July 13th, 2018 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “sleepless”

  1. It was obvious to any one he passed on the cobbled streets. Nevertheless, he took a little more effort to grab for his shades that would mask the rings stinging of utter procrastination, body’s contempt, a shadow ridge raging forth. He knew, they wouldn’t deflate anytime soon. The moon did not appear that night in midst of a lightless sky.

    By Issie Kay URL on 07.13.2018

  2. Another night, tossing turning, eyes burning.
    Walls damp with darkness, and silence so loud.
    When the sun rises, only coffee can save me, maybe help my eyes to stop aching.

    By Jordan Ashley URL on 07.13.2018

  3. How could this happen? The question ran around her brain as if it was a stadium. No end in sight, must be a marathon run only in the stadium. She was tired, so tired, but this question did not rest, nor did it let her rest. She wanted an answer.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 07.13.2018

  4. How long can you be sleepless before the dreams you were supposed to have become real? I’ve heard it’s possible – your brain readjusts to the dry wasteland of being awake, and so the hallucinations start while your eyes are still open. You see colors you didn’t believe existed before, dipped in everything from infrared to ultraviolet. The textures are different, too – winter has gotten warmer, and the pins and needles in your feet create cushions.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.13.2018

  5. I just tend to focus a lot about the bad things about my life. I reflect a lot on them every moment i get, but trying to sleep is when they all start swarming me and i REALLY feel it. The weight. Mistakes i’ve done. Attempts i’ve failed. I feel bad. I feel sleepless.

    By Introvertzzz on 07.13.2018

  6. Every night i think about the weight of my wrongs. Well, maybe i’m being just a little bit too pessimistic, but i swear…. Bad luck’s always watching out for me to give me my daily fill. It’s probably not just about luck though. Oh well, nothing is ever gonna change anyway.

    By aalleaf URL on 07.13.2018

  7. him being a person with insomnia, has plenty of sleepless nights. That gave him the opportunity to peep without exhausting!

    By Shanmuga URL on 07.13.2018

  8. When I went to bed I thought I was tired, but I was actually very sleepless. I tossed and turned all night, trying to think of a way to fall a sleep. I just couldn’t, it was almost like I already fell asleep. But then I finally fell a sleep and woke up in the morning feeling very tired.

    By Keith Foley on 07.13.2018

  9. tired not being able to rest busy mind.
    frustrating when you can’t sleep…counting down the hours of sleep that you will get.
    why is this happening? Lavender can help. I don’t like hot milk so that’s wasted on me. What else could I be doing?

    By Jennifer McAdams on 07.13.2018

  10. He had been awake for longer than two days now, he was pretty sure. What was the track of keeping time when he kept losing it? Antemh slumped against the cold bus window, staring outside at the bleak gray sky above the city horizon. Clouds gathered in the sky, hiding the sun away from the world. He wasn’t typically one to wax poetic. It must have been his lack of sleep.

    By Lanque URL on 07.13.2018

  11. living creature who lacks the ability to sleep or has troubles sleeping

    By Lauren on 07.13.2018

  12. When you mind and body are truly ready for sleep they will sleep. Do not chase after something that can only come from within. Every minute of sleep you are not getting is a minute of your time and energy you hoarded needlessly. If you are not tired then you are not working hard enough and if you cannot sleep then you are not meant to sleep.

    By Kristian Pierce on 07.13.2018

  13. 930ish1102then 2 on the dot. not a song from xm a rerun from any channel. the same things I been thinkin. its just what it is. waiting for 6 orso. the sun yeah the sunand birds …that was about 5…. yeah

    By Mr.584903 URL on 07.13.2018

  14. when you are sleepless your day is miserable I never like to feel sleepless it is hard for you to do stuff and I feel like I don’t have any energy.,

    By Jasper URL on 07.13.2018

  15. she tossed and turned
    no where to go but side to side
    and yet
    everytime she moved her brain whirred
    a million miles a minute
    distance over time
    and yet in place
    eyes Up to the celing
    seems so far away
    Where am i? What am i doing? What will i do?

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.13.2018

  16. All those long, sleepless nights were coming back to haunt him. Luke tried to play it cool, but his mouth forced its way open into a wide, loud yawn. It drew attention from most of the crowd around him, including – to his great misfortune – his boss.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.13.2018

  17. She considered herself lucky. She could still remember the sixth months of night terror she had endured…two years ago now. Sometimes they would be about her dead grandfather, sometimes they were to remind her of the mistakes she’d made over the course of the semester. Sometimes she woke up screaming.

    By Alexis A on 07.13.2018

  18. She was now taking upwards of sixteen sleeping pills a night, and all to avoid sex. Was there something wrong with him? No, she said she loved him, she said she couldn’t live without him, but if he could only have sex if it took all night, she couldn’t take care of the kids, couldn’t keep a job, and couldn’t honor her many assignations with her other lover.

    True or False: The facts above are a third world problem.

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.13.2018

  19. I be so sleepless
    and im always restless
    maybe its cuz i stay hungry
    and you think im always angry
    but often i get happy and relaxed
    and im not thinking of the hardships of the past
    they hold me strong up like a mast
    the principles of my past
    I aint distrassed
    Although I often fast

    I sleep well
    I knock out at the bell
    My dreams would be so swell
    and i wake up, mind so fresh like a new dell

    link up my tv
    just so i can be
    the couch potato me
    and i guess yes im free
    to not do what i need

    but i pull out all the bullshit
    as i try not to spit
    on other people’s shit
    but im climbing up out a pit

    this is what i need
    not what i want
    you can stay there and taunt
    but ill be here and ill flaunt
    i sleep so well

    By Jake URL on 07.13.2018

  20. Seattle eyes, pouring daydreams
    into the untouched coffee in a café
    where anxieties touch like connect-the-dots
    on children’s menus.

    Stir once. Twice.
    What is this?
    – It’s called life.
    Is this all there is?

    Stir once. Twice. Three times.
    Can you do it wrong?
    Why does it not feel like mine?
    – It’s what you make it.
    – Or so I’ve heard.

    I’m sewing mismatching tiles into a quilt.
    What the heck am I doing?

    The moon sweeps the dust out of her craters
    while the coffee steam billows into organic lines.
    Maybe I should try my hand at housekeeping.

    By Pandatry URL on 07.13.2018

  21. Many a nights in my old room were spent sleepless. Therefore, I shifted my bedroom and my mindset for the better.

    By Shalini on 07.14.2018

  22. He lay awake, staring at the ceiling. Again. A soft sigh escaped him. He had thought—hoped—that tonight would be different. But nothing could erase the memories that kept him awake.

    By Emily on 07.14.2018

  23. He lay awake, staring at the ceiling. Again. A soft sigh escaped him. He had thought—hoped—that tonight would be different. That this new medicine would be the one that would finally help. But nothing could erase the memories that kept him awake.

    By Emily on 07.14.2018

  24. As I stare at the ceiling with all the memories, I felt so much peace and love. When my eyes hurt a little at that moment, I shut them for a second to realize I have been sleepless for three days.

    By Alekhya on 07.14.2018

  25. She couldn’t sleep. She paced the darkened rooms and halls of the house. She finds herself in the bathroom, flips on the light. She looks into the mirror and sees nothing. She stumbles outside, falls asleep on the ground.

    By Kathy B. on 07.14.2018

  26. insomnia is the act of not being able to sleep thus being sleepless because you can’t sleep which is kind of the whole point I mean what the butterfly do you want from me, seriously, like I mean I have nothing to say about this dammit what am I supposed to do other then VADER STORM TROOPER HAN

    By thing on 07.14.2018

  27. a night spent in agony. your mind is alert and tense, coils of dreams swirling around you but never joining you in the holy matrimony of sleep. it’s just you and your thoughts, alone with your insomnia until the darkness ends. but the darkness takes its time leaving, and your longing for the light to appear seems less and less likely until you are hopeless. this is what a sleepless night does to you.

    By nah bruh on 07.14.2018

  28. I tossed and turned, trying to forge the shadows into some kind of recognizable figure, to bring meaning to the unending, unparalleled darkness of my room. It reflected the inner mechanisms of my mind, the darkness within myself, the gears which kept churning and twisting in my convoluted mind.

    By Shr on 07.14.2018

  29. this is my current state, scared of everything but convinced its nothing . battling strength and constant fear of the unknown when my eyes close. when they do i dream of him and thats the most frustrating part

    By luca on 07.14.2018

  30. I lie awake at night thinking about all the things I should have said, should have done, shouldn’t have said, shouldn’t have done…the colossal emotional hurricane of damage that I leave behind, and how many times I have messed up other people.

    By Adva URL on 07.14.2018