March 13th, 2019 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “seaside”

  1. Where magic lingers. The shores of wonder. Swimming to the ends of the earth is my idea of romance.

    By Sarah Almengor URL on 03.13.2019

  2. As I stared into the void located just above the tall, black bookshelf in my living room, I had to wonder if beyond that little mental wormhole, there was a little seaside town I could visit. I wasn’t a fan of beaches, but I didn’t mind strolling along its shore, avoiding the water and the puddles of jellyfish who had unfortunately been sacrificed during their great voyage. I thought of sitting in a room in a tiny bed and breakfast, drinking tea – with you and only you to talk to.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.13.2019

  3. I’m here upon a sand, watching a wide seaside. Blue sky is spread out widely over my head. and I can relieve in here nature.

    By chiefmate on 03.13.2019

  4. Where all stories, even the first story, began. And where many stories, including maybe the first story, end. In small, foolish, terms, the long strip of pulverized mountains where boats are rocked to sleep on the surety of the tide. Where leather-faced men dislodge insults from the lost parts of their lives, that they heard in foreign tongues when they were spry and disembarked in search smokey-eyed conquests — or to be conquered. Where children without eyes fully opened see everything for the first time, and remember the spray of the saltwater but only for the next year.
    The border between the light and the known world and the dark and the depths. From which any horror, half-seen, could slither out and terrorize. And at one time we were that horror. And the dark will wait until our corpses are engulfed by the tide and slide back into the deep.

    By mattlock URL on 03.14.2019

  5. i love the sea side it makes me so happy i enjoy it very much the waves are so pretty and the smell of the air is amazing i wish i lived at the beach so i could see this every daly!!

    By Hallie on 03.14.2019

  6. She sells seashells by the seaside. what a tongue twister is that? Another good one is; if Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers how many peppers did peter piper pick.

    By Naomi Comeaux on 03.14.2019

  7. You and me, feet planted in the sand, seaside. You think we’re facing the Atlantic. I think we’re facing the Pacific. I had this dream, you see, of all these ocean cliff towns with near-horizontal cypress trees. In the town square of one, my med school friends and I talked about tools in our white coats, and Marlon Brando came down from an upper window to ask after our gossip (boys, dresses?) “We’re comparing stethoscopes,” I said, matter-of-fact.

    By Ella Emma Em on 03.14.2019

  8. hey everyone im fatema from Morocco, i started reading your story and i really love it.

    Thank you

    By FATEMA on 03.14.2019

  9. A la orilla del mar se acercan cangrejos a jugar entre los dedos de los pies. Brotan por diminutos agujeros en la arena y se escabullen por donde vinieron. Son tan fugaces como el cariño que un día nos juramos y que ahora se disolvió el polvillo que crea el arena.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 03.14.2019

  10. Oh sunrise bright
    sand and shells
    all down by the seaside
    Oh sunshine burn
    and crashing waves
    all down by the seaside
    Oh sunset glow
    and swirling breeze
    all down by the seaside
    Oh moonlight shine
    footsteps and salt
    all down by the seaside
    Where love and joy
    and all glory
    always shall reside
    yes it’s true
    and we all know
    all down by the seaside

    By Kitti Luana on 03.14.2019

  11. Oh how I love the seaside
    for sure I know
    that I will go
    down along the seaside
    where beauty shows
    where strong love grows
    and land and sea collide
    where dance resides
    and romance thrives
    down along the seaside
    the place I know
    that I love so
    down along the seaside

    By Kitti Luana on 03.14.2019

  12. seaside is a sight
    allow your eyes to lavish
    upon the exceeding beauty
    seaside is a sound
    allow your ears to linger
    upon the ringing chorus
    seaside is a smell
    allow your nose to tingle
    upon breathing all singing perfections
    seaside is a taste
    allow your tongue to engulf
    upon all luscious flavors
    seaside is a feeling
    allow your body to dwell
    upon the releasing touch
    seaside is a love
    allow your heart to swell
    upon the throbbing grasp
    seaside is a heaven
    allow your spirit to set free
    upon dancing in the glory

    By Kathi Luana Bailey on 03.14.2019

  13. Enjoy the seaside; even if only in your thoughts. I love the seaside.
    Thank you Lord, whom I love most of all and and more than all, for creating the seaside.

    By Kathi Luana Bailey on 03.14.2019

  14. Oh, and by the way, Kitti Luana and Kathi Luana Bailey and Luana Bailey and pretty much anything like that are the same person :)

    By Luana Bailey on 03.14.2019

  15. Poetry is so beautiful; I am beginning to believe that I might like to start writing it!

    By Luana Bailey on 03.14.2019

  16. One day I will find the ship again, it came on a misty twilight when I was just a child. I would stand by the seaside every night and hope to see it once more. I could not find it in 10 years but still, in my heart, I am hopeful and wish it would come to take me to a place far away. All I could hope for was the sense of satisfaction to know I was not delusional and I really did see such a thing. The ocean waves are powerful tonight and in all my years I could not hope to taste such a strong breeze.

    By Gloria on 03.14.2019

  17. She took a deep breath in, and when the seawater smell hit her lungs, she almost cried. She had missed this place. She craved it in her skin, in between her toes and fingers, in the spaces between her ribs. It was something dear and precious to her.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.14.2019

  18. We’re going to the beach, I shout to my teenage daughter who hasn’t left her bedroom for several weeks. Come on now, I keep shouting at her, get into your bathing suit, grab your reef shoes, I’ve made lunch, we’re leaving in 20 minutes. Come on, come on, come on, I’m sick to pieces about your hiding out in there. I’ve forgotten what you look like. What walks out of her bedroom is not how I remembered her.

    By Joanna Bressler on 03.14.2019

  19. I slip into the seaside view, a daydream to take me away from this didactic boredom. This pedagogical pedigree brought down upon me, lecturing me with a unreasonable force – disallowing debate. Do I sit and open my ear, turn it so as to tune in a better sound? Or do I bow and scrape to every instruction. I wish to simply leave – to escape to this actual seaside view and much more, touch, taste, and smell!

    By Eric Harrell on 03.14.2019

  20. Maybe one day you and I will end up at some seaside together, both of us much older than we are now, you perhaps decrepitly so, and we will finally be able to speak about what our life was way back when we were both in the same house.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 03.14.2019

  21. She look at him. The sea? We are going to Brighton? I’ve always wanted to spend the holidays seaside. I feared I would never be able to do that at my age. She rose from her chair, with great difficulty, and walked over to him and gave him a kiss.

    By Leslie on 03.14.2019

  22. I had an impossible habit of ending up at the coast. I’d get to feeling lost, like the expanse was far too wide, and yet claustrophobic too. An ungainly paradox that I never quite managed to figure out. And yet there I would find myself, as if resetting. Turning myself off and on again, like an ageing piece of technology you’re already resetting for the third time on a busy Monday morning.

    By Aisling on 03.14.2019

  23. seaside is beautiful and needs our protection, we have to keep our environment clean and safety. i love how i feel when i am there, i feel relaxed and peaceful

    By Bella Scarly Ortega URL on 03.14.2019

  24. His grandfather had lived near the seaside. He remembered visiting him during summer vacation with his family, before Greta had died, and before the seaside vacations became the grave side vacations. He said this, but he knew he was exaggerating it in his mind. He knew that they eventually became themselves again. His body could recall the the ache of walking up, towards the shore, in all its developmental stages.

    And though he knew this, sometimes he forgot it, found the projector in his head stuck on Greta’s name etched in granite and his father weeping as if he were a child, too. Or the look on his mother’s face that told him not to ask for this. This. He could hardly think what This was. But he knew he had been ripped from it, made to play in the ant hills while the other kids smiled at each other and their parents smiled back at them.

    On the other side of the country, he found himself aching again, walking up the grassy side of the embankment, the smell of the seaside in his nostrils. He thought it funny, how the seaside always felt location specific, not the side of the sea, but the sea side of the country–and certainty the seaside was the east side, not the west.

    But he was coming over the crest now, and surely it was there–the sea. And he was on the side of it, soon to be entangled in it and, thinking this, he felt the phone in his pocket vibrate, breaking him as near as any wave would have done anyways. When he pulled it out of his pocket and saw the name, he laughed lightly. Above him, a seagull coasted on the air, calling to someone, or something, out of sight.

    By absolutelynthng on 03.14.2019

  25. by the seaside i sat while drinking my coffee. I bask in the sun while sipping. the beach is my place to relax. I crunch a shell with the bottom of my foot.

    By jack kemps on 03.14.2019

  26. The seaside is where i go to bask in my happieness. i love the beach and the sand. it makes me think about all the good times ive had in the past.

    By jack kemps on 03.14.2019

  27. i haven’t swam here yet. the water is so shitty and sandy so every day i just end up sitting in a beach chair turning into a lobster and listening to harsh noise music. it’s very discordant in a very sexy way but my skin is starting to hurt. i miss trashy beaches like ocean city maryland.

    By charlotte on 03.14.2019