July 12th, 2016 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “silence”

  1. Silence is a beautiful thing. It can haunt, excite, make one feel unspoken emotion. Finding silence is a treasure.

    By Katie on 07.12.2016

  2. or i will smash this watermelon into your face said the evil tenant to the winchesters. while he got closer to the kitchen door with a look of miserable cruelty and pain over the broken jar that contained the secret meth he was selling

    By daniel valovis on 07.12.2016

  3. The entire crowd was stunned into silence when I walked onstage. At first, I wasn’t quite sure why, but then I remembered the crusty layers of red that had been meticulously applied to the left side of my forehead, dark residue appearing to drop down my cheek and toward my flailing open mouth. I heard one young audience member draw in her breath like she was about to dive into a ravine. I, the dying hero, smiled and jumped into my lines, even as my head was meant to be spit open.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.12.2016

  4. Sometimes, silence is easier. How do people think with all the noise? Stillness is hard to find.

    By DustyJustice URL on 07.12.2016

  5. silence

    By Pollyanna Machado URL on 07.12.2016

  6. The waitress in the burning restaurant — Hell’s Kitchen — served all the words she’d said in anger and contempt through out her life. No hot sauce, no salt and pepper, no spices, not even a glass of water to wash them down with. There’d be enough for eternity the waitress said.

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.12.2016

  7. Ah>>> silence is good…golden. But not so much when you have silence all the time. When my kids where young…I wanted that precious silence. Now…I sometime wish for that noise just one more time.

    By Ann DeHaven on 07.12.2016

  8. Silence is making no sound, hearing no sound. Just it is a status or mood you’re in. F**ck what is this thing. I’m trying it with no pressure for sure but nonsense this is. I have to admit, I’m kinda enjoying it.

    By ooo URL on 07.12.2016

  9. without noise with poise this word is something but is really nothing. or is it. so keep it golden, keep it secret. it is always safe. often misunderstood. mistaken? No. Silence is the edge of noise, beyond, a canyon of space. This lack of sound is truth. Truth incomprehensible. Keep it close to the heart.

    By Ryan Bourgart on 07.12.2016

  10. Silence can be golden, and it can be a burden. Silence tends to be relaxing to the human mind, but when one is left alone for too long, it can become a torturous burden. No more sound is being emitted to the ears except a high pitched ringing, that makes the listener wonder if it’s even real.

    By Bryn Gibson on 07.12.2016

  11. A darkness night i’m alone with the moon in the sky i’m looking to the stars, waiting hear a voice of that, you know what !! the voice of the silence!! yeah really it’s weird!! …
    the voice which take you away from the real life to your only world the silence that leave me returner all my day with myself and i try to know that if is it good or bad and how could i correct it, how i should do next time! what is the course of that!
    most of us see that we do not talk to ourselves but i can’t accept that, because if it doesn’t exist we do not find the point 0 of the voices which is silence…..

    By romi maiss on 07.12.2016

  12. Turning the radio on just to occupy the mind with anything other than the empty silence of judgement.

    By Lindsay Amber URL on 07.12.2016

  13. is what happens when i see you with her, i get upset, anrgy frustrated. i love you yet you love her. i know its wrong but i hope everyday that you two part ways. i need you. come back to me please. jeremy.

    By lex on 07.12.2016

  14. is what happens when i see you with her. i get so frustrated. so angry. so sad. you should be with me, yet you are with her. i love you, did you know? even if you did im sre you wouldn’t care. you gave me empty promises now i am in empty room with an empty heart because you stole everything that was within me and my beating heart.

    By lex URL on 07.12.2016

  15. I sat down on the back porch to think. It is dark and warm. I am drawn to the night. I walk out into the street, to the back of the house and disappear into the quiet, waiting forest.

    By yakh on 07.12.2016

  16. I look at the antenna and hope this works. *Please, let it be enough to amplify the signal.*

    “What did you say?” He looks at me strangely. His eyes fixate on my lips. I keep them pressed together firmly. This is how it must be. There is no other way to test the silence.

    *I’m a freak. Do you understand me now?*

    It dawns on him what I’m doing; that he’s not hearing with his ears for once.

    By Intuition URL on 07.12.2016

  17. a tempest of silence, my friend has sped,
    lettering a hollow spear on the tip of the wind,
    dust, gust,
    our destines blow toward their own destiny
    the heart valve pumps the blood needed for brain
    to register
    Where are if were not in the right now?
    Draw not a parabla, draw a venn diagram
    pros battling the cons

    By Milad URL on 07.12.2016

  18. Silence is golden. Really? I don’t agree. Because at times it leads to piling up of feelings, anger and frustration with no way to vent them out. Always speak your mind. Always make sure you place your happiness above others because you can never make everyone happy.

    By Pallavi Singh on 07.12.2016

  19. Once she stumbled off the main road into the forest, the silence was absolute. The trees muffled the sound of the traffic from the highway, and she felt that she had entered a bubble of sanity, a sacred space. She placed her pack under a tree and sat in one of the rays of sunlight streaming down into the forest floor.

    By chanpheng URL on 07.12.2016

  20. Silence is important to meditate. In silence we are able to think better. Silence also help ous to connect with GOD.

    By Sa on 07.13.2016

  21. Less like a well than a blanket
    soft and muffling
    sometimes warm and
    sometimes suffocating
    Sometimes craved
    others, cast aside
    to the greatest relief

    By KJHagan URL on 07.13.2016

  22. its the echo of silence that does the wonders. The sound of Silence as magical as the mist…the breeze….the mountains.

    By ruchika URL on 07.13.2016

  23. Silence is the second chance of Voice. Its a echo, so powerful yet subtle.

    By ruchika on 07.13.2016

  24. There was only silence when I told her and then she bent over in her chair keening and daviting quietly. I went to her and rested my hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it away. It was over

    By Martin514 URL on 07.13.2016

  25. They all stood around not looking at the bodies in horror, but at the same time there was a sense of understanding that resinated with everyone. The sense of discontent cut the silence like train barreling through the night.

    By JEN URL on 07.13.2016

  26. It’s the most defeaning sound and the most confusing. It can be joyous or lonely. it’s devastating and preserving at the same time.

    By John Michael Elritz Gallo URL on 07.13.2016

  27. There was a moment of silence, a hands-sweating, neck-shaking moment of silence, after the announcer stated, “And now, the Prom Queen is-” And it was in that moment of silence that I looked over at Sydney, and Sydney looked over at Dana, and even though its kind of impossible to have a three-way look, I think we shared one. And I think smiles are the loudest thing in the world because they set off all this singing in your ears, and because happiness is so noisy, I didn’t even hear the name the announcer said. And I was happy anyway.

    By Vivian P DeRosa URL on 07.13.2016

  28. …was all she heard after she stopped breathing. A calm, oppressive state that suspended her in eternity. Silence overtook her. And would always be, from now on, the friend at her shoulder. The one last voice whispering in her head.

    By Clock on 07.13.2016

  29. There was only pulsing silence. She stood up and walked quietly around the house, her feet barely making noise against the repainted wood. Empty. The furniture was gone. Most of the dishes were gone. They were gone. She sat quietly in the middle of the living room. She leaned back on her hands and looked from floor to ceiling. Tears began to fall.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.13.2016

  30. on a party on my home, the guys had silenced because the news on the tv.

    By leandra fernandes on 07.13.2016

  31. The students were having a good time in class, their teacher has not come on time and they stating make noise. Then came a voice thundering silence, which was followed by a silence

    By Shanmuga URL on 07.13.2016

  32. silence is fucking me up. no voice. no connection. only void and misdirection and loneliness and depression.

    By Beeernon on 07.13.2016

  33. it is all that i could hear. disappointments. disconnection. what can i do other than just being swallowed by this void. fuck.

    By Beeernon URL on 07.13.2016

  34. Silence. Nothingness. Empty. Black. Silence can be happiness. Silence can be a Killer. Bloom. Heartache. End.

    By Brian Harris on 07.13.2016

  35. Silence speaks the most. Two lovers talk in silence. Conversations occur in silence. It’s the most beautiful and awkward thing ever. Things happen due to absence of words. Some good and some bad. Time passes like the stream in silence. Silence is the one who reminds you the way the time passes.

    By Abheeshta URL on 07.13.2016

  36. Pure and total silence–an ideal setting if you want the anxiety to kick in. Why else do you think I stare at a phone every moment of stillness that I encounter?

    By asavas URL on 07.13.2016

  37. quiet, sitting still, thingking, alone, empty

    By Tia Douglass on 07.13.2016

  38. The silence is overwhelming in his natural state.
    It can transcend everything that surrounds me.
    It’s in the silence that I found myself, is in the silence that i can hear my mind beat.
    It’s in the silence when I finally breathe.

    By Snovit URL on 07.13.2016

  39. There is silence in my head. In the spaces between me and you. In between the covers. In the corners of our house and all the secret spaces. I can’t stop trying to seek them out. Fill them up. Make them mean something more than “Don’t know how to say….don’t know what to say”. Please help me find a way out of this distance. This silence.

    By TheAfterWhys URL on 07.13.2016

  40. Nero stepped gingerly around the pucker brush and leaned into the fence. They perked up for a second, hearing the crackle, then calmed, one dog nuzzling against the others fur. So nice, he thought, so likeable, these dogs when they’re not barking and nipping and yapping and keeping me up. He peeled the meat from the baggie and tossed it over the fence, careful to wipe his hands on his pants before lighting a cigarette.

    By penny dreadful URL on 07.13.2016