December 21st, 2008 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “solstice”

  1. Will I am? The sun at is zenith and nadir the alpha and omega. What a time for beginnings. To bring this together, that you God? Or maybe just man? Making meaning of nature…

    By David on 12.22.2008

  2. the longest day of winter. The longest day of dark, hellist cold. The only way I could see to get through it was to lie in bed and make love — or pass the time. MAking anestetic. THat’s really what they should call it, she thought. It was better than he other drugs, the pharmlogical ones.

    By caitlin on 12.23.2008

  3. it was the night of the winter solstice, and the sun was shining, although the crisp air was cutting against their bare skin. for the two children, however, it was all they knew: the bite of the wind, the sun setting against an otherwise bleak and unchanging sky. it was the time when they wrapped their arms around each other and breathed in, not knowing what the year would bring.

    By Liz on 12.23.2008

  4. summer is over, winter begins. Rebirth, renewal, pagan chants echo through the forest as the ribboned trees heave heavy sighs of comfort. The longest night is here only to leave. They know this and take comfort in the warmth of a reborn sun.

    By Mangala on 12.23.2008

  5. stonehenge is where the druids celebrated their solstices. Winter and summer. Solstices are the longest and shortest days of the year. They are beautiful. Stonehenge is aligned perfectly with them. It might really be a calendar.

    By Lizzy on 12.23.2008

  6. I have no clue what that word means…

    By Vaibhav on 12.23.2008

  7. Darkness. Probably a feeling of being closed on. A word that makes an eerie feeling inside me. That day is very near now. Today is today!!

    By Vaibhav on 12.23.2008

  8. the day is short the night is long like a winters kiss upon your cheek the night will blow against your skin. You look up, eyes to the sky, you wish, you hope, you pray, you die. stars above abyss below get lost in life, forget about flow.

    By ananda on 12.23.2008

  9. Darkness. Probably a feeling of being closed on. A word that makes an eerie feeling inside me. That day is very near now. Infact it is today – 23rd December!! Wow. what a coincidence. Now all those eerie feelings are gone and excitement is in the air. All of a sudden.. oops times up!

    By Vaibhav on 12.23.2008

  10. the edge of one moment and another. the in between.

    eggs balancing on their heads.

    dark and light. short and long.

    By Meredith on 12.23.2008

  11. solstice reminds me of the word solace.

    By m on 12.23.2008

  12. It’s the day in the year when the season turns to summer or winter. In june i like this day, in december it… was yesterday probably and it was pretty cold.

    By Morphyn on 12.23.2008

  13. solstice. oddly enough, in the family of words, it reminds me of solitude and solitary. But it doesn’t belong with them.

    By PlatinumOstrich on 12.23.2008

  14. summer. hot, humid, rainy some. that

    By c on 12.23.2008

  15. solstice,i have no idea what it means,but ill lock it up. besides i cant think of anything but the guy i finally kissed lat nigh,iv been dreaming of it for half a year.And now,i did it,it was amazing.

    By NN on 12.23.2008

  16. change of season, fall, summer,leaves, breeze, sun,warmth,wind, earth,

    By stacy on 12.23.2008

  17. A celebration of change in the seasons. Another time for us to reflect on what we can change and what we have done right. Some look at it as a pagan holiday- I see it as a natural part of life.

    By Michelle on 12.23.2008

  18. I wish you would have told me everything!

    By galgkjhga;ogriuapf on 12.23.2008

  19. He hated Christmas, so I told him we would just celebrate the solstice. The days get longer, in a good way. It’s an excuse to celebrate light without bringing all the confusing Jesus stuff into it. Happy Solstice, Darling.

    By andi on 12.23.2008

  20. why celebrate darkness that is so all-pervading that it lasts for 18 hours out of a 24-hour day? is it to counteract the sad effect of being in the dark so long? perhaps if we party hardy marty we’ll feel a little less sad and lonely, and maybe if we’re drunk enough, we won’t notice that it’s dark. yay drunken revelry.

    By molly on 12.23.2008

  21. Being Pagan makes the solstice a meaningful time for me. When I think of Christmas I think of the solstice, of the time of year when hearths are warm and families are close, although that isn’t what happens in today’s culture. I find that sad, personally. What happened to family time? Now that families spread far and wide, it’s difficult to preserve such traditions. That doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable, though.

    By Bobbi on 12.23.2008

  22. This time of year often brings out pagans and other members of minority religions who object to the popularity of Christmas; it is so bad in Britain, in fact, that they cannot even celebrate the Christmas holiday anymore. They have to celebrate a general, sterilized “solstice”.

    By Joe Porfert on 12.23.2008

  23. this was the word a couple days ago, which leads me to think that there is something going wrong with this website, which is a same because I really love this website. It makes me happy

    By oliveinspace on 12.23.2008

  24. i dont know

    By sujeena on 12.23.2008

  25. the winter solstice is upon us and once again snow has fallen before it arrived. Good!!! there will be snow on the ground once again this Christmas. I will make a snowman. I will.

    By The Saint on 12.23.2008

  26. it’s pretty cold at this time, right? well, depends on which. either the longest or shortest day or the year, depending. the summer one is more exciting. winter, a little depressing.

    oh, solstice. that sounds nice.

    By Bradley on 12.23.2008

  27. The winter solstice! There was a solstice party last weekend. . . I had to drive my mom home afterwards, it was incredibly awkward. There was a photographer at the party who was so stalkerishly annoying. Party was okay, though.

    By Katy L on 12.23.2008

  28. This can happen in the summer or the winter, bringing about the longest AND the shortest days of the year. It’s like an antonym all in one word. A riddle if you will….which word is an antonym to itself? Solstice. Don’t witches and such find the solstice to be a special time, and doesn’t it mess with the tides?

    By Jenn on 12.23.2008

  29. time of year

    By stephanie on 12.23.2008

  30. the longest or shortest day of the year, when all fears can be realized or forgotten. Shedding light on the world for an entire 24 hours in Alaska sometimes is terrifying, there is too much to see, and if you try to see it all, well, Icarus knows how that went. Melted body crashing into the Alskan ocean. The eskimos would fish him out and make candles out of his blubber.

    By Dan on 12.23.2008

  31. I cannot wait for the summer solstice, when the sun shines. When I can rightly see the follicles of your hair, the green pigments of your pupils, the pearls in your teeth.

    By HOLDEN on 12.23.2008

  32. night moon winter sadness brings chamge cold long night short night daytime light darkness newgrange happy annual four times december june september

    By sarah on 12.23.2008

  33. Summer, a time for sunshine, carefree youthfulness, and a sense of freedom. Summer solstice, a time where the day and night are at odds, more sun than moon, and more play than lay.

    By Clay on 12.23.2008

  34. hangs
    and my toes curl
    toward the light

    peace awaits

    By schligdog on 12.23.2008

  35. Longest or shortest. A contradictory concept. Hijacked by people who believe in something made up, it’s got no significance apart from the days being shorter, longer. It doesn’t really matter. You won’t notice for months.

    By Bryony on 12.23.2008

  36. The summer’s days turned sour too soon. The sun left us with nothing to do. Soon fall began it’s slow descent into the sea. the days grew short. winter’s rapport gave us little comfort. The solstice came and went.

    By jonathan on 12.23.2008