February 24th, 2017 | 26 Entries

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26 Entries for “sleeping”

  1. it was sleeping when i came home. then it opened its eyes and yawn with a small mouth and lick its paws.

    By Tasya URL on 02.24.2017

  2. I’d rather be sleeping but I’m up late weeping
    Reflecting on all the past times I tried leaping
    But everything ended, now it’s all a heaping
    Mound of dust I won’t be keeping
    I’d better start sweeping…

    By Maddy on 02.24.2017

  3. waste of time
    wake too early
    only sleet 6 hours
    which I could relax and sleep anytime
    sleeping luxury I cannot have
    there is no time to sleep
    sleeping relaxing TAKE THE TIME, MAKE THE TIME for rest and recuperation

    By ginette on 02.24.2017

  4. Don’t check in with Tamara; she’s sleeping in her father’s bed. She doesn’t mind that Daddy’s dead. She dreams of ponies and steam trains.

    Don’t check in with Tamara; she hasn’t slept in several days. She won’t remember – it’s all a haze. Her father felt no pain.

    Don’t check in with Tamara; she’s so far gone, the sirens’ scream won’t wake her from her happy dream. Don’t speak or call her name.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.24.2017

  5. Sleeping..A dimension of deep, deep darkness yet also an era of creativity. A world of imagination, secrets, mysteries waiting to be descovered. Relaxation engulfs you in a cloud of smoke as you lie still, eyes closed, chest heaving. You look almost… almost, dead…

    By Luna Lovegood on 02.24.2017

  6. Artificial warmth in artificial happiness. I slip in between the covers and feel my body accepted by the sheets, as if someone had stayed in bed all day, just so I could have this moment of warmth. If my eyes are closed I can pretend the heat isn’t from heaters or warmed blankets. I can feel the caress of a quilt and imagine it’s the back of a hand on my cheek. The bundle of unused pillows weighing the mattress down as if a body is beside me. If I keep my eyes closed, I can let these games of pretend drift me off into unconsciousness, into an even more artificial and happier existence.
    But I sleep with one eye open, and never leave the heat on for long.

    By Ai URL on 02.24.2017

  7. sleep is bliss. a form of oblivion that we achieve every night. why destroy something so perfect with something so destructive? awakening does us more harm than good, leading us to the hardship of life and the

    By Mae Palmer on 02.24.2017

  8. “Are you awake?” She asked into the darkness. She thought that her husband was sleeping, but she couldn’t hear his breathing. “I wanted to ask you something.” She waited for a reply, and since it seemed that he was deep sleep, she continued on. “Did you really do that? Sleep with her?”

    By chanpheng URL on 02.25.2017

  9. Rest to activate and heal

    By Mark on 02.25.2017

  10. Being away from the world.
    Thoughts pulled to a halt.
    A chance to recuperate, refresh.
    Sometimes you wake up a mess
    But the rest is worthwhile.

    By Lauren on 02.25.2017

  11. She rolled over and looked at the clock. She could reasonably sleep 10 more minutes. But she was awake now. She started doing the mental math in her head, the likelyhood that she would actually fall back into a deep sleep if she slept now and risk oversleeping. “Get up, Jen.” “No, like, I know, but also it could be like ten more minutes.” “GET UP JEN.”

    By Bridget Grace on 02.25.2017

  12. Sure could use some. Release control for a short span of death. Never. My dreams tell me everything. Even if I don’t want to listen.

    By RobDuganJr on 02.25.2017

  13. She tossed and turned all night. It was happening more and more, she couldn’t fall asleep. Maybe it’s time to take something but will that stop her thoughts. Her mind returned once again to the death she witnessed. Gruesome, beheading. How would she ever get over that image?

    By dhanegl on 02.25.2017

  14. I once slept in… and to my chagrin… I enjoyed it very much.

    I once woke up… and to my luck… it wasn’t yet even lunch. : )

    By Kyle URL on 02.25.2017

  15. i love sleeping, it is the best thing to do in afternoon. Especially after sex!
    Sleep is the time that you allow your brain to rest, and to genertae more ideas to become a much better person!

    By SHANNON LEWANDOWSKI on 02.25.2017

  16. triumph now in our hands,
    said one merchant to another,
    as they drove in their old classic ford.

    To the side of the them, onlookers
    groped, their twisted gold-rope leather
    seats. So ripe. Even while sleeping.

    By Milad URL on 02.25.2017

  17. I have eight assignments due by tomorrow for Spanish 2 but I feel like I should be sleeping… :S I don’t know what to do ??

    By Arie W. on 02.25.2017

  18. I couldn’t sleep that night. I kept tossing and turning, thinking about what he’d said to me earlier that day. What had he meant? Was there another girl, or was something else going on?

    By Brooke on 02.25.2017

  19. Sleeping. What a wonderful thing. Sometimes the best things in life are what we dream. Our dreams can inspire us to create something amazing. Without dreams, I probably wouldn’t find sleep interesting.

    By Brianna L on 02.25.2017

  20. Sleeping. Sometimes, it’s a marvelous thing. Lying in bed, and relaxing. But other times, you don’t want to sleep, or you just can’t sleep. Sleeping is such an important thing, everyone knows that.

    By Wendy on 02.25.2017

  21. No knights of valor
    exist now to enact wills
    of wise counselors

    men today are weak
    afraid to care, clearly think,
    not without lies speak

    you “win” by cheating
    and when need to fight, pretend…
    that you are SLEEPING

    By ! HAiKU-mAn ! on 02.25.2017

  22. If sleeping could cure everything I’d never wake again.
    Which is not to say I’d like to sleep forever in the sense
    of taking my life away, but it is a way of saying I’d like
    this pain to subside and these worries to melt away
    similarly to that of your own world when you were here.

    By M. Rene' on 02.25.2017

  23. i couldnt fall asleep. he was by my side, sleeping peacefully. i dont know if it was bcs of the bed, the strange room or the fact that the guy by my side was my brother in law. my sister was going to hate me, not if she doesnt find put.

    By natalia on 02.25.2017

  24. I hear you.
    I hear everything.

    My eyes closed,
    But my ears fully open.
    You think that I have fallen into slumber,
    But I am fully awake.

    I hear you.
    You don’t think I can,
    But I hear everything

    By Mabel Robson on 02.25.2017

  25. Sleeping is wonderful especially when my days have been hectic as of late. I look forward to curling up under the covers and forgetting about everything.

    By Care on 02.25.2017

  26. Am I awake today…?

    I tell myself to get out of bed, to get dressed, fighting voices to stay in the only defense I have against my apartment’s thin, barely insulated walls; the only thing that lay between me and the cold winter outside might as well be a long sheet of printer paper.

    Alright, no use in putting it off any longer.

    I look in the mirror and notice the tie around my neck, but I don’t remember putting it on. I rub my eyes and feel it tighten around my neck, providing some nice metaphor to the way formality seems to kill people here – or maybe that’s why everyone breaks into high voices when they speak with colleagues on the phone…

    Time to go.

    A loud ticking, then a roar – I’m in my car now, its sad frame rattling from the power of an engine furious to rid itself of this abhorrent early morning frost. I take a deep breath, and I exhale, seeing my warm breath stop at the window shield. For a moment, I feel like it passes through to the outside…

    A lock clicks, then it opens.

    I announce myself at the doors at school, stepping inside to greet air somehow even colder than where I was moments earlier.

    I send my body to work, and let my mind sleep.

    By mistyfizz on 02.25.2017