July 24th, 2017 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “staircase”

  1. Up the Down Staircase was a wonderful book about a teacher in NYC and all her trials and tribulations along with the joys of reaching her students. Today, one of my senior adult students said, “I loved to see the sparkle in a student’s eye when she finally go it.”

    By Robin on 07.24.2017

  2. Spiral; arched; fluting
    Twisted glossy leaves
    Gleaming carved Rosewood

    By 5arahZ0ey on 07.24.2017

  3. There’s something about that staircase you often walk down by. It’s lone, old, and creaky. It’s in the middle of the woods. And there’s only one ending to it. You never understand why it’s there, but your peers tell you never to climb up it. Why? Why, you ask yourself, as you climb the stairs, one by one?

    By oselian on 07.24.2017

  4. A big long staircase that travels from the top of the princesses tower all the way down to the dungeon. It is filled with traps that could stop you right away. Take your life away that day.

    By Isabelle on 07.24.2017

  5. A big long staircase that travels from the top of the princesses tower all the way down to the dungeon. It is filled with traps that could stop you right away. Take your life away that day. There are dragons and, fire, and all of that down there. The traps are so deadly of many that are there.

    By Isabelle on 07.24.2017

  6. Josh climbed up the staircase. It was old old and creaked loudly with every step. Josh was worried this would wake up his older brother but it didn’t. Mark would kill him if he new what he was doing.

    By Sam on 07.24.2017

  7. It was difficult to climb the steep staircase

    By Hee-Eun URL on 07.24.2017

  8. I walked up a staircase and suddenly fell it really hurt I didn’t know what to do I was just stuck between the stairs and couldn’t move because I was to saw.

    By Eliza Trotman on 07.24.2017

  9. it was a 2 story house where jim lived in. His staircase was carpeted but it was fake so you would fall to doom

    By lachiever URL on 07.24.2017

  10. i have a stair case in my house that leads to my attic where monsters hide and when you come up there you die so he never goes up there

    By Jayden URL on 07.24.2017

  11. I walked down the staircase, following the murmur I heard through the doorway. This sound was uncanny, as I was completely alone in the house. As I descended the staircase, the temperature dropped, step by step. Goosebumps raised on my arms. I paused to catch my breath.

    By Madeline on 07.24.2017

  12. The old wooden staircase screeched as i approached it to go to the kitchen.

    By Priyakb2 on 07.24.2017

  13. As I started walking down the staircase I was trying to be as silent as possible I am not meant to be up at this time everyone would be so angry If they new that I was sneaking out I just can’t let them hear me.

    By Eliza Trotman on 07.24.2017

  14. Staircase – you use them to go up and down.

    Does anyone ever have a fixation of counting the steps as you go up? I get annoyed when there is an odd number, because then I have an awkward last step if I take the stairs two at a time.

    Also, try going up with your hands. It’s entertaining for everyone involved.

    By Will URL on 07.24.2017

  15. As a girl one of my favourite places was my Nana’s staircase. My sisblings and I invented so many games there. We slid down on our bottoms, our tummies. It was a cubby house, an apartment block, a multi-storey house. Such fond memories!

    By MichelleRose on 07.24.2017

  16. I stayed on the first floor while my family went up to my grandfather’s office. This was because I could not go up the staircase on my own, and there was no wheelchair accessible ramps or elevators to take me to the second story. My brother had offered to carry me, but I laughed and shook my head.

    “You go say hi,” I told him, “and just meet me down in the lobby.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.24.2017

  17. The staircase is full of stair.

    By Jessie URL on 07.24.2017

  18. Curious Cat
    At the top of the stairs
    If there is sound, it listens
    Takes in feelings more than words
    That are pulled out of whispers
    Through the heat of frustration
    A talk about
    The Cat
    Or a talk about
    A talk about anything
    Not meant to be heard
    Outside the room
    But when a murmur rises under the floorboards
    The door creaks open, and
    The Cat crawls out and listens
    A fight about
    The Cat
    A fight about
    The Dog
    A fight about
    Neglect, angst, dependency
    Or not a damned thing at all
    Curiosity killed
    The Cat
    In hopes the knowledge
    Would bring it back
    Ears swivel
    Take it all in
    Everyone is a puzzle
    And these secrets are pieces
    Sleeping in the hallway
    On the stairs
    You are a painting
    The Cat will finish
    or tear apart at the blank spaces
    The Cat must know
    All there is to know
    The stairs
    Are warm
    And the bed
    Is cold

    By Ai URL on 07.24.2017

  19. His entire body ached. A groan of pain left his lips as he laid on the hard, concrete ground of the sidewalk. He knew he should have asked for help trying to carry everything down to his car, but He’d been too stubborn. Now, all his things lay strewn out across the ground, and he possibly had a fractured wrist. Great.

    By MissRainbow13 on 07.24.2017

  20. Up and up we go, each one of us step by step, inch by inch, reaching the next stage in Life.

    what happens when we reach the final step?

    Will there be a lesson to be learned? Perhaps a new experience to give the mundane day to day that spike in blood pressure to feel that youthful excitement again?

    should I have ran up the steps? If I did run up the steps, will there be another flight to another level?

    By askJeffrey.lee on 07.24.2017

  21. thwip, thwap, thwip, thwap – squah?
    that’s Kimber
    you can tell by the timbre

    pit, pat, pit, pat – squeh♪
    that’s Delilah
    she sure does glide-ah

    tap, tap, tap, tap – squu-
    that’s Matt
    nimble as a cat

    thump, thump, thump, thump – SQUEEAAH!
    that’s Jack
    christ is he fat

    By omqwat on 07.24.2017

  22. I have a staircase. It isn’t very long either. But it hurts to climb it. I have fallen down it several times. But that is what happens when dogs race past you and cats weave around you. But it leads to the out and the in, so I guess I have a staircase.

    By Neveral on 07.24.2017

  23. in stead of looking at how far we’ve come
    we look at how far we have left to go
    i mean why is a life a staircase you have to go up anyway
    anyone whos lived can tell you the path isn’t going to be straight and narrow

    By celeste URL on 07.24.2017

  24. Der Fall einer Treppe. Von einer Treppe fallen. Etwas ist auf einer Treppe geschehen. Etwas, das sich nie wieder rückgängig machen lässt. Die meisten Dinge lassen sich nicht rückgängig machen. Alle. Was geschehen ist, ist geschehen. Ich kann die Vase kleben. Ich kann neues Wasser reintun, aber es wird nie wieder dieselbe Vase sein, die es vor dem Zerschütten oder vor dem Zerbrechen war.

    By Lisa URL on 07.25.2017

  25. we need a staircase to go to your room in theapartment

    By jason on 07.25.2017

  26. a thousand steps to take.
    a thousand breaths to give.
    a thousand ways for mistakes to be made.

    but that’s life after all.

    nothing more than a journey upwards.

    By abe URL on 07.25.2017

  27. ” Mazzarri has made Tom Cleverley his first January recruitDespite a good start to the season, Walter Mazzarri’s side recent form has left a lot to be desired and?are without a win in their last five Premier League fixtures.

    By basket adidas vintage URL on 07.25.2017

  28. I plan one step ahead, you know, like a carpenter building a staircase. Jim looked at me with a confused smile, he didn’t know if I was being serious. Fortunately for Jim I was the most serious I’ve ever been. This competition was going to prove who was the best and I wanted to wipe that pompous grin off Chandler’s face.

    By stimjim on 07.25.2017

  29. long up down far short

    By loyaltyw on 07.25.2017

  30. up up up up up up lololololol no no no wo wo

    By jl on 07.25.2017

  31. The staircase was making unnecessarily many noises. I’m pretty sure that, if it wasn’t for that one squeak too much, they wouldn’t even have noticed I had dropped my gifts’ bag.
    Unluckily, a few moments after, my red coat fell down because of a hook or something like that, and they called the police.

    By Anastasia on 07.25.2017

  32. I walked up the staircase, it led me to the second floor of the house. On each tread of the stairs was a small carpet tacked down to prevent from slipping on the way down. I felt grateful for them, as I suddenly changed my mind and had to rush back down the stairs.

    By Karisa Dubuque on 07.25.2017

  33. They wind up and down the narrow passage way stretching from the fifth deck to the elegant seventh deck where we would dine every night on the gorgous ocean. The view on the otherside was specacular but the walk rather tedious. One step after the other, night after night, always to eat the filet minion, the steak, whatever it was, but always on the other side of the stairs.

    By Braxton Schieler on 07.25.2017

  34. Jack and Jill went up the stairs to fech a pail of Jack fell down and had to climb again

    By jordan on 07.25.2017

  35. She sat on the stairs and felt the sadness in her chest rise like it always did. She tamped it down like she always did. She forced oxygen into her lungs, the medicine for her despair. Laughter? No way. Just breathing deeply.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.25.2017

  36. Everyone enters the stairs of life and no one can bypass them. So, just do it and don´t think too much about it.

    By Amalia on 07.25.2017

  37. goes up and allows you to get to another level. Also allows you to come down. You can use it to decorate and put things under as storage. It can be wood or carped, sometimes even concrete. It can be circular or straight, all kinds of patterns. You can even have multiple staircases in one room.

    By may URL on 07.25.2017