January 25th, 2017 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “startled”

  1. 1startled = Suddenly Taken Actions Responding To Leveraging Energy Dissimination

    By Garz on 01.26.2017

  2. i do not know what startled is
    i think its that you make a quick action
    an unexpected movement

    By Hjalmar Bjørndalseter on 01.26.2017

  3. i have startled you
    i hope to make you throw up too

    By Sameeka URL on 01.26.2017

  4. yfuiyfkhjfu

    By Markie on 01.26.2017

  5. I dont know what startled means so it is difficult to talk about it or to write about it. But I am not someone who give up easily so I will continue to write even if I have no clue about it.

    By Marcela on 01.26.2017

  6. I was startled when my brother came up behind me and put ice down my shirt.

    By Simon Woodard on 01.26.2017

  7. on the way home, while i was listening a marvelous song, which now i do not remember, I saw a girl sitting on a bench, rather startled, I gazed at my reflection in her eyes.

    By rainer on 01.26.2017

  8. i was startled by the sound from outside in 3:00 in the morning, i jumped out of my bed and went outside when i saw something move in the garbage! walking very slowly was a giant raccon in my trash! thanks heavens that wasn’t Bigfoot!

    By ashton on 01.26.2017

  9. I was startled,
    caught off guard.
    I was silent,
    in hiding.
    I was surprised,
    and dying.
    I felt insecure,
    I stopped trying.
    later on,
    came the crying.
    I was startled,
    caught off guard.
    I felt nothing,
    in that moment.

    By Lexy URL on 01.26.2017

  10. I had been sleeping in until ten o’clock for days now; I knew that, and my family knew that. Therefore, I was startled when, one chilly morning, I felt awake and alive around six AM.

    I don’t know what spurred me on, but a sudden heat that almost felt like it was crackling in my bones rocketed me out of bed. I pulled on my clothes, tied on some hiking boots, and without thinking much on it, found myself hiking up the hill near my parents’ house.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.26.2017

  11. She jumped halfway out of her skin. “What the literal hell?!”
    He roared in laughter, doubling over and beating his fists against the wall, “Oh my god, I got you so good.”
    Her anger flared and she crossed her arms so she wouldn’t him him.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.26.2017

  12. If only the world were populated entirely with complaisant people!
    our trees startled by the greed
    bumble bees allured through their own honey making,
    never offering honey to their counter part buzz-links.

    Praising your favorite sports team is one thing,
    but if you call the team the most incredible group o
    f humans ever to walk the earth, then you’re going
    overboard and indulging in hyperbole.

    Sports, a hobby drawn from creation of creativity,
    its a matter of monetary navity,
    what happened to the passion for art,
    for prance, for dance, for romance,
    now, society is all based on dollars
    ready to impart!

    By Milad URL on 01.26.2017

  13. she was startled awake by the raging storm outside.
    there was thunder, and screeching. doors slamming shut, windows creaking.
    it seemed like a nightmare, it was a nightmare.
    (there were also ghosts, and things out of nightmares.)
    (but maybe those were part of her imagination.)

    By Montse Takahashi. URL on 01.26.2017

  14. at 3:12 am, i was startled out of a dreamless sleep. squinting into the half-darkness, i searched for the cause of my rude awakening, and– there– on the ceiling– reaching down for me– a sickly white thing, featureless and bodiless, a nauseating tangle of limbs and long, long fingers, a–
    –but before i could truly process what i was seeing, the thing recoiled at my gaze and skittered away, squeezing itself impossibly through the gap between the door and frame.

    By heretic URL on 01.26.2017

  15. Out of your normalcy you woke

    By po-int on 01.26.2017

  16. as the ghost flew
    he went oooo!
    witches brew.
    human zoo.
    catch twenty – boo!
    startled you.
    your skin looks like glue,
    frumpy mashed potatoes too.

    By omqwat URL on 01.26.2017

  17. Startled, she dropped the piñata on the ground. What was it ?….no it couldn’t be…. She could just make out his outline. The broad shoulders, small neck and the tiny bow tie. He was here. It was him. She was trapped.

    By bb on 01.26.2017

  18. He has a look like he is always started. Deep in his eyes there is some light. He just fooled us.

    By citrus URL on 01.26.2017

  19. i felt startled when i heard the bell rang, but i stood up and i tarted walking like the rest of the of, them, i tried to keep up but they kept speeding up

    By ar on 01.26.2017