February 12th, 2018 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “stalk”

  1. Leanne clutched the phone to her ear, trembling all over. “I’m telling you, I’m being stalked. The same man who bumped into me at Whole Foods today is across the street from my house. And he’s just staring in my direction.”

    On the other end of the line, her sister sighed. “Did you ever maybe think that he lives in your neighborhood? It could just be the first time you’re seeing him today!”

    Fear rising steadily, Leanne closed the curtains by the window above the kitchen sink, turning her back away from the man outside. “Jodie, let me hang up and call you back. I’m going to call 911.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 02.12.2018

  2. “Why do you think he’s here?” whispered Anya, her eyes narrowed above the brim of her beer stein.

    “I don’t know,” I muttered. “Maybe he’s waiting for a friend?”

    “Pfft. Doubt it. I’m sure there’s some girl he’s planning to stalk or whatever.”

    I stared at Anya. It wasn’t like her to be so accusatory. What had Marshall done to her to make her so suspicious of him and his actions? Besides, this was the best bar in town – he didn’t need to ask for permission to frequent it.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.12.2018

  3. My mind stalks him. My mind is in love with him. It always thinks of him. Never stops. It’s always asks about him. Thinks about him. Since i knew him, he’s never left my mind. Or my mind has never left him.

    By That Scarlet One on 02.12.2018

  4. My mind stalks him. My mind is in love with him. It always thinks of him. Never stops. It’s always asks about him. Thinks about him. Since i knew him, he’s never left my mind. Or my mind has never left him. How unfortunate that I must stop.

    By That Scarlet One on 02.12.2018

  5. I’ve stalked deer. You would think the technique would be the same. Track their footprints, their scent, the subtle hints of a brush against a tree or a lea. But it’s so much different.

    By Abby Jelly on 02.12.2018

  6. To stalk is to have a prey in mind. A subject to obsess over. Something you aren’t hunting, something you’ve already found.. and are savoring the game now first..

    By Lee on 02.12.2018

  7. what has this done to all of us
    photos on a screen turn us to dust
    jealousy is screaming into a void
    hoping the echoes reverberate
    stalk the staring faces back at me
    wondering what or whose vulnerability

    By Matt m. on 02.12.2018

  8. The world’s a scary place right now. Hell, it always has been. But technology has made it scarier. Made it easier for the bad people to be badder, do badder things. It’s easy now, you know, to find people. To hunt people. We have made ourselves prey for the predators of the world. We tweet, we post stories, we check ourselves in. ‘I’m on vacation, my house is empty’. ‘I’m walking home from a party, alone’. ‘I’m here, at this specific place at this specific time’. We basically scream; come stalk me, stalker.

    By Bernadette on 02.12.2018

  9. He was stalking me. Had been for months. My friends all said I should be happy about it, that someone finally loved me, but I don’t think it’s love. I don’t really think they’re my friends, either. He threatened to cut off all my hair while I slept, and I asked him to stop.He said no. He threatened to cut of my head while I slept, and the police told me he didn’t really mean it, and not to trouble them with my lovers’ quarrels. I don’t sleep anymore.

    By Katy on 02.12.2018

  10. stalk

    By Diana Cox on 02.12.2018

  11. They wait in alleyways and on trains. They wait in busses and in cars, walking along the sidewalk. They wait at work beside the watercooler and in queues at restaurants, they wait and watch for somebody to go past with just what it is that they want, and on stretched legs picking their way along behind in shadow they stalk.

    By Flyderkov URL on 02.12.2018

  12. He was right behind her. Okay, not right behind her, but close enough. She imagined his breath on her neck as she scuttled closer, but never close enough to the next streetlight. “Don’t let him know you’re afraid,”. She tried to look confident and nonchalant as she made her way home, but she knew tonight would not end well.

    By Katerley on 02.12.2018

  13. Nicholas lingered outside of the apartment complex, running a hand through his wild black curls and staring up at the night sky. According to the schedule he had found online, tap practice ended at eight, so any moment now, Genevieve would be home. Home, right where he wanted her.

    By Annie on 02.12.2018

  14. you haunt my dreams like a ghost, a lingering shadow always behind a door, a whisper, a dream, an idea. you stalk my thoughts like a wolf does its prey, except this time the lamb would easily succumb under its claws, because i melt under your eyes as swiftly as the morning dew, relenting, blue fumes swallowed in red.

    – i’ve always loved you.

    By lynn on 02.12.2018

  15. He shrugged his coat on and checked his phone for the seventy-sixth time that hour; the little man in the back of his head had kept track, despite his telling it to discard that useless information. He had tons of bits like that, and he had failed high school history four times.

    By Riannon on 02.12.2018

  16. They stalked across the field. Slowly. With purpose. No matter how quickly Ned ran, whenever he turned around, there they were. Shambling just behind him. He quickened his pace.

    By S.K. Kramer URL on 02.12.2018

  17. It won’t leave my mind. They can’t leave my mind. No matter how much I try to shake them off, I have to know what they’re doing. But I can’t let them know, but I want to know how they’re doing. The best I can manage it to open Facebook and- no, I said I’d stop doing that. I don’t care what they’re doing. I can function perfectly without having them to plague my mind. I can do something else to occupy my time!
    Facebook is open anyway and I’m typing in their name in the search bar anyway, defeating every rational thought my brain throws at me. A little peak won’t hurt. Maybe they’ve posted something new within the past half hour? They always have been rather sporadic about updates.

    By Tickri on 02.12.2018

  18. The stalk loomed over the pond and saw it´s refection in the surface. He shifted forward and his reflection shifted forward as well. The stalk had a friend.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 02.13.2018

  19. she was a stalker. she looked him up on facebook and trawled on there for hours. but she had limited information. so what was she to go off? well she knew where he lived. so she went to his house and parked in the street and waiated for him to come out. she was far enough away so that hopefully he wouldn’t notice her car but it was a risk she was taking. when he came out and got in his car, she followed him from a distance which wasn’t easy to do without being noticed. there were two other cars in between their cars. she followed him down about three roads and then she lost him amongst all the other black cars. fuck! she said to herself. she was angry. she punched the steering wheel. her phone started ringing. she took her eyes off the road, grabbed it and exclaimed “fuck off!” whilst declining the call. then the person started ringing again for she too had a stalker. she answered it. “where are you?” asked Tom. “I’m just going for a drive,” she lied. “why would you just go for a drive and waste our fucking petrol? you’re lying to me!” he cried. “I can do what I want! I pay for it too! Chill out! I’ll be home in ten”

    By Ellaandlara on 02.13.2018

  20. Why the hell are you stalking me, huh? You think you have me on a shoe string with your strolling up behind me all the time, hovering there like a ghost. I’m gonna get you, I tell you. You ain’t gonna get me for sure. I wont let you. Or maybe I will. I don’t know.

    By Sunny on 02.13.2018