September 15th, 2013 | 79 Entries

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79 Entries for “senator”

  1. just before stepping through the curtains on to the stage, all illuminated by the big, bright lights, he stopped. He turned back toward his wife. In a voice no more audible than a whisper he curtly said, “Don’t you say a damn word.”

    By montse on 09.15.2013

  2. Senator, if only one appeared that was an innovator, a renovator of a country. A courageous senator; not scared of rebuke, not frightened of rejection, set on freedom, set on increase set on the comfort of hearts, on the victory of our future, willing to sacrifice himself.

    By Jose on 09.15.2013

  3. It’s getting old, this routine. All the pens and the papers and the trips to the offices. I wish I could just find another way to get through to you, without the trails and the ordered cars and the wishes and the publicity. What sort of debates do you think we’re going to win, staying up this late? Where could I go to try and get you to see things my way?

    There is a different forum for our sort of pain, our sort of arguments. I wish I could find another way to make you see what I mean when I say. In any case, I will be going now. Meeting adjourned.

    By haywirehay URL on 09.15.2013

  4. I saw reality and the senator had known for decades what was now dawning on me for the first time. I had a lot to learn, and if I was lucky, perhaps I’d stick with this job and get some insight. Wait…. How had I gotten into his campaign circle in the first place?

    By ISOreality URL on 09.15.2013

  5. Life sucked out
    Like a bat looking for its sight
    Wanting always to reach to the light
    But always filled with doubt

    Doubt that hinders
    Never to be exceeded
    Trying for the haunted
    Left to wonder,

    “Will I reach through that veil
    and prevail?
    Or will I fall to the ground
    To be devoured by the hounds?”

    By Evelynn on 09.15.2013

  6. The senator stands behind his desk, thinking. He’s got a lot to do, he had many problems. And now, he’s considered a hero, for what, being corrupt?

    By Javier URL on 09.15.2013

  7. “Don’t, please don’t involve me in this. I got nothing to do here, I’m not the senator, it’s you” That’s what she told me, when I came up with the truth, but never thought it could be so hard to explain.

    By Fernando on 09.15.2013

  8. I couldn’t blame him for not willing to go outside. Those people were like a pack of hungry wolves. Instead of meat they wanted answers.
    I knocked at his office’s door and when I didn’t get an answer, I entered the room.
    I saw him but I knew right away that no answers would be given today.

    By Alice Shina on 09.15.2013

  9. It was a Senator that hit me. Not the political figure. The big Japanese car type. Pulled out of nowhere and sent me flying through the air to land in a tangle meteres the otherside. Nothing hurt for awhile but then fire.

    By Angus Rose on 09.15.2013

  10. hello

    By cvvf URL on 09.15.2013

  11. Senator: That asshole who goes on T.V. and pretends to be a logical, caring human being. Then, once he’s elected, he shows up to work a few times a year and pretty much screws over your state as much as possible and still get’s paid for it.

    By AmeliaJ on 09.15.2013

  12. Senator Dickballs and his crew were prancing the strip of Las Vegas. It was an uneventfule evening filled with the usual hookers and blow, which is commonpractice for these lots. really there’s no limit to the debauchaery these men will engage in. I watched them fuck a prime rib on the buffet line bfore. it was goddam gross.

    By zerosozha on 09.16.2013

  13. There was an art deco hotel over there in south beach named the senator. It was demolished when art deco was suddenly recognized as a historic thing. The senator started the whole art deco movement on south beach to save and restore all those old buildings even though it was gone forever in 1988. Those were the days, my friend.

    By michaelbuzz on 09.16.2013

  14. This senator, he keeps sending people pictures of his dick. I mean, once is enough, but this just keeps going on. Sex addict. Then again who isn’t? All these people are just horny and because theyre supposed to be moral leaders or whatever they get penalized…hehe penalized… Fuck who cares if this dude is hung and likes to show it?

    By Siege A Duffy on 09.16.2013

  15. The night that I wrote to my senator, I never thought he would write back to me. I was, however horrified by his response. The secrets that he revealed to me, a lowly constituent was the singlehanded most disturbing piece of information I’ve ever recieved.

    By James Byrne on 09.16.2013

  16. It was the D day. The senator of the smithsonian counsil has arrived. The face of the people who have gathered were like ebony. There was chaos among the people that what will the senator’s gonna say.

    By karthikeyan on 09.16.2013

  17. Seldom do you see an overjoyed senator on the rebound making good political decisions.

    By A False Terl on 09.16.2013

  18. Try as hard as he could the senator speaking on the tonight show, last night could not persaude his audiance that his position on gay rights and gay marriges was correct. In the face of huge protest from the entire nation he could do the correct thing and offer his regisnation to the party.

    By victor URL on 09.16.2013

  19. It was a very fraught day. The first time in the White House was scary and the senator was really intimidating. The first of many meetings….

    By Alexandra on 09.16.2013

  20. He was a tall man with wide broad shoulders and a muscly chest to match. I stared up into his eyes and asked curiously, “Are you who they say you are? That man?” He nodded curtly.

    By Sheena on 09.16.2013

  21. The Senator knew his role well, knew the part he was suppose to play in the unfolding drama but his heart was not in it. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Why did he ever think that he could have kept his skeletons in the closet. Better men had fallen before him.

    By Tracey on 09.16.2013

  22. please sir, return to your seat. You’re time is up. You have made your point. Yield, Sir!, Yield, you big blowhard, defense company, pharmaceutical company shill.

    By Lee on 09.16.2013

  23. He knew what he was – the last senator. As Rome slithered further and further from her days of glory so did the Senate. Now was the end. The last senator stood up, bowed to the gods and ancestors and left the chamber.

    By E A M Harris URL on 09.16.2013

  24. Da da da da da da da da. I’m a senator!
    Da da da da da da da da! I’m a senator!
    There isn’t a thought in my brain.
    But I only like to cause pain!
    I’m a senator!
    Americans need to be controlled. That’s the only solution to every problem!
    I’m a senator!
    Da da da da da da da da da!
    I’m a senator!
    Look at me!

    By Rover on 09.16.2013

  25. The senators rose as one, clutching their robes about them: old heads with jowls flabby from an easy life; lean young men hungry to make their mark, but all of them scenting blood like a pack of jackals.

    By mrsmig on 09.16.2013

  26. The senator knew that his son would die soon. Wether he won the campaign or not, wether he remained in power and his political influence grew, or it all came down like twigs in the wind, his son would die either way. No amount of power couldn’t bring back a child.

    By Jake FitzSimons on 09.16.2013

  27. The senator was a murderer…. everyone knew it. She was jogging after hours, and he was the one to blame. No one had the guts to point the finger at him…. too powerful, too much knowledge, too much fear, but nonetheless, everyone knew that it was him.

    By Mrs. B on 09.16.2013

  28. “Senator Jackson this is extremely improper!” Lilith keeps a tight-lipped smile and subtly shifts in her chair; his hand comes off of her knee like he was burned with hot iron. “You little bitch,” his spits, cheeks flushed with embarrassment. He turns on his heel and stomps out of the room. Lilith turns off the webcam attached to her computer monitor. The good Senator’s constituents would probably like to see that recording. She picks up the phone.

    By Andrea on 09.16.2013

  29. “Governments at all levels today maintain a rather different form from what existed prior to, well, you know,” he said. “And as far as we can extrapolate, a different form from what likely would have existed in global geopolitics by now.” The cool voice soothed over the radio, and she turned up the volume. “Whether it be senator, king, president, parliament, the system all changed because of that dark day.”

    By Anthony StClair on 09.16.2013

  30. Who the hell you think you are, the senator? The king of the hill? The dictator of my thoughts? Step back, this is my space! Here we cultivate our own minds, harvest our own creations.

    By happyrabbit on 09.16.2013

  31. it seems to me that senators are usually sneaky and generally decietful. They are more long term than people from the house of representatives who have to rerun every two years. Senators are very well paid and are more likely to be centered around a scandal than a member of the House. Most senators are white.

    By Alexandra on 09.16.2013

  32. now is the time for your prime limes to harvest across the tim jarvis lawn care sarvice spanish hides and brendin lies fat knives from the senator, giving me resplendent doors. more.

    By Colton on 09.16.2013

  33. Senator M roamed the halls in his starched white shirt and aqua tie. Not a hair was seen above the wave that had been gelled at the front of his head.

    By nj on 09.16.2013

  34. He stood tall against the American flag backdrop. He had a poker face for the ages and even the screeching calls for his resignation did not break his confident demeanor. Heart hammering in his chest, and his wife’s sweaty palm in his hand, he cleared his throat to speak.

    By Soft URL on 09.16.2013

  35. He was mean, burly, and fat. He showed no mercy towards his enemies, bribed and bothered his supporters. Did he buy his way in? I think so. But then again, it’s really none of my business is it?
    I don’t really care.
    He’s not what I want to write about.
    I want to write about Jacob.

    By Liane on 09.16.2013

  36. In my lab reading last week Aristotle compared senator’s and many-leaved plants, or were they the parts of animals? I miss my mom.

    By Camille on 09.16.2013

  37. Where are your real priorities, I wonder all the time. On a ladies thighs or how our deficit is miles high.

    By Zelia Gonzales on 09.16.2013

  38. What is a Senator? A senator is someone that has to be popular, smart, driven, and somewhat lucky. I mean there are a whole lot of people who live in South Carolina and out of those people only two can be senators! WOW!

    By Anna Felmet URL on 09.16.2013

  39. there’s a lipstick stain on the collar
    of your handwash-only shirt

    the on-spot news team will spot it later
    zoom in and make you

    the star of a new controversy

    i suppose this is corruption
    and honey
    i’m making millions

    By h. b. on 09.16.2013