August 8th, 2019 | 13 Entries

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13 Entries for “songwriter”

  1. Singer, songwriter, yet lonely in a studio, the guitar strings growing cold, even though it’s almost ninety degrees in the space. You’re sweating so badly that your fingers slip and slide across the fretboard, creating a miniature waterfall all the way down the body of your pristine acoustic Fender. Suddenly, you forget the words; you forget the melody. And all you can do is shrivel away on a minor chord.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.08.2019

  2. Mariah Carey is the best songwriter in the world.

    By Cristina on 08.09.2019

  3. Songwriter is a person write a music for singers, ads.
    The job is difficult but very important, because all people ned

    By Cristiane C Silveira on 08.09.2019

  4. I want to be a song writer and famous singer one day. Or I could at least meet one that would be cool!

    By Kaitlyn on 08.09.2019

  5. songwriter, any one or person who writes lyrics for songs. They are people with good and aesthetic command of language. They reach out to the world with contents rich in meaning and vitality.

    By Olamipo on 08.09.2019

  6. Songwriter write songs, songs are music the are county songwriters.

    By Mateo on 08.09.2019

  7. songwriter’s are really creative people.

    By Dylon Jenkins on 08.09.2019

  8. songwriter’s are creative people who can become famous and make a lot of money off of their songs.

    By Dylon Jenkins on 08.09.2019

  9. Songwriter’s are people who make music for people to listen to!

    By Devon Jenkins on 08.09.2019

  10. Songwriters are people who write a song. people who know how to express themselves in a very melodic way. Expressing one’s self is according to tome the greatest accomplishment.

    By Shawrya on 08.10.2019

  11. The girl was a songwriter, but she had such small creativity. She wanted to quit, but what could she do? She needed the money. And recognition of the greatest artists who tried to buy her empty songs.

    By Nicolle Franco on 08.10.2019

  12. the songwriter writes the most fun filled heart warming songs i have ever heard

    By wright on 08.10.2019

  13. I wrote the music and she would write the lyrics. She was more of a poet than a songwriter. She had this ability to take the things that people feel and turn them into words. Not describe them, but write out the words so that when you read them, you could really feel it. It made it easy to make the music. I just made it sound how she made it feel.

    By mr.bojangals URL on 08.10.2019