November 1st, 2013 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “sensible”

  1. Sensible is what other people are. it is a foreign word, inimical to my insensible self. an opposite to my being.

    By udrf on 11.01.2013

  2. My body shivers,
    Yet years have passed since
    You touched me.
    You left me, broken
    not in my right mind.

    By A.B.S on 11.01.2013

  3. Sometimes you just have to go for it. It may not be smart. It may not be a good idea. But going for it is what you have to do. You’ve gotta leap into the fray, take what’s coming to you and keep your chin up.
    Often it ends in disaster. Sure, the best of us fail, but that’s the beauty of life. Either you get up the next day and try again, or you don’t. Life is the hardest thing you’ll ever be saddled with, but it’s definitely the most fulfilling.

    By walkingUnwoken on 11.01.2013

  4. What is the sensible decision. I’ve been asking myself this all day, weighing the options. My foot is in two doors. I need help, someone make the choice for me. Did I rush into a relationship too soon? I feel hopeless right now. It’s over. I’m done with him.

    By alaska on 11.01.2013

  5. It’s 8:30 which means breakfast, but I am sitting alone in the kitchen. The light is off, the stove is off…there is no crinkling sound of bacon cooking, or my mother’s padded feet scurrying about the kitchen as she puts the coffee on. No, there is just me sitting here and wondering what the hell the sensible thing to do is the morning after your mother was murdered.

    By courtneydoe on 11.01.2013

  6. she was always sensible, in an annoying way, it was only annoying to her though. she wished she could be crazy, she wished her life wasn’t what it was. then one day it wasn’t. everything changed, in a dramatic, who could have expected this way. Bad desions and good times are what she wanted, unfourtantly she just got the bad desions

    By Abby on 11.01.2013

  7. soft

    By Sushi on 11.01.2013

  8. The only sensible thing to do would be to stop. Just to set the papers down, walk out the door, and never look him in the eyes again.

    So why was she just standing there, pen hovering over the contract? She should move, say something, anything, and yet she was frozen. Incapable of even the smallest acts of conviction.

    By Tootles. on 11.01.2013

  9. think about it. just think about it. yeah, think about it. think, think, think. don’t feel, think. i think therefore I think. sens-i-ble. sense the bull

    By Lee on 11.01.2013

  10. The tip of the cigar turned a bright red, and the the smoke, almost like a ghost danced out of the red-head’s mouth. Her green eyes examined the city that never sleeps. She hugged her bony knees, and picked at the whole in her ripped jeans. “You’re almost sensible” a strange teenager said to her, his deep brown eyes and his sleek blonde hair almost seeming not real. Like he was made up. “I don’t have a care, my friend” The girl replied, putting the small white death trap back into her mouth, her small pink lips letting the smoke once more be free.

    By Julia on 11.01.2013

  11. What I am usually. Though perhaps not everyone would think so. It makes me think of shoes. A dinner lady at school once admired my shoes for being sensible. But I don’t want to look back and think I lived a sensible life. I want to know that I lived life on the edge and to the full.

    By Blob on 11.01.2013

  12. I’m a very sensible person who needs love and compassion for her environment. I miss having that time for me. I don´1 understand why people is not sensitive.

    By priscila on 11.01.2013

  13. He was a sensible man. Despite the air of sweetness about him and the cheek hiding in the corners of his smile. All she knew in that very moment was that she had to get to know him and learn more about the way he drank his tea and why he didn’t like mice.

    By Corinne M. Child on 11.01.2013

  14. Sensible.
    The sensible thing to do would have been
    to accept the ending of our relationship
    at the very beginning
    to not drag this out
    to not let it get this far
    now I have one of those unshareable secrets
    that’s eating me from the innards of my brain
    to the bones in my stubborn feet
    (don’t worry I don’t regret you)

    but I had to make sure that this was real
    I had to make sure it’s what I really wanted
    other wise I would have left & gone
    right back to you
    & I’m convinced the same thing would have happened eventually
    we would have realized this in the end.
    In the end when our names were together on every bill
    and we were paying mortgage on a home together
    and we had two little blue eyed children
    who want to know why mommy is never home
    and why daddy is so quiet —

    and so I may have gone about this the wrong way
    but at least I did something about it.

    By stargirl on 11.01.2013

  15. It’s just not sensible? Why? Because it’s going to get all caught up in the wind and you’re going to look a twat, and you know it. Why do you always have to do that? What? Say exactly what is very likely to be…fucking…true. Ok fine. I’ll wear the fucking…changing room curtain of a dress then. So what’s with Danny anyway? It just seemed like he was completely….a bit of a tosspot?

    By Joey URL on 11.01.2013

  16. Intelligent and rational
    Not my job
    Not my life
    What I had for lunch

    By mtnslamgrass on 11.01.2013

  17. she was sensible
    she went to bed early
    she got up on time
    she ate breakfast
    and lunch
    and dinner
    she laughed
    and smiled
    and got good grades
    but when she was alone
    she was just a little less sensible
    as the blade slid down her wrist
    and the tears slid down her face

    By Rayne on 11.01.2013

  18. To be sensible means to not take any risks that might result in people thinking in that they’re irresponsible and that they shouldn’t be given responsibility later in the future. No-one is sensible all the time as they would be lonely and bored.

    By Chris Brent on 11.01.2013

  19. Shoes with no soles to keep feet afloat
    sleeves with no holes to catch the breeze
    hood with no head to hide the face
    jeans with no faded grass stains.

    By fz URL on 11.01.2013

  20. I used to think of myself as a sensible person. But, I let you in. I lost my sense of judgement. You opened me up and broke my heart.

    By Marina URL on 11.01.2013

  21. Nothing flashy or out of the ordinary. Comfortable shoes. Secure job. Smart choice of a life partner. Go to work everyday and be sensible. Stop at yellow lights. Don’t be rash. Wear your hair back. Be safe.

    By Leah on 11.01.2013

  22. I immediately think of sensible shoes. Also of Sense and sensibility. A sensible person uses good sense, common sense. Hmmm… circular definitions. I am usually sensible. Sometimes it’s tiresome to be sensible. Still thinking of sensible boring brown sturdy shoes. that seems to be the epitome of sensible to me. Not very exciting

    By Kim on 11.01.2013

  23. “The sensible thing to do would be –”

    “FUCK the sensible thing to do!” Courfeyrac cried gleefully. “For once let’s just — let’s just fuckin DO a thing, you know what I mean? I feel so ALIVE let’s DO something let’s KILL a guy!”

    “Well maybe we shouldn’t do THAT, necessarily, but –”

    “No I’m dead serious Combeferre let’s kill a guy,” Courfeyrac said, managing to pull his face into an expression of complete and total deadpan.

    Without missing a beat, Combeferre sighed and replied, “The only thing is that Enjolras won’t answer any of my texts so even if we /were/ gonna kill him, I don’t know where he is…”

    Courfeyrac barked a laugh before smashing his bespectacled friend into a tight embrace. “Don’t ever change, you transcendent mythological creature, you.”

    By Julia A. URL on 11.01.2013

  24. Aunt Abigail scoffed at the unsensible attire. Genevieve had dressed to impress, not to enter a convent. She had donned her most revealing attire and lengthy strings of pearls. With disapproving eyes Aunt Abigail snatched the neckline and with violent force, pulled it up. In the process she managed to break the strand of pearls. The powdery orbs hitting the floor in a symphony of clicks and clacks.

    By Rose Elizabeth on 11.01.2013

  25. Sensible is kitten heels and knee length skirts and combing your hair each day and completing your homework before 2:38 AM.

    By nnn on 11.01.2013

  26. It would be so much simpler if there were no feelings…but that’s not how life works. Anyways, if everything was simple things would get awfully boring.

    By Emma on 11.01.2013

  27. Javier Esposito was normally very sensible when it came to his partner, Kevin. Kevin Ryan. His police partner for years. But watching him there, sucking on a cherry tootsie-pop, his sensibilities all went to hell, and he dragged his partner in for a kiss.

    By AuroraBlix on 11.01.2013

  28. She was sensible. That’s how everyone always described her. Her sister was wild. Her brother was rebellious. Her best friend was innocent. And she was sensible. She always found it to be the most boring of them all. Who wants to be called sensible, to be told that that’s the main thing that they are? No one, and especially not her.

    By Melanie Rose on 11.01.2013

  29. Louisiana liked to think she was fairly sensible. She only took jobs that she could complete, no matter how dangerous. She never spent more money than she had. She only took shots at targets that she could make. She cleaned up the messes that she made. But standing there with a goofy grin on her face at York’s antics, then watching her tan-armored colleague walk over to his lady-love and whisper like a five-year-old with Carolina, the ache in her heart didn’t feel very sensible.

    By AuroraBlix on 11.01.2013

  30. The time was now, do I grab the pretentious and unreasonable belt. Do I understand the fates of others, or do I grab the material item. Whatever I do, it must shine.

    By Zach Pauly on 11.01.2013

  31. Spock is the most sensible being on the enterprise, but he is not as logical as ture vulcans because of his human blood. But then there’s the android, data, who is even more sensible. But if you really think about it he’s not sensible because he has no emotion and hes simply a robot. I think sensible is a weird word because english is weird and it has a silent e. All english is just annoying to me though. So yeah i don’t know what else to write about sensibility because I ain’t no Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility person whose amazing at writing. Though I do enjoy being a smatter writer, just here and there, you know. Poems and stuff.
    I suppose I’m not very sensible myself because I’m writing random thoughts now and my time is almost up so crap.

    By Sarah on 11.01.2013

  32. “His lordship’s offer is a fair one-”
    “I don’t want to marry him, father. My heart belongs to someone else; it wouldn’t be fair,”
    He sighed. “Now you must be sensible, my dear. Lord Hamish is gone-”
    “I don’t care about Hamish!” I snarled, rounding on him. “I care about-” I cut myself off, the name sticking in my suddenly tight throat. ‘Rebekah.’

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.01.2013

  33. It was a sensible decision, he reckoned, to leave her behind. Where he was going, he would have no use for her, and she could not be expected to adapt to the new environment. The space station was by necessity small, and there would be no room for her to run freely. He gave the keys to his brother and said, “Look after her for me!” His brother stared lovingly at the shiny black Mustang, and whispered “Thanks!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.01.2013

  34. I thought about her hair. It was styled nicely, sensibly sophisticated. She was beautiful. She was all I thought about all the time. I couldn’t focus clearly with her in the same room as me.

    By kaci on 11.01.2013

  35. He was sensible for himself and other people. That’s what I love about him. I wouldn’ t have fallen for him if he’s not like that. I love him very much. Sensibility is a really good trait. He is most understanding. Not angry all the time.
    He also has sense of humour which made everybody laugh especially me. Where could you find another guy like that?

    By roze_princess on 11.01.2013

  36. “Please be sensible.”

    “I am being sensible!”

    “No, you’re not,” retorted Ben’s sister. “In fact, you’re being the opposite of sensible. And it needs to change.”

    “I want to go out for a beer with friends. Is that so hard?”

    “Yes!” his sister snapped. “Because you spend forty dollars at the end of the night and then refuse to buy groceries!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.01.2013

  37. Sensible. That wasn’t exactly a word one would use to describe her. No, just by looking at her high heeled shoes, or the stupidly placed objects that filled the halls of her small apartment. She wasn’t sensible, no, but in her mind everything had a place, that she knew.

    So maybe her shoes weren’t the most practical thing in a town where cracks in the pavement were large enough to swallow a heel, and maybe she’d tripped over an object on the way to the bathroom one too many times, but no matter how unpractical her life may seem, she’d never call herself anything but sensible.

    By Alex on 11.01.2013

  38. Sensible shoes, check, comfortable, knee length skirt, check. Hat, thick glasses, hair pulled back in a bun. Desiree’s disguise as an elderly woman was ready. Whether or not anyone would buy it remained to be seen.

    By Michelle M on 11.01.2013

  39. I know I should be sensible. I should get up when my alarm goes off the first time, instead of after hitting snooze a dozen times before it finally times out and stops “snoozing”. And before my cat realizes I’m alive from all the rustling of the covers , and meows himself hoarse for a second breakfast.

    By Rebecca URL on 11.01.2013

  40. “Sensible or insensible, he has to be up on the main deck in five minutes. Three minutes! These people don’t wait around like you and I.”

    “Three minutes or thirty, I don’t see how we’re going to get a stone-drunk man up three flights of stairs when he’s handcuffed to…”

    By Custoo Fintel on 11.01.2013