April 30th, 2016 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “signal”

  1. The signal burned into the dark of the night. 3 red flashes followed by 1 blue one. Although she had been waiting for this, she was still both surprised and scared to finally see it. She picked up the pack, filled with a change of clothes, food and her school books, and quietly left the house. As she walked along the street, she wished that she could have let her husband and children know she was going and told them that she loved them just one more time. That could not be allowed, even though their memories of her would be erased. She would always wonder why that had to be, and why her memories of them would be preserved.

    By chanpheng URL on 04.30.2016

  2. It was all I needed to begin. The signal I’d been waiting for, and after the long silence, the “ping” sounded – the email had arrived. Begin your writing, get creative, do not stop, keep pushing the boundaries and live your life.

    By Amimee URL on 04.30.2016

  3. We saw the smoke signal from ten miles away, where we had built our encampment in the highlands so the enemy forces couldn’t see us from their outposts. At first, we weren’t quite sure if the whitish gray plumes were a message or merely another incident of a town burning, or a razing by an ally or enemy. But the smell was surprisingly sweet when it reached our nostrils, and we suddenly felt an urge to slumber as we attempted to shoulder our rifles and head towards the steady stream.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.01.2016

  4. All I’m waiting for is that smile.

    One that fixes my day, one that enchants me. One that makes difficult days pass by slightly faster, one that quenches my thirst. One that sends shudders so violent up my spine, one that stills my turbulent heart.

    Just let me know if you’d let me love you.

    By Z on 05.01.2016

  5. 50 different signals shot through my clit!
    at that moment i knew i was gone

    By chodes on 05.01.2016

  6. It shot into the air as fast as she had set it off. The red bloomed across the sky and she held her breath waiting. She stood on the sand looking out onto the bleak, dark ocean. Maybe someone had seen her signal. She could only hope.

    By charidabelle on 05.01.2016

  7. “ou…ther..?…see…an’t…miss…”

    The radio burst to life with a heavy crunch of static. The message was a garbled mess, but somebody had heard her! Hope and relief she had not dared to allow before blossomed in her chest.

    She would finally be going home.

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 05.01.2016

  8. I was home alone one day, when all of a sudden i saw a flashing blue light. I looked out my window and my neighbor was saying something. I couldn’t make out what he was saying. Salami.. Salamander? BOOM. Something fell downstairs. I understand now. Signal.

    By Jill on 05.01.2016

  9. Her signal to me was too far delayed. Love is something that should not be contained. Too little too late, an open signal I appreciate.

    By Tim on 05.01.2016

  10. Sometimes the signal comes in ways we could not imagine. It’s a “sign”. If you pay very close attention to your surroundings, the Universe will speak to you. Universe/God/angels, whatever you choose to call “it”. I am very aware of them now. Sometimes it can something you hear. If you hear it three times. Well, there you go. It’s your signal to pay attention.

    By Mistress Quickly on 05.01.2016

  11. It showed the way to what was missing in my life. It was a faint, but very present intensity, which lingered in the back of my mind… signaling that something was amiss.

    By Elaenor Louise on 05.01.2016

  12. She’d known about the Wow! signal but had never thought through the emotional implications. To feel “of course” so strongly – enough to suspend her brain and uncloak her heart, to latch onto the faint promise of possibility – only to linger as the signal went dark was something she did not like very much at all.

    By Florence Farfaletti on 05.01.2016

  13. A form of communication. Can take many shapes. Especially interesting with non-verbal communication between people.

    By KBird on 05.01.2016

  14. The flashing red light lived under her eyelids.
    “Stop. Now.”
    She pulled away and pushed him back. “No. This is wrong.”
    He removed his hands from her arms. She could still feel all the placed where her skin was tingling from him. “Okay… Sorry.”
    “No, don’t apologize, that’s not what I am saying.”

    By Bridget Grace on 05.01.2016

  15. No shortage of signs, all shortage of signals. The human cultural fantasy has traditionally consisted of symbols/signals and taken place in the margins of our overproductivity. In the information age it is pure signal at the cost of the viridian mainframe. This website probably doesn’t help.

    By Snufkin on 05.01.2016

  16. A signal to the broken man. hold your flames up high, shed your tears like gold dust all over these graves, bless this nation with your hollow tongue. This is a stream of conscious doom, the tombstone calling to no mans land. Tonight free men run wild with their ambition and it is about damn time we let them.

    By FS on 05.01.2016

  17. it is like a alarm and it warns you when you here that. it has a sound most of the time. sometimes it may make you feel weird and nervous. it might be also a key between your friends. and it might be a silly word that you and your friends only know what it is. and we can called that a signal.

    By yasmin on 05.01.2016

  18. I sat there shaking. scared. frightened. my heart was beating faster than I ever thought it could… all because of you. When those 3 words left my mouth i felt relieved and terrified. And then… you touched my hand. And I knew it was going to be okay.

    By Delaney on 05.01.2016

  19. she was looking for a sign. All she wanted was a sign. she couldn’t move forward until she saw this sign. but she waited patiently. until the light turned green.

    By Rachel Marr on 05.01.2016

  20. When he finally kissed her, in the pouring rain, behind his broken down truck, on a gravel township road, he wondered what he had been waiting for. What signal was she supposed to give him to tell him that now was the time?

    When she grabbed his collar, pulled him closer to her, and kissed him back, he wondered if she had been waiting for him to show her this is what he wanted. She was what he wanted.

    He had been waiting for the perfect moment. What he didn’t realize is that she is what made the moment perfect.

    By MeganC121 URL on 05.01.2016