November 2nd, 2018 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “skyline”

  1. Somehow, I don’t find nuance anymore in the green seaweed hue of a microshore, or the orange skyline above my head, or any of the secondary colors that remind me of all my basic, primary components. You drape me in purple, but I don’t feel like royalty; I just feel overdressed. I’d rather sit in the rain outside on a day devoid of color, where everyone’s shadows blend together, and the dark gray mess holds stars behind its allegedly lifeless eyes.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.02.2018

  2. I remember seeing the bridges first,
    looming against the sunset.
    Pittsburgh in early evening
    was always the best time to see
    the city, the soft red-orange
    sliding down the glass panes of PPG,
    the shadow of the steel building
    looming across downtown.
    Tonight the city is quiet, the silence
    heavy with the memory of gunfire
    and I feel the part of my heart
    that remains there bleed, sluggish
    and mournful, hoping for rest.

    By QuinnBaumeister on 11.03.2018

  3. bird high flying in sky. Look !!see !!!

    By eliz McBride URL on 11.03.2018

  4. The sun setting behind the buildings left everything on the horizon with an ominous glow. Usually sunset was a beautiful time. Today…
    Something was different, she couldn’t quite identify what it was, but something was definitely different.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.03.2018

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  7. That skyline looked ominous. As our canoes rounded the first corner of the flooded river, we realized that we may be pushing it this time. The sky flashed white and disturbed thunder followed it. We could feel the vibrations it left behind while we were sitting on the water. In a canoe soon to be swamped.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 11.03.2018

  8. the iridescent skyscraper filled skyline shimmed in the evening like fireflys electifying the dusk on a hot summer night

    By chantemcb URL on 11.03.2018

  9. deep dark blues, light greys and pale whites.
    all you can see through the night is phantom purples upon blackened blues
    try to close your eyes
    colour the skyline red

    By Ralla on 11.03.2018

  10. The bushel of bananas swung loosely from the tree. Dull yellow and brown and against a bright green background. Kaya jumped and used the bananas as a zipline.

    By Alae on 11.03.2018

  11. the skyline is created by the sun that makes it a beautiful creation and the light comes shining from it it’s like a miracle that you stare at and the only thing left in your mind is will i ever be able o touch it I mean your heart lays in that sharp edge would you ever want to save it would you ever want to save yourself from falling to an endless hole that will never stop from sucking you to the bottom and darling even if you reached that point and would still be breathing it ain’t stopping you are going to want cutting lose but its to late yuo would have lost your

    By myself URL on 11.03.2018

  12. the glamorous view left me speechless it was just full of the beautiful bright colors that I knew would be fulfilled with the darkness that sucked the energy of sun rays am I gone spend my life in this loophole trying to close my eyes hoping the next day would start of with a better day than it ended but who am I lying to I knew that no hope in my soul was left it was just lies is that what hope is replaced by or how people lie to there hearts will I ever know. God so many questions nobody can offer an answer to, sometimes it makes me feel stupid i don’t know tho if it makes me stupid.

    By myself URL on 11.03.2018

  13. What obstinate orange wall do you see? Is it only in the land of foxes? I am clawing towards your heart, hoping you will see the azure skyline near me.

    By Steph URL on 11.03.2018

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  16. indigo,blue or orange with Red the sky has a line and if i were to say it was above my head then underneatht the way as to be beside me now , this is sort of automatic world of woah!

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.04.2018

  17. the skyline of NewYork is vast, beautiful and full of interesting architecture. all skylines are different.

    By vivien on 11.04.2018

  18. Is this Skyline the movie, or skyline the scenery? Didn’t much like the movie, really didn’t see how the follow up tied into the first one either.

    By Deirdre Donegan on 11.04.2018