January 23rd, 2018 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “starry”

  1. If for a moment
    the worlds would aligned

    That for every star
    we find a moon

    That in this sparse sky
    we will see ourselves

    By Lynn on 01.23.2018

  2. It was high time for a kiss and a crime on a starry, starry night. I was waiting with the guns and goods at the corner of Ninth and Hyde. She came running over with her hat tipped over, the brim covering her eyes. And we broke out of rank and into the bank and cast our luck like dice.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.23.2018

  3. She sighs and takes a deep swig of her coffee, swirling the black stuff around in its cups. The lapping waves leave brown footsteps against the insides of the white ceramic, and she listens to the pulse of the night beneath her feet, up on the rooftop and beneath the voidlike sky.

    By Riannon URL on 01.23.2018

  4. I stared at the Van Gogh painting. The swirls and colors so vibrant and alive and so different from the world that everyone else saw. No wonder he was depressed. To see so differently was to be ostracized.

    By Clark on 01.23.2018

  5. stars galaxy universe night sun bright pretty planets meteors sky astronaut flashing old night

    By Brooklynn Friel-whatman URL on 01.23.2018

  6. Starry night skies. Summer time and fire flies. Starry eyed lovers stealing glances across the room. Twinkle Twinkle little star.

    By Sarah Buresch on 01.23.2018

  7. pillars of gold that glint so bright with height and a sight to see. already dead inside or out a cloud of smoke is blinking through the night. white crates of a collection of beads

    By Veronica on 01.24.2018

  8. It was the night before the morning after and today it was this morning after that night that was in between the starry skies and all about was lively and calm because the bell chimed on time.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 01.24.2018

  9. The last starry night was before the fires, when the sky was crisp and hot, like it was waiting for the snap of the twigs andnthe flames to shatter the glassy sheen glittering in the night’s sky. We were waitj gfor it to happen, casually strumming our instruments to ———‘s new melody that sounded like notes dripped from his melting body. His guitar was covered with the waxy splashes sheared from his fingers while he strummed the strings.

    By Flyderkov URL on 01.24.2018

  10. It was a starry night. I heard people cheering, ready for the show to begin. My fellow friends and family were chanting, ” FIREWORKS!” I couldn’t quite believe it, the war was over! We were finally at peace with Germany and I could enjoy myself again. Our village were celebrating by having a bonfire.

    By Millie Taylor on 01.24.2018

  11. It was a starry, starry night and I could feel myself shaking. I had butterflies. I saw him staring at me, his magical hazel eyes looking into mine. He leaned towards me and put his lips on mine. I responded in return and reassured him I wanted this. My first ever kiss. It was magical! We kissed for over five minutes, his fingers running through my hair and my hands gently sliding around his shoulders and neck. I could’ve done this for hours. I gently took my lips off his and said, “I love you.” I knew it was a risk on our first date, but I did. I really did. I was worried he wasn’t going to say it back but then, with the most handsome smile ever, he replied,”I love you more than you could possibly imagine.” He then leaned in again and started kissing me so passionately I couldn’t quite believe it. This was what I wanted.

    By Millie Taylor on 01.24.2018

  12. The stars were splayed out across the night sky like flecks of paint from a still and silent picture. This picture was disturbed gruffly by the illumination of the sky, explosions filled the air and flames roared and circled to meet the stars.

    By Abbie on 01.24.2018

  13. As I gaze upon the starry night, it made me realize how vast our world is.
    I see countless stars dotting the horizon, around it an eternal void.
    I wonder, if there is life around the stars, do they also gaze up and also wonder?

    By echuaco URL on 01.24.2018

  14. I’ve done this already!

    By Millie Taylor on 01.24.2018

  15. No, I’ve done this already. Just… no.

    Tick, tock, hurry up timer.

    By Abbie on 01.24.2018

  16. the sky was starry, I remember when my brother went to the stars and burnt to death, fun times.

    By Kit Haskell on 01.24.2018

  17. starry night.!

    By Fatima on 01.24.2018

  18. Sparkling, lovely shining stars scattered across the blue-black sky. The light and romantic beauty of the night.

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 01.24.2018

  19. It was a starry and cold night, I was sitting by the window , looking at the beautiful sky, full of stars, with no clouds and a big bright moon starting its way just above the roofs.

    By Iza on 01.24.2018

  20. moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo starry moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo starry moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo starry moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo starry moo

    By Secretcommander URL on 01.24.2018

  21. She leaned back all the way until she was laying spread eagle in the tall grass, staring at the sky. The blades of grass cut her vision only to what was immediately above her. Stars. All stars.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.24.2018

  22. “This is beautiful”, I say as I stare up at the starry night sky. From the ground I’m laying on. my hand intertwined with the only person on Earth I feel genuinely loves me. we stare at the starry sky together. Happy and content with where we are in the world.

    By Jordan on 01.24.2018

  23. Starry reminds me of the Starry Night painting my Vincent Van Gough. It is a beautiful painting that should be studied more. I may bring a picture of it into my classroom to do some comprehension connections. Do you think I would be able to find a good picture of it?

    By Allison on 01.24.2018

  24. It was a starry night. Well, at least somewhere. When she looked out her window, all she could see was a white haze created by the streetlights lining the busy city roads. She knew there was more to life. She longed to see the rolling hills in vibrant hues of green meeting the azure sky, the autumn foliage fiery reds and golds. And the stars. Oh how she longed to see the stars, each one unfathomably large, yet they appeared to be infinite. A smattering of diamonds illuminating the eternal darkness. She could get lost just thinking about it.

    By mads on 01.24.2018