June 1st, 2016 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “sleeves”

  1. sleeves are very good as they protect hands from dirt and sometimes in winter too.sleeves should be kept clean as person’s attitude towards cleanliness may be determined from it as slleves could get dirty very easily.

    By adarsh pandey on 06.01.2016

  2. Sleeves are those features that add elegance to a dress. They have a fashion trend of it’s own.
    Sleeve-less , full sleeve, half sleeve, and loose sleeves.

    By shruthi URL on 06.01.2016

  3. He rolled his sleeves up to the elbow, and got to work. The mechanical mouse was a small, tricky piece of work. He fiddled with the wires, gears, and rods, trying to fit the puzzle together. After several hours, he shut the bottom panel and took a deep breath. He slowly wound up the little mouse, and smiled as it began to weave in circles atop his desk.

    By Cindy on 06.01.2016

  4. We all need to roll up our sleeves, she called out. the water was coming in from so many directions – the floor, the ceiling, through the cracks in the window. The whole thing was quite hopeless, but while she thought she could save them, roll up their sleeves they did. Until they drew their last breath.

    By Amimee URL on 06.01.2016

  5. Full sleeves, half sleeves, mega sleeves, three fourths…… so many options… and oh yaa sleeveless too. Its so hard to wear short sleeved or sleeveless dresses in cochin. People here have a mindset that belongs to the twentieth century, a time where girls were to be covered from head to toe. Showing off your arms is scandalous, blasphemous!

    By confused doc URL on 06.01.2016

  6. I wore my heart upon them but you did not see. Perhaps you did but could not comprehend my crazed musings or the organized madness that I’ve created.

    My eyes will forever trace the white hems of your shirt, to the toned curves of your arm. They will follow the gentle slope of your neck to the nape of it, where the brilliance begins. They will immortalize the shape of your chocolate eyes as they crinkled when you smiled at me.

    I’ve spilt more than I should upon the clothes I wear, the words I speak, the melodies I write.

    Behind closed lids, all I see is you.

    You haunt it all.

    By Z URL on 06.01.2016

  7. the white sleeves of mr. Gummy. He has impecable buttons and looks very sharply dressed. And wears all of these naturally. However, it is just made to hide a large amount of dirt. Made to make him look good although his job is a miserable one. He does not build anything useful, he just strives on the hard work of others and on the failures of the system to be efficient.

    By Zephirus URL on 06.01.2016

  8. I am not particularly long in the arms but it is amazing how many times I buy clothing that fits in every other way and yet the damn sleeves will not cover my arm much further than three quarters.

    By Hides on 06.01.2016

  9. You must roll your sleeves up, if you want to clean the dishes. You should roll your sleeves up if they are getting wet or ruined when you eat. You shouldn’t roll your sleeves up if you are cold.

    By Tallissa on 06.01.2016

  10. Short. I like short sleeves. I also like them loose so I have a full range of movement. But living in a tropical country, sometimes no sleeves is the way to go.

    By K on 06.01.2016

  11. I have shirts with long sleeves, no sleeves, and short sleeves. sleeves shirts keep me warm

    By antonio godwin on 06.01.2016

  12. His sleeves were pushed back to the elbow but no further. Further would have exposed the scars that laced his biceps. Even on the hottest days, his forearms were all she saw.

    By mrsmig URL on 06.01.2016

  13. Her sleeves were torn. She had been running. But now there was nowhere else for her to go. She collapsed, hiding her tears in the muddy sleeves that she has been wearing. It was her time, but she didn’t want to go.

    By Jordyn on 06.01.2016

  14. The sleeves were too long. She looked in the mirror and they came down over her hands. “No problem,” my friend said. “That will be useful in the cold weather. But otherwise, you can turn the cuffs back.” She looked again, and saw that her friend was right. And it fit she decided that the overly long sleeves fit image. This fancy thrift store shirt was nearly new so it made her look too rich, but the turned back cuffs – that was the real her. “OK, I’ll take it.”

    By chanpheng URL on 06.01.2016

  15. Today I’m going sleeveless in a white tank top because I like the look with my denim skirt.
    I will not obsess about my upper arms. I will say they are tan and lean and I am a lean, mean fighting machine, writing, cleaning up my life.

    By Robin on 06.01.2016

  16. My jacket has black sleeves. They’re black. They suit me. Plastic sleeves are on my desk. They’re very useful for storing papers.

    By htiek URL on 06.01.2016

  17. The sleeves of his shirt was frayed at the edges and were very dirty. It looked like he hadn’t washed his shirt in a long time.

    By thisGuy :) on 06.01.2016

  18. The man looked like he cut off the sleeves of his jacket to turned it into a vest. It was a blue jacket.

    By thisGuy :) on 06.01.2016

  19. The jacket that I owned was very old and had once belonged to my great grandpa when he was a boy. My family kept it in good condition.

    By thisGuy :) on 06.01.2016

  20. My sleeves are long, They cover me from wrist to elbow, a distance of about 18 inches. I often buy blouses to large to cover my long arms

    By Teri McClanahan URL on 06.01.2016

  21. Rolling up her sleeves, I watched her kneel next to the row of plants. Her knees cracked as she lowered herself into the damp dirt. I saw her age clearly for the first time. I saw the lines in her hands and next to her eyes.
    My mother looked up at me and gestured with her head. “Get me the hose?”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.01.2016

  22. He kept trying to get them to stretch to the ends of his arms; he would grasp the cuffs in each hand and furiously punch his arms toward the floor. We thought he was disturbed.

    By ml on 06.01.2016

  23. I started to look for a wedding dress yesterday. I’m going to get married in December, so I need a long sleeves dress.

    By Any on 06.01.2016

  24. She was covered in sleeves. Not just any sleeves, beautiful long flowing sleeves. They were almost opaque, the way they danced in the light. You could see her slender arms through them and it made me want to reach out and touch her. She was ethereal like nothing I’ve ever seen.

    By Ashley Tinsley URL on 06.01.2016

  25. Long sleeves are mighty important when you live in the Mojave Desert. The sun can be beautifully brutal. if you don’t belong in the desert it will suck you dry and spit straight out. it’s the way of life around here. So put on your wide brimmed hat, grab your water bottle, and whatever you do, don’t roll up those sleeves. Your’e gonna need them out here.

    By Mistress Quickly URL on 06.01.2016

  26. I put on a short sleeved shirt because it is so hot out today. Now when I go outside I wont be really hot.

    By Em URL on 06.01.2016

  27. I am guilty of tugging at my sleeves when I am cold
    or nervous
    My favorite yellow sweater has pulls where my thumb hooks
    the yellow fabric and pulls it down over my wrist
    I see it as a chronicle

    By latenightprose URL on 06.01.2016

  28. Chris wore her shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the top button undone, the blue collar parting just enough to expose the blunt collarbone underneath. As she opened up the toolbox and fished out the hammer, I watched from a distance, the power drill shaking somewhat in my hand. We had been working together on building this house for six months now, the only two females assigned to the task – and of course, like a fool, I was beginning to fall for her.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.01.2016

  29. It was soooooo hot, she regretted wearing a shirt with sleeves.

    By Katy URL on 06.01.2016

  30. Her sleeves were damp.

    It wasn’t something he would have noticed, usually. He didn’t make a habit of looking at people’s sleeves. But there was something about the irregular marks on her sleeves that were darker than the rest of the fabric that drew his attention.

    By Charisirene URL on 06.01.2016

  31. He took up his sleeves and started mangling the dough. Mangling is a great word, he thought, and so he continued to mangle. When mangling, he always was able to think most clearly. And so he went on, exploring.

    By didaktylos URL on 06.01.2016

  32. Long and silken. The sleeves coveted her arms from shoulder to the base of her fingers. She liked the long sleeves, she felt elegant in them. The fine lace that ornamented them a labor of love, as fragile and delicate as the love she had for herself.

    By ABot URL on 06.01.2016

  33. The sleeves were her costume. She pulled them down whenever she needed to cover her tracks. Without them she was open to speculation and her addition showed. She needed to move to the spots between her toes since summer was coming.

    By Nancy URL on 06.01.2016

  34. The sleeves of the sweater were scratchy, rubbing uncomfortably at her bare skin. It had yellow stripes set onto the black, and the supposed that the effect was supposed to be a reverse bumblebee. The girl briefly wondered if the reverse bumblebee was an attempt on her grandma’s part to be artsy, or even, god forbid, avant garde. She shuddered, imagining the consequences if her grandma had started watching Project Runway. She knew that after watching Food Network, her grandma had an uncomfortable experimentation period that led to many unpleasant family dinners, but she sincerely hoped that it hadn’t passed over to her sweaters as well.

    By Janet URL on 06.01.2016

  35. The sleeves i was wearing had many holes in the. every time i wear the long sleeve t shirt in the sun i get burned just where there was a hole. i tried sewing the sleeve up it would open again. i hope my t shirt will stop getting holes

    By Olivia on 06.01.2016

  36. My sleeves are long and red. They get wet when i wash my hands or they just fall. I wish my sleeves were short because its hot.

    By Alesa on 06.01.2016

  37. Sleeves are on shirts. You can have short sleeves, long sleeves or three-quarter sleeves. I like long sleeves with bell cuffs. These are super cool. A sleeve can also keep your coffee warm, or your beer cold. Sleeves are very useful.

    By sarah wolf on 06.01.2016

  38. Her sleeves were too long so she pushed them back up to her elbows. They really did get in the way, but the cold rain was too much to go with just the tank top she had underneath. Her fingers curved around the bow as she stalked carefully through the trees around her. Some birds chirped overhead, and she briefly turned to look.

    She didn’t really know why though. She didn’t know shit about birds.

    By Sara URL on 06.01.2016

  39. His sleeves were rolled up past his elbows, accentuating his arms as he lifted the gun to her head.
    “But… why? Didn’t I ever mean anything to you?” She asked, her voice shaking.
    He didn’t bother to reply as he pulled the trigger.

    By Nezumi-P URL on 06.01.2016

  40. Reticent hearts, torn silk
    Crammed words, tight denim
    Open yourself to the wear of today
    Resist wary thoughts

    By Desirée URL on 06.01.2016