February 20th, 2018 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “specific”

  1. To be specific, one must go into detail. I like to think that would make instructions clear. A specific type of thing to do, to follow through. A specific breed of fish to find at the zoo. Specific brand of tea, not the one that is green. It takes a specific kind of person to be able to do this feat.

    By Leann on 02.20.2018

  2. I had to be specific with him. He would not take the hint. I said “no” five times before he got the message. I had nothing more to say to him. He left me me no other choice. He could not have his cake and eat it too. I had been in to man relationships like this one. I learned my lesson to many times. Now I needed to take my self seriously.

    By Cris Nole on 02.20.2018

  3. To be specific, one must go into detail. I like to think that would make instructions clear. A specific type of thing to do, to follow through. A specific breed of fish to find at the zoo. Specific brand of tea, not the one that is green. It takes a specific kind of person to be able to do this feat. [I am resubmitting, because this is my only entry ever made and I do not want to be associated with the other Leanns seen when you click on my name.]

    By pitlessportal on 02.20.2018

  4. I love everything about you.

    You’re going to have to be more specific.

    But I can’t be. I just…I love everything about you.



    I…kind of find that hard to believe.

    What’s hard to believe about it?

    You can’t possibly love EVERYTHING about me.

    Oh, yeah? Try me.

    Okay, well…I pick my nose when you’re not looking.

    Huh. Okay.


    Then I love mostly everything about you.

    Oh, boy. Yeah, I’m gonna have to keep going down the list, aren’t I?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.20.2018

  5. blah

    By JSal on 02.20.2018

  6. When would you like to go? You need to be specific. I had planned a visit at some point, the date and time are not yet settled; my plans can move, it is all a little liquid. There is still a lot to do, I can’t hold on to everything, waiting for you to come around.

    By Meredyth URL on 02.20.2018

  7. I have been I a specific class it was really good so I decided t o continue

    By batoul URL on 02.20.2018

  8. It’s awfully specific. That’s what I told him when he explained his business plan to me. He kept going and going on about how this app was going to change everyone’s lives, how the smallest details engrained within the app were going to drastically change the users’ perspectives and ideas. I didn’t believe him.

    By Danielle on 02.21.2018

  9. It was dark that morning as she stood there on the empty train platform, with a chill still in the air. She hadn’t asked for the specifics of why he had asked her to come, and had regretted not doing so as soon as the phone was hung up. Still, she satisfied herself with knowing that she would find out soon enough, so long as the train wasn’t much more late.

    By Kendel on 02.21.2018

  10. “I need you to be specific.”
    “I am being as specific as I know how to be, I don’t think this is something that can be any more specific.”
    “I’m not trying to be difficult…”
    “Take your time.”
    “This isn’t helping me. Aren’t you supposed to help?”

    By Bridget Grace on 02.21.2018

  11. when i was younger i had a specific thing i asked for every year on xmas but after a while i got it

    By Brianna Watson on 02.21.2018

  12. To be detailed, not generic. Be specific in prayer, be specific in direction. Be clear about our intentions, your motives, your wishes. Be specific to God’s heart.

    By Chris Bunting on 02.21.2018

  13. Well, it’s something you have to be sometimes.

    Other times it can be a detriment to a conversation.

    I guess that’s really all I can say about it.

    By Drew Allen URL on 02.21.2018

  14. Jedi was a bit strange. She didn’t have many friends and being strange was a reason for that. People didn’t exactly dislike her, they just found her a bit, odd. She was very specific about things, She didn’t really deviate from her way of thinking.

    By Alison on 02.21.2018

  15. Specificisms escape the mind as easily as water flows down the gutter — it is so easy to lose things, as memory goes, too rushed and rapid to flow into tight spaces. There are places that even the thinnest of creeks cannot reach. There are things thinner than straws that no matter how much you rake you can never hope to recover.

    By Zane on 02.21.2018

  16. Why was it that specific person?…… It could have been anyone, but it just so happened to be that specific person at that specific time.

    By okayfine on 02.21.2018

  17. Miscommunications happen because we are not specific.
    Unless it is necessary, we must not be vague in what we want.
    To be vague is to be misunderstood, which would lead to conflict.
    So I say, if you want to get your point across, just be specific.

    By echuaco URL on 02.21.2018

  18. I’m glad that there are specific ways to do things, because could you imagine what it would be like if everyone did something their own way instead of the way it was supposed to be done?

    By abbie on 02.21.2018

  19. Certain topic:
    Pizza: Smothered with cheese and topped with all the fixings, pepperoni, sausage, and ham.

    By Alyssa Alexander. on 02.21.2018

  20. unable to specify unable to construct an accurate definition there are infinite meanings and finite words so how can i hope to specify anything when my tools are so inherently lacking better to stay silent than to speak in approximations better to bury oneself than to live an inexact life

    By ??? on 02.21.2018

  21. nothing i say will ever mean anything i am all empty promises and vague threats and desperate incoherent begging there is no clarity no specificity down here in this ancient darkness where truths go to die

    By heretic on 02.21.2018

  22. are you or aren’t you
    reflexively reactionary
    to specific social meaning
    tweeting, my god
    into the ether
    hoping a response fills you
    with endorphins
    never the same again.

    By Matt m. on 02.21.2018

  23. I can say very detailed things i need or want but it seems to not be clear enough. maybe its my problem, maybe it is other peoples problem. but in the end i am not happy. i dont want to blame anyone so i usually just take it up on my own and i know its unhealthy,

    By yuxi chen on 02.21.2018

  24. “That’s not right,” she said, pointing at a carefully selected spot on the diorama. “That can’t be right. It’s wrong. It just is.”

    “What are you talking about?” he said, barely looking. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference if he had been. What she was pointing to was barely visible to the naked eye.

    By Riannon on 02.21.2018

  25. Lines zero in to a single point. Impossibly small. Unimaginably small. Seriously don’t try to imagine it. You’ll hurt yourself. The point becomes a line, no, an arrow, shooting forward with infinite velocity. Where will it go? It will go forward. And it will keep going. There’s no stopping it now.

    By JSal on 02.21.2018

  26. “Be specific!” This was the advise given to me when I talked about my goals to my mentor. He told me that goals are easy to think but being specific about it is the key to achieve it or else it would be just a dream.

    By Jigar on 02.21.2018

  27. The specifics aren’t known as of yet, but downtown Wheresville has been rocked by what appears to be a series of massive explosions and the resultant fires, as you can see behind me here Brooke… Appalling…

    By Lee on 02.21.2018

  28. I decide to play dirty and ransom the promise of a timely meal.

    “Touch me like this and I swear I will get up and make us dinner.” I mime a series of specific motions and he complies for barely a moment. It’ll have to be enough to sustain me.

    In the kitchen I wash the carrots and celery. It comes as a surprise to find him suddenly behind me, shifting my hair to the side and teasing with only the lightest kisses and nibbles down my neck. I hadn’t mimed this particular caress, but I lean back into his chest and encourage him to keep improvising nonetheless.

    By Which One Are You? URL on 02.21.2018

  29. She had blue eyes, the color of sea foam. Her hair was a dark chocolate color, with little strands of gold running through it. She had a specific style, very easy breezy, with a sense of sass. She stood out.

    By Jessica URL on 02.21.2018

  30. Be specific when you write an story. Write what you mean, and not one word over. Describe in depth and detail the event that is happening, have character’s actions be specific and detailed in a magical, specific way.

    By j343806 on 02.21.2018

  31. those words uttered before
    rang true again in my heart

    but those voices never once
    were wise to seek the silence

    in that moment
    you find yourself

    By Lynn on 02.21.2018

  32. there is a specific way to right about the word specific but i have not discovered it yet. oerhaps its hiding in a specifc spot in my mind and i need a specific thought or trigger in order to reach that specific spot. is it here!? is this the way?

    By izzy on 02.21.2018

  33. special people specifically act special. they look unique and smell it too. iuytrdsdfmnbvrtyuijhgftyuhgfyhgtyjhnbvftyjnbvghjkmnb

    By izzy on 02.21.2018

  34. There once was a specific town with a specific couple and a specific dog. This specific dog had specific trait, which made a specific change.

    By Bianca URL on 02.21.2018

  35. life is all about happiness and I am trying to find it out. I have an amazing family but at times, I feel that they are not able to understand me.
    It looks like I am not able to connect to them and they to me. it’s like being in a professional relationship, not personal.

    By Keshav on 02.22.2018

  36. be specific about your dreams and goals .

    By shreya on 02.22.2018

  37. If the non-specifics paint the picture then the specifics tell the story. The truth is always in the details and the details grow more specific as you get closer and closer to the final answer.

    By Kristian Pierce on 02.22.2018

  38. Person A: “Make sure you’re very specific about what goes where.”
    Person B: “Geez. So much pressure.”
    Person A: “The specifics are the only thing that matter in this job. It is the sole reason we exist,
    to be specific at a specific time every day.”
    Person B: “But why? Why are the specifics so damn important? It is nerve wracking!”
    Person A: “Because you’re a damn mailman Jeff! Get it together!”

    By Kristian Pierce on 02.22.2018

  39. This word means that one thing may be more important than another. That something may be more personal and a favorite over another to someone. This word can be used for a certain type of writing

    By barnick0712 on 02.22.2018

  40. how is it possible that you are specifically unspecific? you told her, you wouldn’t hurt her anymore, but you did not do what you said. you’re the complete opposite of what you said you are. how do you aim all of your ammo at her and expect her to still raise your own kids? you fight her because you make up what you want. you hurt her because you don’t believe that the choice she made was, in your words, “the best”. how arrogant can you be if you don’t want your own wife to be happy? you made a promise that you and she would love each other to the end, but you’re the only one who loves her. she doesn’t love you anymore and if you took your head out of your Giant ego, you might be able to see that. all you want is control and “order” but when you try to control us, you just make us hate you so much more. you’ve yelled at us for the last time, so do us all a favor and leave while you still have what little humanity left

    By AshleighSiegel on 02.22.2018