July 11th, 2010 | 262 Entries

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262 Entries for “secure”

  1. the blanket provided a sense of security for the friendless child. the muted voice that was even more muffled by her security.

    By Rebekah URL on 07.12.2010


    By ajaaa URL on 07.12.2010

  3. I know it sounds strange, but the only place I truly felt secure was in this cell. I was a monster and I needed to be isolated. Human contact was no deserved. The only way for me to feel safe, for me to know that others were safe, was to be assured that I was locked up, for good.

    By nathalie URL on 07.12.2010

  4. You have entered a secure website. All information has been encrypted for your protection. Access beyond this point is for members only. To create a unique log in, click here:

    By Yowzas! URL on 07.12.2010

  5. tucked in at night, blanket up to his face, night light on, teddy bear under arm, the little boy feels secure. there’s no waking mommy and daddy tonight.

    By cmdeme URL on 07.12.2010

  6. Wrapped tight under an old sweater and a red knitted blanket, I felt a strange sense of security as I watched the rain fall in a steady drumbeat against the window.

    By Caroline URL on 07.12.2010

  7. In life nothing is secure, no matter where you are.

    By terejacques on 07.12.2010

  8. I felt secure in his arms, like nothing could ever hurt me, then, the screaming started. It happened everynight daddy got drunk and brought a new lady home. Momma didnt like it and neither did i. But there was nothing we could do.

    By sarrah on 07.12.2010

  9. Secure in the knowledge of her own safety, she relaxed. The worst was over for now, they had reached an eye in the chain of storms and had a little time to rest. She smiled over at her friend, glad to be alive now. However, her happiness turned to horror as she saw that of those she had traveled with, only she was still alive. The others lay in piles around her, dead.

    By Mairead McParsis URL on 07.12.2010

  10. I need some security in my life right now. I don’t know that anything I have is my own. I’m feeling lost, and completely insecure about who I am. I know the changes that are in store for me, but there’s so much left to the unknown.

    By Jessica on 07.12.2010

  11. To be secure is to feel safe in the arms of a loved one. A father embraces his daughter and she feels secure. A husband takes his wife by the hand and leads her home. The lord leads us to fefuge when we need it the most. In security we find peace and comfort.

    By Lauren on 07.12.2010

  12. She secured the rope to her waist, pulling the cord for the fifth time. Hopefully all goes well, she thought. Then she lined her feet up with the edge, took a deep breath, and jumped.

    By colourrxn URL on 07.12.2010

  13. It was a secure night until the alrma sounded and everyone knew that the premises had been breached there was a sudden commotion as everyone stood up from thei chairs in the middle of the night in the dark office, employees began running around frantically

    By Andi on 07.12.2010

  14. washington d.c is all about security. when i went to the capital they checked my palms for bomb residue. that’s ridiculous. whatever. even all the museums had security…

    By Hannah on 07.12.2010

  15. To feel sure about something. To ensure the safety of something or someone.

    By Weffy URL on 07.12.2010

  16. Sound and secure. Two words that can both relax the mind as well as make one yearn to break free.

    By Betty on 07.12.2010

  17. One thing was that I was never secure. All I did was cry about myself, even though I tryed to stop. Until George came to me. He would wrap his arms aroung me and telll me in that wonderful sccent, “Em, you’re fine just the way you are. I love you.” He destroyed my insecurities.

    By Emily J. URL on 07.12.2010

  18. Whenever I see the skyline on a return flight, I can’t help but feel safe. I’ve never been a fan of flying, so knowing that I’m so close to touch down gives me an overwhelming sense of relief. This time, however, I didn’t feel anything resembling that familiar security of coming home.

    By Mollie Burkholder on 07.12.2010

  19. In a mother’s arm the babe was held safe and secure. Even though the night was londg and dark the babe slept like he should. Though the rain fell and the thunder crackled the babe never woke because he was held in the arms of his mother sheltered from the world.

    By Megan on 07.12.2010

  20. She had so much fury built up inside of her it was hard to keep a secure hold on her emotions as the car rattled down the the highway at breakneck speeds.

    By Amanda June Hagarty URL on 07.12.2010

  21. i wasnt secure enough to ask him what was going to happen now. i just sat in my seat pertridied and shaking. the plan shook agan and i could hear sobs in the seats behind me.

    By orla on 07.12.2010

  22. Secure means that everything is locked up tight. Nothing can get in. Everything is safe.

    By Kelsey on 07.12.2010