April 2nd, 2019 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “several”

  1. There are several things that I want to tell you. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. But that doesn’t make me want you any less. I want to tell you that I want you, more than anything in the world. But I don’t want to start pursuing you in a bad way like that. After all, we don’t know each other. But somehow I feel like I need you. But how to I tell you all the things I want to? Why am I so scared to talk to you?

    By Ali on 04.02.2019

  2. She counted. Yeah, she had enough. Enough when it counted, anyway. In reality, that as all the mattered. It wasn’t that she needed to have enough all the time, after all. Only when she needed it. And she didn’t need it all the time. That was the beauty of living the way she did.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.02.2019

  3. The gods envy Humanity.

    They envy our ability to have faith, in our perseverance, envy our audacity to see the very limits the Universe and push beyond them.

    They envy each breath, each firing synapse, each passing flutter of a pulse.

    They envy how precious we consider each moment, envy our resilience, envy our willingness to keep digging, even if we assuredly have the answers.

    They envy each smile, each agonizing cry, each desperate embrace.

    They envy how deeply we feel, envy our compassion, envy how we allow our passions throwing us headlong into the unknown.

    They envy each scar, each broken bone, each blood-encrusted knee as we rise from our falls.

    They envy our creativity, envy our persistence, envy each wisp of imagination shared through canvas or parchment or concrete.

    Humanity envies the gods.

    Our envy is bred from a multitude of convictions, a plethora of longing.

    We envy immortality, envy the ability to pursue everything, envy infinity.

    We envy freedom, envy knowledge, envy limitlessness.

    We have a handful of reasons to envy the gods.

    But the gods?

    They have endless reasons to envy us.

    By ace on 04.02.2019

  4. Después de varios golpes dejó de sentir la quijada. Un zumbido le recordaba que no tenía muchas opciones y sólo debía aguantar un par de campanazos más. Dejó de sentir completamente, los golpes de su contrincante sólo eran como espasmos sobre sí. Ni siquiera supo cuando golpeó la lona ni si había llegado al décimo asalto. No supo si le iban a pagar lo acordado ni quien pagaría su funeral.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 04.02.2019

  5. Several days later, I finally saw a new prompt emerge from the void. It was a simple prompt – a singular word, in fact. At last, the burden of the drought was over, and I was ready to slake my thirst. I scrambled to my keyboard and let me fingers perform their dance. When it was over, I returned to the rankings, and there I was – still in third place.

    “One day,” I told myself, “I will be the OneWord Champion.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.02.2019

  6. And so here we were several moments later and I was the only one wearing a helmet. What was that meant to signify. Surely we were all here for the same reason. Maybe, just maybe I was in the wrong place…

    By hayley URL on 04.02.2019

  7. i would have several dogs because i love dogs. i would love to walk them all together and take them to dog parks and stuff. they would all be super cute and fun. they would all be nice to each other and be great dogs.

    By jessie mullett on 04.02.2019

  8. Sveral world issues are all caused by human beings like global warming pollution and stuff lik that even thiugh there are several ways to fix it its srillnot enough as long as all people work together to save our world.

    By bridget mopera URL on 04.02.2019

  9. “How many?”

    “Oh, several.”

    How vague, isn’t it. She’ll never tell, never say how many secrets he holds, how many broken hearts she’s left behind, or how many people have disappeared because of her and her greed.

    I think it’s because she doesn’t know anymore.

    Now, only I do.

    By Sparklespirit on 04.03.2019

  10. i think of several words and phrases. i, of course, trip on them more often than i walk over them. there are only tree roots under my feet now, no flat ground. there are only hills with slick paths and fields with no more rocks. there is no more tread. there is no more friction. so my words trip and kick eachother until he doesnt want to correct their step anymore. and it is okay because i put the roots there. i let them grow and twist under my heels. so we both fall down the path

    By neutral-dick-hotel on 04.03.2019

  11. “There are several things you should keep in mind if you’re looking to buy this property, Ms. Carter.” Arthur slid a file folder across the desk, and Elyse picked it up. “There’s some structural damage it sustained during heavy rainstorms last year. Some foundational issues as well. But all in all, if you’re hoping that this could be your forever home—well, with a little bit of work, it can be.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 04.03.2019

  12. Every bead meant something. Something dark, something bright, something evil, something kind. The colors, the shades, the patterns would tell you what it was. hers, hers were all dark. Evil, twisted, deadly. I wondered why she hasn’t been sentenced to death. Looking at the last bead, I knew. That would be too kind compared to what she’s guilty of. In the middle of her chest, on a seperate chain, the bead of a monster scorched against her chest.

    By Nat on 04.03.2019

  13. There were several enemies. The man was surrounded. He waved his sword maniacally, causing everyone to step back. If he were to live, he must be ready to die. He was worst than a cornered mouse. He is lion trapped in a cave.

    By Arius on 04.03.2019

  14. there are several animals on this world but out of all of the one is the king. the lion, the lion is one of the biggest cats ever th walk the eart.

    By jayvin URL on 04.03.2019

  15. so Several moments went by. Dad was no where to be seen. What on earth could he get up to in these several seconds? I am absolutely mortified when I see out the corner of my eye dad standing against the brick wall staring out o space.

    By Hayley Ashcroft on 04.03.2019

  16. As she thought back on the past few years, it dawned on her the magnitude of how many were really affected. So many hurt by her actions. And as she tried to count, she realized it was impossible. She was thrilled. She may very well be the most successful in this game of death to have ever graced the planet.

    By Macey on 04.03.2019

  17. several days later there was no talking no nothing.It had got out of hand we have to fix this before we all vanish?

    By Indira on 04.03.2019

  18. Several days passed as the young girl waited for her mother to return and as she did she came back with several young boys and girls. Some were ill and others were covered in dust,

    By Bianca URL on 04.03.2019

  19. several, there are several pencils. several means multiple. i have several friends, Josh, Joshua, Noah, Haden, or I have several chocolates, Mars, Snickers, Picnic, Kit Kat. several can be used in many cases and is usually better to use then many or lots.

    By Bossu URL on 04.03.2019

  20. Not one, not two, but several buzzards
    cluster on the tops of trees
    at the top of the town
    Some rise and circle, squawking.
    we watch.

    By Susanna Holstein URL on 04.03.2019

  21. It started with just one cat. Couldn’t resist and I was lonely at home … plus it was just me so why not get a bit of company? And then I had work and they seemed so lonely so of course I had to get them a buddy. Then … and then there was this stray that just looked so lonely … and then my neighbor’s cousin was moving and had to leave their cat behind and … well, just one more wasn’t going to be too much of a push, right?
    I may have gotten myself into more than I bargained for.

    By terradi on 04.03.2019

  22. i was walking around today and i saw several stray cats walking around it made me think why are there so many cats, dogs are way better!
    i dont understand why cats run around on top of f

    By koorn on 04.03.2019

  23. xbbffffffffffffffffffffffff

    By asdf on 04.03.2019

  24. Army of lies
    wind and twist
    my stomach out
    of love.

    Several promises
    I gasp at air-like,
    but you keep pushing
    my head under water.

    By dinamspice URL on 04.03.2019

  25. your site is great and very useful

    By Ali Mohammad Borzou on 04.03.2019

  26. Several thought roam around my head. Where did we go wrong? How can i keep you happy? What are your dreams? Where do my wishes fit in your grand design. What keeps me held back from showing my emotions for you. Sometimes it feels like a year without you but a moment when with you.

    By Adithya Menon on 04.04.2019

  27. i am an empty pit, in the middle the city, in plain sight, billowing up dust silent dust clouds in the wind and, eroding, eroding, eroding. several years ago someone taught me how to hate myself and i have not been the same since.

    By yes on 04.04.2019

  28. i am an empty pit, in the middle the city, in plain sight, billowing up dust silent dust clouds in the wind and, eroding, eroding, eroding. several years ago someone taught me how to hate myself and i have not been the same since.

    By bea on 04.04.2019