October 17th, 2010 | 183 Entries

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183 Entries for “seat”

  1. A seat. That was all Benjamin wanted when he walked into the doctor’s office. He hadn’t slept in what felt like 2 weeks. He had begged the receptionist to squeeze him into the doctor’s schedule around lunchtime, and she had begrudgingly agreed.

    By Billy Sweeney on 10.17.2010

  2. SIt. And watch as the world around you changes. You only sit, and watch. The lives around you pass by and the only recognition of this feat is when you yourself finally joins them

    By ColumbiaPhoenix URL on 10.17.2010

  3. Seats lassen sich in Seattle kaufen. Sättel gibt es dort auch gleich dazu. Ohne Schuh braucht mensch da gar nicht erst auftauchen, dass wäre nicht fein genug zum Sattelkaufen.

    By Lisa URL on 10.17.2010

  4. Take a seat, take a seat. The tables are crowded and I don’t know anyone here. How awkward. Maybe I’ll just stand. I’ll stand back here.
    But now everyone is staring.

    By Kathy URL on 10.17.2010

  5. seated on the edge of a cliff she waits for her destiny to unfold before her eyes. will it bring hope or more pain than she ever felt before? she can only wait. just like those before her.

    By soch URL on 10.17.2010

  6. seats come and go but this day will never come back and neither will your chance to do a good deed. so let it go and feel better about yourself. that’s all helping anybody else really does for you, most of the time.

    By soch URL on 10.17.2010

  7. Sit in a certified seat
    That is not a desktop
    Or on the counter
    Do not crowd by the door
    Like racehorses waiting to be released
    You crave the hallway
    And those five minutes
    Where you’re not asked to learn

    By Amiee URL on 10.17.2010

  8. flying by the seat of your pants? seat is the most unattractive word for your ass ever invented. it makes your body sound more like a practical machine than a piece of artwork.

    By k on 10.17.2010

  9. She took a seat at the funeral. It was a happy chair, one with a smile in the back. It seemed to mock her. Her father was dead, her mother was on the run. And now she had to sit in a chair that smiled at her while she cried

    By Cassady Latham on 10.17.2010

  10. seat of my pants. hot seat. seat of government. Arthur’s Seat. Baby’s crying, do I finish?

    By Sasha URL on 10.17.2010

  11. Take a seat? why don’t you? sure. go ahead, i’ll sit down, you invited me after all. This is how this works, right? I sit, you talk, at the end we shake hands and you get to determine if I get the job. Business as usual. Except my kids haven’t eaten today.

    By Mike on 10.17.2010

  12. I left the seat up, I always knew that they had the ability to lower the seat if they needed to. Who said it was designed to be only down? I think that if you have the brain to raise it you can lower it and if you need it up to raise it, if you need it down.. Well Put it down :)

    By Chuck K. URL on 10.17.2010

  13. A woman was wondering where she should go that day. She looked around the station, and just couldn’t decide. So many places to explore. SHe became overwhelmed, and finally took a seat.

    By Anastasia on 10.17.2010

  14. I take my seat,
    the seat i take,
    now i have sat
    in my seat
    a seat
    the seat
    who’s seat have i taken?
    i dont know
    i take my seat.

    By K.Stein on 10.17.2010

  15. you sit in a seat
    you might give up ur seat for someone more deserving or needy

    By amber URL on 10.17.2010

  16. take a seat. make yourself comfortable. tell me all about you all about your life and what you have seen. i promise i will be a good listener. take a seat and breath easy. life is good and i’m sure there is much to tell. take a seat and close your eyes. let me ease the pain as you take a seat.

    By abra URL on 10.17.2010

  17. the seat of a car is where i wish to sit in the mornings. but all day long i think about wanting to find a seat right next to him. the one i think i love… forever and ever into the future.

    By Athena URL on 10.17.2010

  18. It let’s me stay it allows me to rest and relax and enjoy the day. It can be hard or soft and represent the human in may ways according to how they sit on the ” seat”

    By Mads on 10.17.2010

  19. I could not grab a seat on your plane, you were moving to slow to get it, I only wanted a ride

    By Alisa on 10.17.2010

  20. i really don’t want to write about this word, because i feel like i’m flying by the seat of my pants. you see what i did there? it’s just a weird word to write about because it’s a place where you put your ass. and there’s nothing really special about that. nothing at all. unless you’re sitting in a seat in an awesome place, like yankee stadium

    By Lucy on 10.17.2010

  21. stop giving me the word seat already! which seat you take can change everything. we know this already though don’t we?

    By Mindee on 10.17.2010

  22. i strapped myself in to the car seat, the belt chafed at my neck like an uncomfortable rash. i felt the metal click into place, and the engine started. a new journey was beginning, it would appear.

    By Tamii URL on 10.17.2010

  23. Take the seat of power by the seat of the pants and seat your ass down to eat. Brother can you spare a dime or a place to sit or a seat at the table?

    By 23ventriloquist URL on 10.17.2010

  24. you sit on a seat. The seat is usually cold. Seats at school. You might give someone your seat or someone gives their seat to you…just depends. Now, the seat in the movie theater that is open, will not be open if you do not get there in time!

    By Emily on 10.17.2010

  25. There’s nothing wrong with offering your seat to someone. And there’s nothing wrong with taking it, it’s better than falling on someone.

    By emma on 10.17.2010

  26. She strutted into the subway like she owned the whole damn thing and leaned toward me with a kind look in her eye. She asked if the seat next to me was taken. I looked at her, blinked a few times, and said it wasn’t. As she sat down, I couldn’t help but notice the way the yellow locks of her hair cascaded over the sweater she was wearing like a waterfall of molten gold.

    By vish URL on 10.17.2010

  27. There was a seat I sat in once. It was old and leather, like the one downstairs that my dad sits in. And sitting in that seat made me think of how my future husband will sit in his own leather seat one day, and how it will be passed along. Because every man deserves his own special seat, and every woman deserves her man.

    By erin URL on 10.17.2010

  28. I was there for 11 hours with my leg swollen into a balloon. Gross. Even the crackheads were appalled. Emergency room hell. As I finally fell asleep my name was called and I hopped from my seat.

    By Josh on 10.17.2010

  29. “Please take a seat.” He was all gracious and charming, so she really had no choice but to sit down. There was no one else around yet, but that would change in the next few minutes, and she couldn’t shake the feeling there was a sign around her neck saying, “Look at me, I’m getting preferential treatment!”
    “Don’t worry,” he said, as if reading her mind. “No one will care. They probably won’t even notice. Trust me.” How could she not, with that smile of his?
    And it turned out he was right. Everyone stared at the stage, twittering with nervous excitement, and all eyes and ears were tuned to him as the music began.

    By Julia URL on 10.17.2010

  30. i like yo sit and when i do itscomfy and yeah and sitting and i am thinking and yeah so yeah and seat uam um not thinking yeah haha i am thinking this is a fail whats up il tell you thats up that whats up hhahahaha

    By Julia on 10.17.2010

  31. It was the seat of my pants, where she said she saw something throbbing. I felt ebarrassed. Inside the bathroom, I tried looking at my backside in the mirror to see what was flapping inside my pants. I removed my pants and a little blob crawled up my thigh, leaving a layer of green slime in its wake.

    By Steve Kilter on 10.17.2010

  32. After walking for a long while, I took a seat at a sidewalk cafe. There was no one to wait on me, of course. I sat out of force of habit, for I was neither tired nor hungry. And yet… I SHOULD be.

    By mimimanderly URL on 10.17.2010

  33. I’m sitting in one right this very second. It is black, the leather is sort of wearing off of it. I’m thinking about buying a new one. I sit in the back of the bus, i’ve claimed my seat. Take a seat and smoke a blunt, bye.

    By Ryan on 10.17.2010

  34. Have a seat.
    Seaaaaaaaaating, please!
    Sitting Bull?
    Whats that?
    Seat Seat Seance.

    By Barbara25 URL on 10.17.2010

  35. I pick the window seats on planes so I can view everything down below and wonder what people are doing

    By Edson on 10.17.2010

  36. this is the place where you put your butt. It’s usually rectangular in shape and often supplied with a cushion where your butt meet it. there are many different types of this from cushioned to hard wood to stone.

    By Dianna on 10.17.2010

  37. “Suit yourself,” said Officer Peterson to the man who he caught dancing naked in the fountain in the center of town. Officer Peterson shrugged and started to leave, when George streaked past him, cackling.
    George opened the back door of his police cruiser and locked the door from the inside. “No, no!” yelled Officer Peterson, “Suit yourself; not seat yourself!”

    By richpee URL on 10.17.2010

  38. As I sit in my seat, I wonder. How was it made? I love this comfy seat so much, was a lot of love put into making it? I hope so, it deserved the love. I will never let this seat go.

    By Kelsey on 10.17.2010

  39. “a seat??? we’re having this fight just because of a seat??” she screamed. no my dear. this isnt just about a seat. this is about choosing which one of us lives, I thought. But I couldn’t bear to tell her. “take it”

    By Miranda Kaiser on 10.17.2010

  40. lets have a seat and talk about all the things that we left unsaid.

    By weetz on 10.17.2010