August 23rd, 2011 | 699 Entries

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699 Entries for “silk”

  1. silk reminds me of a kimono. it reminds me of sheets ill never be able to afford. my grandmas old dresses from when she was a young woman.

    By stephanie marie URL on 08.23.2011

  2. pink and blue and red and white and black and grey and green and orange and purple and indigo and violet and magenta and b

    By m on 08.23.2011

  3. She had silky skin. Or that’s what I wish. I’d like to think that’s what people want. Of women. Of finer things. To caress a woman with skin of silk. That seems very nice.

    By Noreen URL on 08.23.2011

  4. Silk. Soft as the sky. Comforting when you just need something to cozy up on those hard days. Multiple colors, but always beautiful. A sign of wealth at times. Sometimes expensive.

    By Vivian Martin on 08.23.2011

  5. The silk handkerchief was dropped on the old brick pavement as its owner descended from the high steps of glory to the hard working class. And the silk handkerchief no longer became itself. But a rag. Nothing more.

    By FaridaEzzat on 08.23.2011

  6. I am tired after a long days work.
    I want to just put my head and go to sleep.
    But there is still a lot to before i go and sleep on those Egyptian silk sheets.
    I wish i could give it all up
    I wish i could just put myself to rest
    but if i do that who will pay for my silk sheets?

    By Srishti URL on 08.23.2011

  7. Silky smooth are the words that pour off of your tongue. But I know better than to fall into that soft, inviting trap you set for me.

    By Chelsea URL on 08.23.2011

  8. Silk is made from Silk worms in China. They have to be very carefully cutivated and the places which they are grown are the only places in the world where they can make silk. They have tried to ship to worms to other countries to cultivate sillk and the did not survive there. This makes Asia the silk plant of the entire world. Because it is such a long process to make silk, it has become a very covetted and expensive fabric. Silk can be used to make anything from lingerie to bed sheets. Men, women and children all enjoy this luxiorious fabric. All from tiny little worms!

    By lindsay on 08.23.2011

  9. Her skin
    so soft
    her name, Lamai
    means soft
    her breasts, her tight stomach, her legs
    the feel of her skin on my skin
    so soft like silk
    like my Silk Thai massage pants
    Mai the Thai word for silk
    the word for no
    Don’t say no
    give me your silk

    By joefeather on 08.23.2011

  10. tyler has silky covers in his man cave. i think i’m taking it too much to heart that he’s everywhere. i might like him though, maybe a lot. his silky covered, cold cave. i wanna go back and nap there. and go fishing with him. and say bungowww alll day. and lie in bed in the morning.

    By Sarah on 08.23.2011

  11. clothing expensive underwear sexy red hot high-class slut hooker pretty beautiful lovely romantic

    By nursebettie666 URL on 08.23.2011

  12. The color blue has a sensational feeling about silk. Why, my grandad once ate silk for dinner because his ankles were very cold. Back in Georgia, my puppy had nine lives, and sure they were crazy ones.

    By Daniel on 08.23.2011

  13. i watched as the sunlight danced upon the silk of her kimono as it dropped from her nude form. it was hard to see as the bamboo leaves obscured my view. still to this day it was the single most powerful image of the female form. the way the rays kissed her pale flesh as the fabric slid downward revealing the contours of her hips and thighs

    By jonathanputra on 08.23.2011

  14. soft, smooth and luxurious

    By Audrey on 08.23.2011

  15. Silk always makes me thing of sex for some reason. Just the feeling over the cold material on your body is just the best feeling in the world. The Cold feeling mixing with the body temperatures getting hotter and hotter.

    By Jenni on 08.23.2011

  16. soft sexy gorgeous sensual love luxury heat dress historical enchanting ancient women flirt courting romance attraction sheen glow

    By Minnie on 08.23.2011

  17. it’s soft, and sexy, something you’d want to wear for your boyfriend for a night (: i also think it’s elegant, but that all depends on how you look at it, and who the person is that is wearing it. so yeah.

    By Caylie on 08.23.2011

  18. silky stars makes the greatest dreams. sleeping in the night with only a silk bed to ride into neverland. the way the different rainbows form in your mind and form the prettiest pictures, all from silk. nothing can create like it can.

    By gabe on 08.23.2011

  19. the maid she wore a thin fabric woven smoothly from the hands of whiteness. i imagine life to be something like a settling tidal wave, the kinds she vists- for when it fills the land its like silk.

    By annmarie on 08.23.2011

  20. worms.

    By torin URL on 08.23.2011

  21. a long kimono, pink with sprinkles of yellow, white and navy, almost confetti like. long sleeves drape in my breakfast. but thats okay

    By Ruby on 08.23.2011

  22. silk is soft, silky, like a silk kimono, smooth as water, cool as too. Silkworms use it, I could just curl up and go to sleep in a pile of silk…. backwards it is klis. Cows drink water, not milk! But cows would not look very good dressed in silk, I mean, really, they dont even wear blankets, that would look sill

    By tess on 08.23.2011

  23. is very soft and nice to touch, I would greatly desire a bedsheet made of silk. But I would not like to make silk as that means you have to touch silk worms and they are gross. I really don’t like bugs in general. But, silk is quite a nice fabric and I would desire a pair of silk pajamas for my birthday. Christmas also works. Seriously, Shannon.

    By dave on 08.23.2011

  24. It’s smooth, But I don’t really like it. I don’t know hoe people can sleep with silky clothes and stuff. I pretty much hate that material. Shiiied, I’m running out of time! Anyways, not my favorit thing, but spiders seem to do aa lot with it.

    By Kristjan Vool on 08.23.2011

  25. la;fjkdsnvrwajalfdl;jsaljfldl;g

    By Mahnoor on 08.23.2011

  26. It’s the feeling of being something that is richer and smoother than a similar counterpart. If you can dream it you can feel it, if you can feel it you can get a sense of the amazing signature of a little thing called “speciality.” It’s a thing unknown to many, mostly by choice, usually by request.

    By Steve B. on 08.23.2011

  27. Silken fingers threaded through whimsical thoughts, weaving reality and desire together into a funeral shroud for past mistakes, that once buried, would blanket dreams of future pleasures.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.23.2011

  28. thinking about silk worms. asia. making silk, is silk even naturally occurring? what if all of the things we’ve been told about silk worms is nothing more than a fabrication…the government has never been honest with us…at least not in the past 6 decades.

    By zach URL on 08.23.2011

  29. Silky linen and crumpled sheets, do i deserve a sweet.
    Lift the lines and blow the meadows.
    Such beauty in life; never frustrate with the rife.

    By Jamesyboy URL on 08.23.2011

  30. Silk is an amazing soft flowing piece of material. Silk pajamas feel beautiful when sleeping in bed and have a sexy kind of flow bout them. hair can feel like silk as well with the correct shampoo and conditioner. I hope that my hair will grow long again soon so that it is nice and silky again. I want to cuddle up to a man on the couch in silk clothes and have him hold my face to face. Love me. I know who I Want but it is up to him to find me.

    By Cathryn on 08.23.2011

  31. silk so soft against my skin. slippery. sliding, tickling, gliding, makes gooseflesh and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. a gift, his hands. rough, snag the material. lift it up, to reveal skin softer than silk, prepared for him, this way and that, like velvet now

    By havingsaidthat URL on 08.23.2011

  32. smooth silky hair, i don’t know, chinese clothes, silk worm. Are there silk rugs? Silky soap, silk pajamas, silk thread…. Silk is expensive.

    By monica on 08.23.2011

  33. White, pink, flowing and beautiful. Silkworm. Soft. Cool against the skin. A patterned shirt my mother once owned. Thread. Ballet dancer.

    By jellytot on 08.23.2011

  34. Silk, soft and so comforting. My mom bought me cheap silk sheets when she went to china a couple of yours ago in forest green because that’s all they had. She also bought me a pink silk robe with beautiful Chinese designs that I left at my friend sophias house.

    By Lexi on 08.23.2011

  35. silk….just amazes me. The softness, the feel!!! Just want to excite someone by giving them a silk blnaky to snuggle with

    By Mark-Che Devonish on 08.23.2011

  36. silk is really pretty and soft and reminds me of the color silver but it can actually be any color and its a feminine fabric like it makes you think of women like i would never fuck a guy that wore silk ahahha that does not make me horny at all but i dont know maybe some woman like that because maybe they just do because people are into different things such as chains and whips and such aahha but idk and silkworms make silk.

    By sarah URL on 08.23.2011

  37. Silk makes me think about skin. It makes me think about soft, romantic, loving touch between two people. Maybe on sheets made of silk itself. Gentle and quiet, so pleasing to the touch. I can almost imagine the feel of it. Smooth. Cool. Reminds me of seeing commercials for chocolate on tv. Them using silk sheets cascading all over the place, to demonstrate how the chocolate is meant to feel in your mouth. And it makes me imagine classical music. A simple piano ballad. Beauty. Love. And just pure bliss. Like you could practically absorb it into your skin. Like rose petals. It feels somewhere between a liquid and a solid, though it is merely something comprised of a nature made substance. Nature makes the best things.

    By Kacie on 08.23.2011

  38. Like silf flowing freely through your fingertips as they trace my back. the tender embrace that makes me feel alive. not just a shadow in the corner of a room but a single being that breaths ,moves and above all LIVES.

    By Alice on 08.23.2011

  39. Redolent – that’s the word best describing my time with li -aun — redolent – I can smell the caves we stayed in as we travelled through – the bothies with wood smoke and peat – the rot stench of the jungle rising above the bamboo – dew sharp on the skin when we started out – redolent – oh yes – all my senses alert as never before seeking the golden thread – that elusive mountain pass to the old kingdom

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 08.24.2011

  40. A voice like silk. That’s your first warning. The tone and enforced charisma are hard to miss. I didn’t miss it. Her voice said trust me, I like you. Unless you know about the silk. The silk says, trust me, so I can manipulate you again. I refused to fall for it.

    By Saronai URL on 08.24.2011