May 1st, 2016 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “spoon”

  1. “Do you have a spoon?”

    The man looked at me incredulously. I held the bowl of soup in my hands, my fingers tingling from the warmth. “Pardon?”

    “A spoon. Do you have one?”

    He shook his head. “Here, we drink our soup. If you don’t mind.”

    I complied, and the sweetness of the broth tickled my mouth before it swam down my throat. My whole body heated up like a furnace, and it was like I was floating in a swath of sunlight.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.01.2016

  2. 1spoon=Succinctly Putting Of Other Now

    By Garz on 05.01.2016

  3. There is a spoon in my soup and it floats amongst the carrots and celery tops. It stirs and swirls the flavours around the bowl. Pulling it into the air with my fingers, it levers and swings in the air, steam billowing about like a fish out of water.

    By FuMashu on 05.01.2016

  4. helps us to eat food

    By dluolflhk URL on 05.01.2016

  5. i want to go back in time to spoon with myself
    give me the hug i always needed
    to feel the love i so desperately sought
    and tell myself it’ll be ok
    you’ll make it through this
    but i feel like i’d be lying
    because what i really need right now
    is a spoon;
    someone to tell me that it’s going to get better

    By matt m. on 05.01.2016

  6. Who invented spoon?

    By Sameeka on 05.02.2016

  7. He threw the spoon on the table. “This meal is disgusting,” he muttered into his napkin before throwing that down on the table as well. He got up, violently shoving the chair back against the wall, and walked out. She sat, silent, like a statue. She never reacted when he had these outburst. She reached out, picked up and folded the cloth napkin, then lined the spoon up along the crack in the board that served as their table. She sighed. None of them had expected that the life in the refugee camp would be easy, but they had thought that once they were in a place that wasn’t bombed every day, they could re-form as a family. But other problems popped up in the vacuum left by the old troubles.

    By chanpheng URL on 05.02.2016

  8. “10.000 spoons and all you need is a knife” Alanis Morissette’s song Ironic is really cool!

    By Bluered on 05.02.2016

  9. Tell me about it, an identity crisis indeed. It seems that everyone these days is suffering from something or other. I’d rather dig our my innards with a spoon than to listen to the ever increasing tales of woes that some people recount in order to seem to be the craziest.

    By Amimee URL on 05.02.2016

  10. spoons come from all around the world in all sorts of places! Theres spoons on every continent I bet. Some spoons look different then others.

    By cad on 05.02.2016

  11. She stirred her coffee, watching the smoke of the cream disappear into the grain of the liquid, turning everything beige.

    By Bridget Grace on 05.02.2016

  12. spoon the thing that most people eat with one of the things that is mostly universal in objects.

    By cad on 05.02.2016

  13. Spoons are very useful when eating something that you cant pick up with a fork or knife a spoon is easier to pick up certain foods.

    By cad on 05.02.2016

  14. The mother spooned her baby, and held it tightly. She sang a to it, while she thought: I am the luckiest mother in the world.

    By foxy on 05.02.2016

  15. “Guys look! I balanced the spoon on my nose!” I exclaimed to my friends whom I was eating with. They just laughed.

    By Em on 05.02.2016

  16. It was a really good day when he really wanted to talk to me. I didn’t want to say anything but he did! I don’t know why seh did it but we all did it.Yes Yes Yes she shouted and I was scared. fhjgkhukhnönkö dmkejmksnef sşlkmedf sşlkdflk sşldklşkpwem mködlsidld leleeopsepof ldşsçdöcöcxö

    By bb on 05.02.2016

  17. the immature boys at the resterant tried to balance the spoon on there noses and get the pretty young girls attention

    By mackenzie grace URL on 05.02.2016

  18. Some people are able to bend spoons. I have always wanted to try it. But one must yell at the spoon, and i would feel rather silly yelling at a spoon, So i won’t attempt it. Instead, I will choose to use a spoon as it was meant to be used. I will use a spoon to remove hickies. if you freeze your spoon and rub it on your hicky, it will help make it go away faster. Try it, it works. ;)

    By Mistress Quickly on 05.02.2016

  19. “okay” I said. “Last week my apartment was broken into and my roommate was killed. they didn’t know i was there because i hid quick enough. My roommate wasn’t as lucky though. But as i was hiding and she begged for her life i heard them yelling at her demanding to know where it was, and when she kept repeating she didn’t know but if she did she would never tell them, they shot her. Then they left. they never stole anything, my priceless gold bracelet that i had left on the table never got a second glance. I knew this wasn’t a normal robbery but the police didn’t believe me. So I started asking around. I finally found someone who knew my friend and told me to go find Reggie. So tonight i went there and he told me he didn’t know anything but no ones that nervous if they are innocent. But i left anyways planning on coming back later and i was on my guard because i knew this wasn’t a good part of town. Walking to the buss stop I got a chill so looked behind me and noticed someone walking behind me. I told my self that it was probably a coincidence but just to be sure i made a left and he followed. I kept on telling myself he was just going the same way i was but i knew it couldn’t be true” I paused looking up not realizing that i had started tearing up, and noticed there was someone else in the room with a bowl of soup. My eyes lit up and she noticed. “mark get her a spoon and a bowl too please.” HE nodded to her and came back up to me minutes later with a bowl of soup and a plastic spoon. I hungrily devoured the soup and they waited patiently for me to be done. Noticing how rude i was being i finished up politely then apologized saying how hungry i was and hadn’t eaten in a day. “Its okay”, she said. “We get it, Continue please”….

    By Maxxnjenny on 05.02.2016

  20. The girl used the spoon to get the giant spider out of the lemonade she was giving to the man. When she handed him the cup, he drank it and screamed because there was a spider leg in it. The girl blushed and gave him the refund he demanded.

    By Katy on 05.02.2016

  21. 1spoon=sending parts on other now

    By Garz on 05.02.2016

  22. Garfield raged against the spoon. “Why? Why must is use this archaic tool to feed myself?” He seethed underneath feigned coolness. He was the picture of composure. The

    By ml on 05.02.2016

  23. We were spoon fed the information slowly, piece by piece, over the course of the eleven months of our training. Even in the final phase, when the physical training was long gone and we were just wrapping up the emotional and mental stuff, we were only just starting to get a clear picture of what we were up against. The final piece of the puzzle didn’t fit into place until the afternoon before we were to ship out.

    By CapricAura on 05.02.2016

  24. Two metals back to back, clickitty clack, clack, clack. “Don’t you dare talk back.” Isn’t that how the warning goes? Mother, mother dearest, she looked into the ladle and what should she spy in there? A ribbon? A hair? A teaspoon of sugar? Or was it spice? I know it wasn’t everything nice. Two spoons like a double helix fusing as the sun does to the horizon. When she finally opened her mouth, I heard, “You’ve your grandmother’s gifts now.” And into that popping sound, flourishing in reverberation, tickled the echo of years.

    By Intuition on 05.02.2016

  25. spoons are in soup and are cool with curves

    By bob on 05.02.2016

  26. The silver spoon. My only heirloom. The only memory of a distant, distant past. A past I don’t remember. A past I don’t want to remember.

    By Greta URL on 05.02.2016

  27. The fullness of that hollow. Why can’t other objects sit against each other, filling in what the other lacks? I write from the god graced temporal position of being able to spoon nightly with a tall, slender deer of a girl, from St Petersburg. A shock of black hair. Eyes like a doe’s, but tawny.
    Long may it last.

    By Snufkin on 05.02.2016

  28. She used the spoon to stir her chicken soup. She had a cold and had to call in sick. Of course, as usual, no one cared to check on her, which, she was fairly used to. She soon withdrew the spoon from the cup and drank it.

    By Spoon. on 05.02.2016

  29. I was annoyed. I yanked it and bent the weak metal into a narrow parabola, before tossing it against the tree.

    By h on 05.02.2016