December 28th, 2016 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “selfie”

  1. selfie is a usless word about a useless verb. do not take selfies, take pictures. capture the moments around you not just frames of your own face. take photos of your friends. remember them

    By Sage McDermott on 12.28.2016

  2. “Tyler died two days ago.”

    “No way! How?”

    Sebastian sighed and shook their head, their fingers dancing through their short bob. “You’re not gonna believe this – apparently, he was taking a selfie while hiking…and a mountain lion was behind him and got disturbed by the clicking sound.”

    “So he got eaten by a mountain lion?”

    “No, he freaked out and ran right into a giant patch of poison oak. Anaphylactic shock.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.28.2016

  3. She smiled as the camera clicked, clicked away. Pouty lips, tongue out, cheeky wink; it didn’t matter the face, Anna continued taking pictures. Because, damn, if she didn’t look amazing today.

    By Megan Paladino on 12.28.2016

  4. I pride myself in the fact that I have rarely ever taken any selfies.
    I’ve never liked them, mostly because I didn’t particularly like any pictures which included my face.
    But now he is gone, off in some strange land with a strange culture, and I was left with nothing, not a single picture to remember his face.
    Not a single picture to help my fragile recollection of his jaw structure, or eye color.

    And I can’t help but think, if I had been a selfie person, I’d have at least one picture to remember him.

    By Meg on 12.28.2016

  5. “But first, let me take a selfie,” Idina wrote as a caption, then selected a photo of herself that obviously was not shot by her own hand, considering she was at least 20 feet away standing in front of a waterfall.

    By Paige B on 12.28.2016

  6. let’s take a selfie! said lara.
    ella jumped in the photo with Lara. she pouted her lips in a typical “duck face.”
    Lara took the photo then inspected it. “We look great. Hey, Jake, come and take a selfie with us!”
    Jake had a beer in his hand and a smart shirt and pants. His mother had insisted he look his best seeing as it was his 18th birthday party.

    By Ellaandlara on 12.28.2016

  7. “This is really stupid,” Az said to Mif. “Taking a selfie is just so idiotic.”

    “Come on, we don’t have pictures of ourselves together.”

    “Hmmm,” Az said, thinking there was a reason for that. She wasn’t his girlfriend and she could just imagine how he would pass the photo around. She looked off into the distance to think of a sharp remark to make and as she turned, she heard the snap of his cell phone.

    “It’s blurred,” Mif said. “Let’s take another one.”

    “Let’s not,” Az said and turned to walk away.

    By chanpheng URL on 12.28.2016

  8. she took a selfie.
    she wouldn’t remember what the night was about.
    but the selfie would

    in the club toilets,
    on the streets,
    under the streetlights
    be it dustbins or
    scantily clad bodies,
    the selfie knew.

    By ching on 12.28.2016

  9. Loser behavior
    that gets popular among
    the mass human herd

    ego overfeeding
    to take and post a SELFIE
    is trite and absurd

    same old shot angle
    and distance from arm held out
    or bounced off mirrors

    nothing shown unique;
    have nothing better to do
    than snap you, pets, food?!

    Can you not perceive
    the difference between plain
    moments and special?

    It raises my RAGE
    to see all the photo wastes
    dumped in cyberspace

    [Seriously, sometimes hand the phone over to someone to take a picture of you and friends or set it on something and use a damn time delay. Also you’re not celebrities, great people have others wanting to get photos of them. Most aren’t obsessed with self snapping, no neediness to do so. Develope a talent. Don’t selfie video yourself copying some trick that someone else already got famous for. Think of something original and preferably not stupid, if that’s possible for you.]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.28.2016

  10. But first let me take aslefie and us emy phone an dit willl be great time to donhomework aan d shit fuck i camn type lol i love typing an dtaking selfies becaus ei look so smexy. yes i will loook so great on mny new phoen yeayygsyywq yessssssdssss

    By Katrina URL on 12.28.2016

  11. “Let Me Take a Selfie” is written by one of my favorite bands as of right now: The Chainsmokers. Their music is one of a kind. None of their songs sound the same. They have different vibes to every song. But ever song they write makes me feel great. I love the beats and the melodies they produce. I wish I could dance still because I would always be dancing to their songs.

    By Jess Poettker on 12.29.2016

  12. i was never much
    of a selfie person
    for with the influx of selfies being taken
    we miss
    and we forget
    and we evolutionise without
    and i find that
    far more scary
    than any self taken facial image.

    By Courtney on 12.29.2016

  13. Ein Selfie jeden Tag. Was kommt dabei wohl raus? Ich glaube, meine Selfies werden sehr langweilig. Viel zu langweilig. Weil ich mich so selten verändere. Weil ich mich so langsam verändere. Weil die Veränderungen so wenig offensichtlich sind. Weil es so wenig Spektakuläres im Hintergrund zu sehen gibt.

    By Lisa URL on 12.29.2016

  14. Selfies are not new. the ease at which people can create and share a selife though has change dramatically with digital cameras being included on our phones. People are often criticized for taking and sharing too many selifies but they can be a fun and creative way to express yourself to the world.

    By JulieT on 12.29.2016

  15. She pursed her lips and raised her chin, trying to get the angle right. Nothing. It didn’t work. She turned her head and exhaled, letting her mouth open slightly. Still not right. She crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. She had no idea if that looked good because her vision blurred. So a strong maybe to that one.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.29.2016

  16. I create myself
    Glitters, leathers, words and words.
    Waving my own flag
    Whatever the truth is, I am glad!

    By Sameeka on 12.29.2016

  17. You in the moments of life that you want to remember . Being present and recorded.

    By Kristy on 12.29.2016

  18. I have taken a few selfies in my time to see my awesomeness and post it to share with all my brilliant friends. We are ll brilliant and we should toot our own horns from time to time.

    By trkstr67 on 12.29.2016

  19. She never took selfies, and in my opinion, that was the biggest crime against humanity right there. “I don’t see the point,” she’d argue. “Everyone already knows what I look like, why should I take pictures to emphasize the fact.”
    “Because your face can never be emphasized enough,” is what I didn’t say.

    By Sara on 12.29.2016

  20. Mimi was still holding the phone up to her face, taking pictures of her pouty face and totally ignoring me. I was trying to do the same, but for some reason the fake camera shutter sound would not allow me to concentrate. Suddenly, she looked up smiling–but it wasn’t a regular kind of smile. There was something a bit devious behind it. “Hey Koushiro.” She must’ve noticed I had been staring right at her, but didn’t say anything to that effect. Instead, she bridged the gap between our couches and sat right next to me.
    I clenched my teeth and stared down at my laptop, my fingers hovering over the keys. “Yes, Mimi?”
    She pulled out her phone. “Let’s take a selfie together!” Before her sentence was even finished, the click of the camera sounded and she was giggling like mad. I groaned and tried to get back to my research.

    By spiffypenguin on 12.29.2016

  21. A selfie is just another sad trend that keeps people focused on themselves instead of other people. The point of a selfie to give other people the idea that you are perfectly fine when in truth you are just like everyone else.

    By K.T. on 12.29.2016

  22. I smiled, looking into my camera as I clicked the button. My friend laughed at my side, telling me to send it to her. We looked out at the mountains, amazed at how well our vacation’s gone so far.

    By Blue on 12.29.2016

  23. Hahaha, we laugh every time the filter changes. This time our faces mesh together (so grotesque) and we take a selfie, finally. It’s funny we even bother to compose a shot… It’s exhausting all of this Face Time; we might as well just be taking rapid-fire pictures from cameras strapped to our foreheads… Those are memories?

    By Zoe on 12.29.2016

  24. The Selfie was proof that she would leave soon. The evidence was clear as day: not only was she awake this early in the morning, but dressed and waiting to feel warm and toasty in her car before taking off as some ghostly avatar of a day already done during a time that had yet to pass. These things were in a quantum state of flux, you see, but the Selfie for all its purpose and design rendered the moment static. It sends a message twofold: “Look at me. I’ll see you soon.” Altho if taken out of context perhaps it just says: “Here I am for you to see.” The meaning and original purpose from there may splinter further if you take in account every informed and uninformed opinion about the senders who direct the camera upon themselves before pushing that fragment back out into the world. I see them as a statement whatever they may be.

    By Pin Spin Drop on 12.29.2016

  25. A photo taken by you that includes you. Can be very self-absorbed, but generally a way to include yourself in the photo from a fun gathering so you can capture and be captured in a great memory. Highly overused by teens drawing attention to themselves through social media.

    By Sue on 12.29.2016

  26. Self in the place of other. Other in place of self. Outward self. Inward self misrepresented as outward self. Selfless. Self.

    By Brenna on 12.29.2016

  27. something that self-absorbed people continue to take all day long. I am not interested in taking selfies. I feel as though they are the only pictures now placed on social media. They are not reflective many times as to how someone really looks because of the hundreds of filters and angles that someone can photograph in.

    By Jill Tilton on 12.29.2016