the sedan fold in like fiberglass origami. Or hearing the scream.

    It was also seeing the ghosts rise from the wreckage like plumes of cheap cigarette smoke.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.20.2019


    in the backyard
    startling the birds

    at the dinner table
    startling the kids

    in the pool
    startling the lifeguards

    in the museum
    startling the patrons

    at the altar
    startling the intended

    in the courtroom
    startling the jurors

    in the lifeboat
    startling the survivors

    By Matt Jaeger on 02.20.2019

  10. Lost in her book, she didn’t see the dark shadow growing on her bed, or the hairy hands reaching out for her hair. By the time thick gnarly claws sunk into her neck, it was too late to scream.

    By DarkJanuary on 02.20.2019

  11. I quickly awaken, filled with sweat from head to toe. I don’t know where I am or who I am, but I feel frightened, like a book with no end. I wonder what the human beside me feels. I am the glass of water on their nightstand, and they knocked me over with their clumsy oaf hands. I hate them forever and swear revenge.

    By Goldfish on 02.20.2019

  12. She had just finished her lunch and was now putting everything away to clean up before she had to go to her meeting this afternoon. She decided she would have a little dessert, and so she gathered her ingredients and made a beautiful creation from her organic fig bars, peppermint bark and organic very dark chocolate. She added with her little towers of goodness, a tall wine glass of very cold organic coconut milk with ice. It is her philosophy that everything tastes better in a wine glass.

    As, she started to put away her ingredients, she grabbed for the tin box that held the prized peppermint bark, and it slipped out of her hands, landing full force onto the granite counter, at this point , it set the whole house with alarms going off , very, very loudly. It was so intense , she had to cover her ears and was incredibly startled from everything going off, as well as the rooms lighting up from the system set to do so; if anyone should try and enter or breaks the glass from her window. Startled to say the least, however she did keep her calm as she moved toward the alarm system on her wall and keyed in her information.

    Just as quickly as it happened, it was now peaceful again; she can really enjoy her delights before having to leave, for which she does , every savory/sweet bite; in the beautiful silence of every moment.

    By Donna Whiting on 02.20.2019

  13. I was startled by the sight of you after all this time. How funny it should be as “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” played overhead on the store speaker stereo. Here of all places.

    The look we exchanged was just like old times. Then the gun shots started. I don’t remember when they stopped. Now we’re two ghosts moving on, passing. What history do we carry with us into the afterlife?

    By Frank URL on 02.20.2019

  14. the time i was scared was a very scary time it made me pee myself. It’s a funny thing really I didn’t know it was coming and then my pants were wet. I wanna punch him in the face for that.

    By Jon on 02.20.2019

  15. I was startled last night when I saw Kalissa and Catanna close to the lions cage. They both were so excited to be at the zoo. RJ was still asleep in the stroller. I had to make them take two steps back.

    By Janine Saum on 02.20.2019

  16. Frozen. Can’t breathe. Can’t move. Run? Fight? Surrender.

    By and& on 02.21.2019

  17. It was 3 a.m. and yet I couldn’t fall asleep. I went to search the fridge for milk. When I opened the door, I saw it packed with cans of beers, all lined up neatly. What a forgetful person am I.

    By Boon Yee on 02.21.2019

  18. I was out in the barn and something startled my Horse. My horse scared the heck out of me and the other horses also. It was a plastic bag. 1,000 pounds of horse is scared of a plastic bag.

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 02.21.2019

  19. My best friend startled me and I wanted to punch her. Scared me to death in front of everyone at church. I screamed then put my hand over my mouth quickly. As everyone stared and laughed and i turned bloodshot red.

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 02.21.2019

  20. I was startled when mom screamed my name and said, “Come quick!” So I came. She was cooking bacon in the kitchen and the pan flared up and caught on fire.Since the stove was beneath the curtains, the fire spread and caught them on fire also. When I came into the kitchen I saw the fire, grabbed the fire extinguisher from under the sink and started spraying the flame. Thankfully I got it out in the nick of time. So next time you hear anyone say “Come quick!”, you will know that it may be an emergency.

    By KJ on 02.21.2019