October 25th, 2011 | 387 Entries

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387 Entries for “shepherd”

  1. I am looking for a shepherd, nor would I want to be one. I’m not part of a flock and I don’t to have to be responsible for a flock. Let me soar over the mountains searching for carrion.

    By Roy Cutler URL on 10.26.2011

  2. A shepard wandered into the bar and said, “Where’s my pie?”

    Laughter coursed throughout the tavern and William walked up and slapped the lowley sheep rangler on the back..

    By Quatopygia on 10.26.2011

  3. Jesus was a shepherd of souls
    I am a shepherd of gin and piss
    finding oblivion before i find my words
    and find my thoughts
    as they seep out of my typewriter
    onto the page
    as i am fed to the wet crotch of another damned day

    By Andy URL on 10.26.2011

  4. A simple word, shepherd, though many forget the connotation. A shepherd is known to his flock, of him they are not afraid: the sheep trust their master and follow him where’re he may go. Be a shepherd, it doesn’t have to be sheep that you prize.

    By ProspectorJack on 10.26.2011

  5. As he walked he wondered if he would be able to get there on time. What life was this that he chose to lead. So lonely. So desperate. Yet the most peaceful of all the world because those he was to lead were so grateful for his presence, and they never complained.

    By AbbyK on 10.26.2011

  6. Shepherds lead sheep. Sheep are the children of God. We’re all here to be led somewhere that we’ve never been before. Our shepherd, God, is waiting for us to put faith in him to lead us somewhere we’ve never thought of going before. It’s all on our own time.

    By Kristina Pleasants on 10.26.2011

  7. shepherd’s pie? PIE? REALLY? you’re so deceiving, you sneaky dish…

    pie implies the style of dessert but none of that for me, the veggie

    By [entury Goth|c Med!um URL on 10.26.2011

  8. He was a shpeherd. He still is a shepherd, except not to just sheep, but to millions of people. everyday, he leads them, and he tends them. The Lord tends to them all, he takes care of all wounds, all illnesses, he helps those who suffer from emotional pains and from physical pains, even the ones who deny him, even the ones who do not believe, the Lord still is a shepherd to them, because they are his people, and he loves them so. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Psalm 23

    By Anne Harlow on 10.26.2011

  9. i never really understood what a shepherd was. i mean is it like a sheep herder or something? i guess its not really a common thing anymore……. well at least at some point it was.

    By 13ghosts on 10.26.2011

  10. The shepherd and his sheep. At least he has his sheep. All alone on the hill in the dark as he looks up at the sky and thinks about how empty his life would be without his sheep. He sighs and cries and watches his sheep eat.

    By MoiyaHatake URL on 10.26.2011

  11. they carry sticks or crooks and follow sheeps around saying things like ‘Hup!’ or whistling. Often seen on hillsides or following stars.

    By Mezzi on 10.26.2011

  12. You’re leading me, the way you’ve led all the others, but this time I’m not following blindly. That’s faith.
    Which I don’t have, anymore.
    It’s not your fault, and I haven’t told anyone, yet. But I’m faithless, now.
    No shepherd can bring me the way the other sheep came without explaining: Why. Why.
    I always want to know now. It’s my failing, my shortcoming.
    My lack of faith showing through and shoveling problems into my way.
    So tell me, the way you never told any of the others: Why.
    Why me?

    By Thirteen URL on 10.26.2011

  13. The Shepard is there to protect you. Don’t leave him. He’s mot smothering you as you think he is. He is your guide. You need him, despite your wish to be independent and free.

    By Autumn Ameilia on 10.26.2011

  14. Guided. Guided I was by my impractical thoughts of how strong I was, how ready and able I was. Then finally one day I discovered I was not superwoman. I stopped shepherding myself with these thoughts of perfection, and finally started feeling.

    By sheirin URL on 10.26.2011

  15. Shepherd… Pie? I like pie… But what does shepherd pie even have in it though? Scraps? Aren’t those for dogs or other sorts of furry animals..? Unless it’s chocolate. Chocolate.Is. Never. Considered. Scraps. (Randomness of the day, people.)

    By June Lex URL on 10.26.2011

  16. Sheep. Peace. Shepard’s Pie is delicious. My mom use to cook it for me and it was my favorite- because I would scrap the potatoes off the top and only eat those. Reminds me of home.

    By Gail on 10.26.2011

  17. I’m lost on an island with a bunch of people that I don’t know and then I fall in love with a girl. She broke my heart. I walk on.

    By Carlos on 10.26.2011

  18. Sheep. Sheep-man. Peace.
    Shepherd’s Pie is delicious. My mom would cook it for me when I was little, I liked it because I could scrap off the potatoes on top and only eat those. Reminds me of home.

    By gail URL on 10.26.2011

  19. A shepherd stomped across the lush green pasture, his sheep trotting obediently behind him. “Come along!” he shouted.

    By Hana URL on 10.26.2011

  20. a shepherd leading his sheep
    the bible laying on the dresser
    praying to the lord for wisdom
    lead me, i am the sheep you are the shepherd

    By heather URL on 10.26.2011

  21. Shepherd’s pie. A pie we’ve never had. It looks sort of gross. So we are glad we’ve never tasted it. But our Mama says to try lots of things, so maybe I should try it. But it still looks disgusting. Well. Thats it for today. Bye.

    By Hana URL on 10.26.2011

  22. Reading old stories and hearing folklore about the shepherd s i had strange yearning to become one and wander on my on and explore just the way they did in stories but the reality is stronger than dreams and i soon realized it was difficult.

    By filza URL on 10.26.2011

  23. I tried to shepherd the dogs into the house, out of the downpour. But once they saw the squirrel running across the yard, it was pandamonium…or should I say pugamonium.

    By Pat URL on 10.26.2011

  24. God and how he has lead me, his lost sheep through hardships in my life. He is constantly looking over his flock and loves each and everyone of us for seperate reasons but he loves us with the same love. its unconditional and pure.

    By Anna-Kate Bruns on 10.26.2011

  25. I wonder if sheep think of a shepherds as being overbearing, micro-managers? Those pushy humans trying to tell them what to do! Why i never! But it’s actually a good thing. Maybe without them, they’ll wonder away.

    By Bryan Edward URL on 10.26.2011

  26. The shepherd leads his flocks towards the water. To drink. To partake in the living of life. To go somewhere where none had previously gone. The shepherd is the guiding light of the flock.

    By carl URL on 10.26.2011

  27. Guide…showing you where you need to go and how to get there. With confidence but humility, strength but empathy, your shepherd is you soul’s father.

    By Ady on 10.26.2011