November 3rd, 2013 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “squad”

  1. The red and white skirt riding up her thighs
    Hot white lights on warm summer nights
    Blonde ponytail

    Breathing together
    Jumping together
    Falling together


    By Strawberry cat on 11.03.2013

  2. dauqs

    By Jesse B. on 11.03.2013

  3. Pop-poms going whoosh. They all have smiles plastered on their faces. They jump up and down and around, shaking their hips for the boys.

    The squad cars come screaming to a halt in front of the school. Somehtin bad has happened.

    By Leah on 11.03.2013

  4. The squad car followed them around the corner, sirens blaring and lights flashing. The cabbie didn’t know why he was being pulled over, but he suspected it had something to do with his passenger. She looked nervous in the back seat of his yellow sedan.

    By Rebecca URL on 11.03.2013

  5. The squad’s hobnail boots resounded on the cobblestones. Quickly, she grabbed his arm and wrenched him into the shadows surrounding her.
    “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she hissed. “Are you trying to get caught?”

    By WearyWater URL on 11.03.2013

  6. You have it, a squad of plastic
    May you think they are bombastic
    But no, you are not, they are not
    No more than Montserrat
    Your squad live like a buccaneer
    No doubt they will explode our tier

    By Eligia V. A. on 11.03.2013

  7. The squad looked me in the eyes as I came crashing down on them. There was a burning hate in there. I gleefully snapped their necks as the turned to run, screaming with laughter. I was a god, and there were mere pawns in my scheme.

    By Sean Curry on 11.03.2013

  8. I didn’t want to join the squad. Dad insisted though. ‘Make a man of you, lad’. And so I joined a gaggle of other rugby hopefuls on a cold, wet, windy field of mud.

    By Angus Rose on 11.03.2013

  9. Running through the bushes, Sarge turns to me, and his eyes are always just a little sad. Like he’s thinking of some honey in Alabama, all blue eyes and big blonde curls, and a special smile that’s just for him.
    “Point and shoot, boys,” he says, even though he knows what follows will be an extermination of the worst kind. “No fuss, no muss.”
    When we wade through civilian blood, I look at him again, and he’s thinking of the way she holds his hand and kisses his face, and how he fears he won’t ever feel it again.

    By Bronwyn on 11.03.2013

  10. The squad opened fire. He only had two seconds. He thought of his entire life; it all went racing around his mind. BAM one bullet. His family was lost to him, BAM second bullet. There goes his friends. BAM another one. Any memory he had was gone.

    By nfasdklfhads URL on 11.04.2013

  11. The lights were blaring. The noises, deafening.
    He had seconds left to live and he knew it, but he continued to kiss me into the night.
    We stayed together, hand in hand until the lights were blinding.
    He died in my arms.

    The police questioned me instead.

    By cheyne on 11.04.2013

  12. The squad of detectives arrived on the murder scene two minutes late, and the gunmen were able to evade capture that day.

    By victor URL on 11.04.2013

  13. a squad of american soldiers burst into her home finding her laying on the white cosy bed breathless. what has happened? was she killed? who was behind this horrible death. Only God knew, but the squad was about to find ou

    By Mirela V on 11.04.2013

  14. Monday morning quarterback.

    By jrusch on 11.04.2013

  15. Me and the girls were armed. Handbags, check. Sunglasses, check. Swag, check. The six of us walked arm-in-arm and braved the crowd. Old city! Here we come!

    And then we cleverly hid our fear of being trampled and walked into the market.

    By Abhineeta on 11.04.2013

  16. the monster squad constantly researched and scoured the world for monsters. sometimes they captured them for further studies, sometimes they merely killed them in a struggle for dominance. No one really understands what it is the monster squad does, except those on the fringe, and no one can know. It wouldn´t bring a positive outlook from the universe.

    By Seamus on 11.04.2013

  17. It had been a terrible time. She knew he was innocent but nevertheless they all faced the firing squad together.

    By Alexandra on 11.04.2013

  18. There were eleven of them. All tall, mostly blond, fully-protected. Marching across the green at great clip. The sun was shining, but in the distance a storm was looming even though it was the lord’s day. He had great plans for us.

    By Bryan URL on 11.04.2013

  19. Our small group preceded to move down the line, carefully inspecting each individual with a desperate face as if their life depended on how many minuscule pieces of lint populated their uniform’s clean lines of black fabric. They’d worked for years for this moment, the test of their future, which branch they’d go into based only on how they looked right now, but though each one dreamed of the Holy Grail, the King’s Guard, I couldn’t bring myself to appoint anyone else to my own elite standards, even though I knew that a few of them even outranked and looked sharper than myself.

    By Samantha on 11.04.2013

  20. let’s get ’em all back together. i haven’t seen slim since the 90’s – early at that. do you have email address, any addresses? we could pick a time in early november, before the holidays hit and get a private room over at the steak joint, have a few drinks and reminisce.

    By Lee on 11.04.2013

  21. Squad might make you think of many things really. A football squad will usually come to most people’s minds at first. But then you may think of the similar work; squid. And then your mind might start to wonder what other words sound like squad. Quid popped into mine immediately. Maybe that’s just because it’s harder to think of words with Q’s in them.

    By Tahlia on 11.04.2013

  22. A firing squad is a scary thing. Standing in front of

    By Jennifer on 11.04.2013

  23. A death squad was reigning all over town. People both loathed and feared them, there was no way out for them. Until, one day a mercenary from far away came and freed the enslaved people.

    By Ricardo Ortega on 11.04.2013

  24. A squad or team builds friendship and teamwork. Working well within in squad will provide us with skills that can be used in relationships throughout our life. Doing your part, yet learning to rely on others to accomplish a task instills responsibility and trust into a person. Being accountable to others helps us to mature from self-centered children into caring adults.

    By Rayna on 11.04.2013

  25. The squad jumped over the platoon, enemies were everywhere. Fear pounded through their hearts like the fear of death, it was so thick in the air they could taste it. Or so they thought, after smelling a stench as that for as long as they had it eventually became taste and smell in one sensory perception.

    By Ry Snow on 11.04.2013

  26. The pints were lined up like a squad, ready for whatever the night would bring. Behind them, she set up another row, bringing the total number of pints to twelve.

    “How many people are you expecting tonight?” he asked.

    She chuckled, and nodded to the man in black at the far side of the pub. “These are just for him,” she replied.

    By Anthony StClair on 11.04.2013

  27. Trying to keep up with my God.
    Pursuing a life void of fraud.
    Lana says she likes you a lot
    But my ears and heart are currently blocked.

    Outside, I’ve got a few voices distracting
    My insides are convulsing, detracting
    My soul is starving and the true catch is
    I’m feeding it secular cactus.

    The heart knows better but these voices drown.
    They bark and demand, trying to take me out.
    Some call them a grotesque disease, like leprosy or gout.
    Others call them the enemy, because destruction is what they’re about.

    I’m just having trouble because I’m older
    Only God can save me from the soldiers on my shoulder

    By Crave A. Cadence on 11.04.2013

  28. She joined the squad in eighth grade, leaving me behind, telling me to go “make new friends” while she threw her hands up in the air and learned cheesy cheers that I never yelled back during the pep rallies.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 11.04.2013

  29. We move as one, our motions in sync from the hours we spent training together back at boot camp in New Hampshire. We hold our guns comfortably in our hands, their weight is no longer unfamiliar. We have pulled the trigger before, and we are prepared to do it again to protect each other.

    By Katelyn on 11.04.2013

  30. {yesterday’s word: lemon}

    i know how it sours you
    to have to rely on others

    (i would’ve cut off your leg
    to teach you this lesson)

    By h. b. on 11.04.2013

  31. They started running as fast as they legs were able to. Jumping over buildings, fences they ran until they lost sight of the police. Isaac caught breath, and looked to his left to see Moe, who leaned against the concrete wall, breathe heavily and Rea grinning at both of them.

    By tina k on 11.04.2013

  32. Ender and his platoon, facing unfair challenges.
    Lined up against formidable odds, outnumbered,
    Reacting and performing in unison to achieve their victory

    Becoming teammates, leaders, friends.
    Winning and losing together, working towards their common goals.

    By mtnslamgrass on 11.04.2013