May 11th, 2017 | 60 Entries

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60 Entries for “shore”

  1. the shore may blow towards the alaskian huskies direction,
    but, there, stands, a man,
    who’s heart controls the sea breeze from ever entering
    in on the dog’s heart.
    Just because the sea breeze didn’t blow his way,
    the man stuck a shovel into the sand castle that a child worked
    harder than iron to create.

    By Milad URL on 05.11.2017

  2. blackmail yourself while your on the shore
    walking your dog
    to be nothing but a writer
    a writer of your own life story,
    an endeavors hog.
    Theres only a centrifuge of
    old news, autobiography,
    and new news, your biography,
    create a tale taller than your own standards and desire
    and watch, free smoke, wander
    the air,
    and all of your empire.

    By Milad URL on 05.11.2017

  3. Go,

    Verb. This morning was sluggish. After getting up to get some coffee after 2 hours of unproductivity at work, it kicked in.

    I became a go-getter. I took care of some tasks and felt like I was making today worthwhile. But now it’s lunch. I don’t want coffee.

    But I want to get up and get GOing!

    By KNac on 05.11.2017

  4. To put some fundation piles or similar to suport something

    By jr on 05.11.2017

  5. I remember how I felt. I felt calm and collected, but also I felt alone. But not in the sense that it bothered me. I felt alone in the way, that no one will ever fit with me like some kind of puzzle piece. And its not that I feel I’m missing something romantic in that way either. But I tend to hang onto relationships and friendships that almost fit it, but probably never will. We are vast small universes expanding within ourselves, and we wonder what the hell is going on with us half the time. I remember I was in New Zealand. I had walked for hours, to just get away. I found myself near the water, right along the shore. And I started laughing. I could not stop from grinning stupidly, because I met with myself as I seem to always, right there at the ends of dry land. And I think, it’s always been you, you silly girl.

    By blackvoid on 05.11.2017

  6. It rims the massive expanse…that leads nowhere but also everywhere. The boundaries are defining that are not colored outside… the sand skates across the landscape to intertwine in the dark abyss while the crumbs of the ocean mix.

    By Kprowess on 05.11.2017

  7. Beach. Clear blue water with white sand going through your toes. Warmth from the sun shining down as the water glistens. Coastlines for miles to ease the stress away from your daily life. Peace. Just the sounds of the waves breaking just in front of you while you immerse yourself in your thoughts.

    By Tara on 05.11.2017

  8. How to hold the wall against an endless tide, an immeasurable force, a crushing infinity?
    Do not resist. Let it flow over you. What other option do you have?

    By Jesse B on 05.11.2017

  9. I look for glass,
    Faded and worn
    Blunt and beautiful.
    The water itself looks as if
    There is a bed of blue and green
    Smoothed into stones.
    I add to my pockets
    Little tokens of
    One man’s trash
    Eyes in the sand finding
    The tiniest shards.
    When I first walked to the water
    The sound felt like
    I had dropped my burden from my back
    Suddenly I was breathing—
    And now pulling myself away
    I try to hold on to it
    Trying to cup waves in my palm
    And hold them there as long as time allows;
    No time at all.

    Salt water running away on my skin;
    Maybe I do always carry
    A little ocean with me.

    By Ai URL on 05.11.2017

  10. all I think of when I see this word is the sae shore =)

    By ian URL on 05.11.2017

  11. the lighthouse flashed it’s brilliance in quick moving slow circles. Many a night I followed th

    By a false terl on 05.11.2017

  12. Sometimes when the sky turns red she walks down to the shore. If she squints, she can see the purple that the blue sea makes at the horizon when it meets with the clouds above. The shells are always sharper on red days. She swears that everything is harder, that everything is tinted rouge, like the layer of blood was on top on the skin instead of under, but her friends don’t understand. “It’s blue,” they say, like it’s easy. “If you just remember the sky is blue, maybe you won’t have to go down to the shore so much.
    But she can see the is red in their eyes.

    By Vivian P DeRosa on 05.11.2017

  13. i once took you to the sea-shore, remember?
    we went on a walk and the ocean licked our feet
    hand-in-hand we ran in to the open sea
    our hair was wet and mangled, and your
    skin was made of sea salt, but your
    mouth tasted like sweet strawberry ice cream

    By Pandyfish on 05.11.2017

  14. I waded,
    Strung, floating,
    on the surface of the ocean,
    at the mercy of the waves length…
    to the rhythm of its mood.
    In the distance,
    a texture appeared above the
    aquatic desert.
    Hope, solidified.
    A promise.

    By beachbumrach URL on 05.11.2017

  15. This word reminds me of a short story I write about a day at the beach. One of my mother’s friends read it and commented that it was very sensuous. I guess even at a young age living through my sense was so very important to me. And I was more sensuous than I ever would have known.

    By Victoria Crispo on 05.11.2017

  16. We went down to the shore to talk. The sounds of the surf coming in and receding always made us feel relaxed. Since the conversation was going to be heavy, we needed the calm to keep us from erupting at each other.

    By MsShel330 on 05.11.2017

  17. I’d like to wash up on a shore. Someplace overrun with tourists. They’d see me in the sand, pale and shiny and covered in seaweed and think I’m asleep. Or an exotic fish.

    By Abby Jelly on 05.11.2017

  18. Minnesota nice is
    the sun glowing low over
    the still surface
    of the lake outside
    that old fashioned dinner club on
    the other side of town

    By peri on 05.11.2017

  19. The shore seemed so far, but it was there. By god it was there. I tried to make my limbs move faster, ignore the salt burning my eyes and the back of my throat, the unimaginable depths below me. I was almost there. I am GOING to make it.

    By TheAIndex on 05.11.2017

  20. “Look at her. She’s such a beach.”
    “Oh, shore.”
    “And her, she’s such a bank.”
    “Yeah, littorally.”
    “You can see entire coastland!”
    “No wonder she’s still shingle.”

    By omqwat on 05.11.2017