March 6th, 2013 | 226 Entries

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226 Entries for “signals”

  1. the signals in mexico city are important to all thye habitants because if you don’t tkae care about it you can get an accident and sometimes you can die so be carefull wi

    By Elizabeth on 03.06.2013

  2. symbols about mathematics, adverticements,

    By Maria Jose on 03.06.2013

  3. Signalss are very common in everyday life. We do not even understand that almost everything we see in life is signal and therefore determines our behaviour to everything. That’s why they are important in our lifes and we should give them more attention.

    By Ivan on 03.06.2013

  4. the signls of the televiision are noty good but in my case yes an a signal appar in my house an god give a signal i have to kill

    By Elizabeth on 03.06.2013

  5. signals can be a tricky thing – it’s all about perception and interpretation. does yellow mean slow down or go faster so as to not be stopped by red. does red mean stop? or does it give a signal for passion, anger even. signs are easy signals, faces are hard signals.

    By kell URL on 03.06.2013

  6. We are at a party and you are giving me signals across the room.
    Now if I could only read those signals. I think you are saying that you are interested in me, that maybe at the end of the night, you’d like to leave with me.

    By Robin on 03.06.2013

  7. red light

    By Annie on 03.06.2013

  8. The flashing lights are blazing in my head. On and off. On and off. Flashing. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. DON’T DO IT. I tried to find strength.

    By Heidi P. on 03.06.2013

  9. Were these the wrong signals I was sending? I mean come on how hard it is to land a plane on the field. Apparently too hard because it almost ran me over. On the bright side now I know how a plane looks underneath!

    By Rony on 03.06.2013

  10. Signals are important to our everyday life.

    Red for stop, green for go.

    How are we supposed to function without them?

    Are we supposed to just trust our instincts and hope that everything works out for the best?

    Maybe a world with no signals wouldn’t be so different.

    By ~ on 03.06.2013

  11. The signals were there, but she refused to see them. Clearly she was annoying the hell out of everyone.. I guess she just did not care if everyone in the office thought she was a pompous arrogant b***ch.

    By Katherine on 03.06.2013

  12. I really must be oblivious to the signals I give off. One day I’m lost in my own world and left to my devices, the next everyone tells me I’m glowing and I get called ‘babe’ and ‘sweetheart’. Must be the pants.

    By aura.rayne on 03.06.2013

  13. Mr. and Mrs. Dry Goods Salesmen were so successful that they had to put a traffic light in the underpants section of their flagship store.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 03.06.2013

  14. She was getting mixed signals from the author. He wanted people to understand his plight in the criminal justice system. But he also wanted to articulate the joy he got from being a thief. It was hard to evoke sympathy from the people who were formerly his victims. He managed it though, the jailbird. A Sidewalk with a Crack was winning Sadie over.

    By Hannahey on 03.06.2013

  15. It was hard to read his face when it was this expressionless; when he forced all of his emotions somewhere deep inside, tucking them away in a corner of his heart where they couldn’t even see the light, much less breathe. It hurt her more than the anger, more than the sorrow; because she knew they were still there, even if he refused to acknowledge them. They were there, and he wouldn’t let her in.

    By Courka URL on 03.06.2013

  16. Mixed signals.

    By Lynnette on 03.06.2013

  17. The signals were quiet at first….but the more she listened,
    there appeared before her a sure direction back
    a whispering…
    return home to the people that love you
    as you are, as you are, as you are

    By skylarkin on 03.06.2013

  18. The cold night air twirled around the sailors, wrapping them in cold embraces and making their bodies shiver. The sky was a velveteen quilt of indigo, speckled with stars of silver and cobalt. Perched high above was the lookout. His eyes were peeled for any sign of land. He thanked whatever entities above for the blessing of a lighthouse signal.

    “There it is!” he cried out, leaning over the edge of the lookout’s post to find the captain. “Land ahoy!”

    By JL URL on 03.06.2013

  19. Signals get mixed. Things turn sour. We never knew what could have been if we had noticed the signals in time. Nothing to fix, everything’s broken. We can only learn to stand up and move forward.

    By Lynnette on 03.06.2013

  20. She hit my leg under the table. I paused in the middle of the sentence. They looked at me, trying to figure out what was not said. I spoke quickly through the rest of the story, skipping over the details.

    By octq on 03.06.2013

  21. Is he looking at me? Oh, he smiled. His teeth are so white. He looked up again. Holy arm muscles, Batman. He keeps glancing over. Ooooo he nodded at me. I should walk over and introduce myself.

    By Nicole on 03.06.2013

  22. Quiet signals that often went unnoticed. Nothing more than small gestures, an upturned hand, a slightly raised brow, the barest of nods. People rarely noticed, but those that did were the ones that mattered. They understood what was at stake here.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 03.06.2013

  23. Signal the mountain-top torch pit. It is time. Wave yours hands, pucker up your lips, hope for all of it to return. The grace with which you bestowed in intermission is now upon you. Let it reign free here, or on your pieces to evoke tears. Just promise me something, pinky swear this low-named artist, this easily-forgotten writer’s name and welcome it into your heart, and accomplish something great.

    By Eric Harrell on 03.06.2013

  24. they show us everything, now i don’t know exactly which type of signals we’re talking about here, but the ones in the road, prevent accidents, but the ones in life, are crazy. they can impact a lot.

    By Ovaltine on 03.06.2013

  25. “There’s a signal in my mind – like a siren – it’s blaring”, she said. “I’m tired.”

    By Danaé on 03.06.2013

  26. people don’t get signals because they are either too dense or just too lazy for it.
    what’s so good about signals anyway? i mean, you just have to be straight about it.

    By verrine on 03.06.2013

  27. The hand comes up and stops my walking feet
    wishes, musings, that i could paint that uniform neon orange picture
    you’d look and nod at the detailed LEDs
    and know there’s something up that right now stops my walking feet.

    By Saudade on 03.06.2013

  28. This is on of my least favorite Rush albums. With “2112” as their pinnacle and magnum opus, “Signals,” with its newly introduced synthesizers and lack of hard-progressive rock we were all used to, just didn’t stack up against fan favorites like “A Farewell to Kings,” “Permanent Waves,” “Hemispheres,” and “Moving Pictures.” However, the lyrics are still top notch, thoughtful, and provocative.

    By codfish URL on 03.06.2013

  29. She used hand signals rather than words; body language was her finest talent. She looked almost longing as she signed her thoughts to me, it made me sad. I wanted to help her; although I knew there was absolutely no possible way that I could. I loved her; all the same.

    By Vanessa on 03.06.2013

  30. BE aware!
    Be careful!
    pay attention!
    don’t stop.
    take care!
    Get well dressed

    By dpthm on 03.06.2013

  31. She was so dissapointed that she didn’t understand anything from his signals.

    By nn on 03.06.2013

  32. hey there…
    hey, you.
    hello? – up here, can you see me?
    dude, you kinda need to look at me now.
    hello~ ….i’m just – hey! i have to tell you something!
    he- no, jesus, shut up Red, i don’t have time for this.
    YOU there! …why in the world would he not look up to me?
    DUDE I’M GREEN! cross the bloody intersection already!

    By berenique on 03.06.2013

  33. Flashing flashing in my face
    dont you dare turn my way
    Cause i aint seen your signal sway
    and now im in a crash today.

    Signal signal
    notify us all
    signal signal
    it will be our downfall

    By Colton on 03.06.2013

  34. a message that people or machines can send to another, to indicate what to do or how one is feeling. They can be clear, mixed or confusing.

    By Erik on 03.06.2013

  35. whiskey water’s well wrung dry
    worse i feel the less i try
    see saw seesaw up and down
    pulsing signals in my had
    i must drown

    darker then blinding light
    brighter than black
    never felt so dizzy
    imagining lies that
    i lack

    By Matty M. on 03.06.2013

  36. “I’m getting mixed signals from you, dude.”

    James blushed furiously. “You’re not getting any signals at all!”

    “See, let’s take that phrase for example,” Mike continued. “I could take that as, ‘I’m not sending you any signals, Mike, stop being such a freak.’ But you know what, it could also mean, ‘I’m sending you all SORTS of fucking signals, Mike, quit being so dense and just kiss me already!” James grew redder and redder under Mike’s frank stare. “Do you see the dilemma I’m having here?”

    By Julia A. URL on 03.06.2013

  37. everything is a symbol if you think about it. a heart symbolizes love. a stop sing symbolizes the need of stopping. a book symbolizes knowledge. Symbols have become such a part of everyday life that we don’t even notice them sometimes. For example, in lit class, when reading a novel, symbols are extremely important to note because they contribute to the deeper meaning of the novel.

    By carls on 03.06.2013

  38. You shot those fireworks straight up into the sky. I laughed and danced in their warm glow. The colours rained down on my in the form of bursting sparks, and I flinched and giggled as the bangs pierced the night air. I was reminded of a flare as the stream of shooting light snaked its way up and up and up.

    By KT on 03.06.2013

  39. What people look for, and some might take wrong decisions from it. others might stop or go instead.

    By Kimberley Dunkel on 03.06.2013

  40. Signals. They were signals. All of them. How hadn’t he noticed before? Signals, everywhere. That was what it all was. It all seemed so familiar suddenly… it was /her/, he hadn’t seen her in a while… a long while. Ever since she died… and now she was reaching out to him… through cold, moving objects, through paranormal activity. He suddenly was scared no longer.

    By Nathalie on 03.06.2013