August 8th, 2017 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “screens”

  1. More than anything else, this is what us modern day men and women stare at. It is not our children, our parents, or our friends. But screens. TV screens, mobile phone screens, laptop screens. I myself am guilty of that, and ironically, am facing nothing but a screen right now, furiously typing in hopes to churn out something worthy with the limited time I’m given. The limited time we are all given in this world.

    By Pin Yee on 08.08.2017

  2. On the screen, things are somewhat removed, distanced from yourself. Multiple screens, playing out scenes you need to see, but distance yourself from. Imagine that. It’ll help.

    By and& on 08.08.2017

  3. The light of the screens reflected in his eyes. He watched over all of the videos simultaneously; he needed to know what happened. It was nice having security footage from so many angles, but it was also distracting. So much had happened in the short time, and one of the playing videos would tell him who it was…What it was…

    By Lucas Coon on 08.08.2017

  4. computers, tablets, ipads, iphones, ipods, TVs,

    By jordan on 08.08.2017

  5. screens encompass so much of today’s world. its widely debated whether or not they are detrimental to children and adults alike. they can be beneficial for information

    By Katelyn on 08.08.2017

  6. pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc laptop x box 1/360

    By jl on 08.08.2017

  7. tv or a screen for a window

    By elijah on 08.08.2017

  8. they are in front of you and they look at you with so much compassion but being so judgmental at the same time. we look, but do they really look back?

    By Costina on 08.08.2017

  9. She popped the screen out of place and climbed carefully onto the roof. She tried to stay as quiet as possible, but her foot caught on the sill and she almost screamed as her balance shifted. Stop. Okay. Here we go.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.08.2017

  10. Daniel was a simple man who took pride in selling all the best electronics. Kids these days would do anything for their screens, and Daniel made a lot of money selling iphones, ipads, and ipods at his brand-new Apple store.

    By Unknown on 08.08.2017

  11. I smile, too many screens in my life, one screen, the one i hold in my hand, everyday, for hours. This is a sign from the universe, from God, I must let go of the screen, put it away, pick up a book again, my life before the screen.

    By jassy on 08.08.2017

  12. There are too many screens in our life. It’s so consuming anymore that we barely have time for each other because we’re so caught up in our social media. We’re too busy comparing our lives to those around us and making sure everything is picture perfect, even if in reality it’s far from it. We should take more time reading and spending time outdoors and less time with our heads buried in our screens.

    By Maci Hall on 08.08.2017

  13. screens are by the means to be seen as unscreened mass as if they are uniform and transparent as a holes in the paramount features of love

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.08.2017

  14. I stared at the screen, wondering if this would work. my sister was looking through the old maps on all of the other screens. we had yet to track the man who stole the engine to our 2020 Octavia Triple, it was about fifty years old and extremely rare, it could be sold for over 1,000,000 Metal, and would sell amazingly at a universe auction, and, as i had salvaged it from the wreck on ice planet S10, we were both really angry. as we stared at the screens tracking the man we called our friend Gavin, from this galaxy’s FBI, he had green eyes and pure white skin. in this galaxy most of the life did but they were stunning.
    “Whats up? I haven’t seen you two in a while! what brings ya back?”
    “someone stole the salvage,” said my sister, Gemi, who was a bit concerned. her long brown hair was braided as a long strand of blue flowed through her hair, a gift of the Undra, for finding an alternative water source after theirs was poisoned. her calm and stubborn demeanor gave way to a lot of not starving. unlike me, I would lose the space ship with a tracker on it.
    “what kind of salvage? Archaeological? Personal? Unknown?”
    “definitely an unknown,” I butted in, “It was a 2020 OT, with weapons built in. “And even though she said not to, i brought the licence with me!” Gemi glared at me, with the intent of “sibling murder” if you have a sibling, brother or sister, you will totally understand what “sibling murder” means.
    “Perfect! give me the number and I’ll see whose it was.”
    “G-42H177” I said, faster then light.
    “Don’t forget to track down the person who broke into our ship.” said Gemi in a calm anger.
    Gavin stopped typing. “whoa, the BROKE IN? how is that possible?” he was shocked. I didn’t blame him. our ship was the most secure in the galaxy of Tiron. with an emergency alert lock and a Five Two alarm system. We had stayed to long and someone figured out how to hack our system.
    “well, we have to leave now, contact us when you figure it out!” Gemi said. “Good bye!”
    disconnecting I went back to the pilots cockpit and asked where she wasnted to go.
    “lets go see mom and dad, lets go back to Earth for a week or two.”
    I set the course on our screen.

    By Ashley Hulbert on 08.08.2017

  15. Seven TV screens were built into the wall in front of me, and all seven of them bore the same, tired face of an older man. That face stared at me no matter where I stood, no matter where I sat, no matter where I turned my head. His weathered brown skin was subdued by the quality of the projections that presented him, but his eyes were fierce balls of green fire.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.08.2017

  16. i love tv screen with HD and 4K.

    By joseph URL on 08.08.2017

  17. Screens block. Keep us apart. I found one and take you in, bit by bit, through a mesh of transparency.

    By Krys on 08.08.2017

  18. The room is filled with screens. The children seem almost glued to them. I walk around the room, calling out their names, but no one even looks up. Has our lives become nothing but screens? Has the screen become more real that what I see out my window?

    By Paloma Lamb on 08.08.2017

  19. Flourescent blue screens lined up against the dull walls: ten, maybe twenty. The monitors formed a bright barrier around the leather computer chair in the middle of the room, trapping it in some kind of glowing barrier of CFL. limelight An uneasy chill trickled down my spine at the time. It wasn’t safe, this room was anything but safe. My fingertips twitched at the cold intercom in my pocket before I fumbled to press the receiver to my mouth.


    I gulped down the knot in my throat as the floor creaked behind me.

    “I need you to get me out of here.”

    By Mayang on 08.08.2017

  20. Shiny, golden screens. The ultimate source of the unknown, and everything known. Glued to a screen with the sticky mucus of addiction and necessity, I find myself withering. Gone with the rays. Goodbye.

    By Wilfred on 08.08.2017

  21. we all stare and we don’t care. But there are those times when the screen has let us know when something is wrong- that we need to connect better-and we have to choose to let the real one be the master and let the tool be the tool. take a walk and stare at the majestic sky screen.

    By Ylan Chung on 08.08.2017

  22. I hate screens. The dog tears it….bugs get stuck in it, and I poke my fingers through it. Why couldn’t they come up with a stronger type of “screen”? On the good side, it keeps bugs out, allows fresh air in, and lets me yell .

    By mim on 08.08.2017

  23. The last thing I saw was being sucked into that screen. A whirring colourful spectrum as I was taken in. I never found out how to get back.

    By Mitchell on 08.08.2017

  24. screens are the flat surface that appear as the interface for electric devices.
    they can be found of phone, computers and even television screens. they have come a long way from where they started, since the analogue version.

    By ben on 08.08.2017

  25. screens are the visual and graphic interface for which electric devices use to be accessed by humans. many different devices have these, such as phones and computers, which have dramatically progressed from their ancient analogue counterparts.

    By ben on 08.08.2017

  26. screens project the world around us as we choose to see it. It can make us feel small and engulfed all at the same time. Its a great way to view the world from a safe distance without ever getting too close. keep your distance and watch from afar.

    By renee on 08.08.2017

  27. I’ve seen you lit on massive screens. Heard them scream for you, you’re someone for a scream. I know you wish this movie had a different theme. I wish I could rescue you

    By Lee on 08.08.2017

  28. I put up a screen in the middle of the living room. It was a soft Gray, like the streaked marble tile that he had laid down in the bathroom downstairs. His own two hands, laying down grout while sweat pooled in that small Valley between the shoulder blades where a tattoo that he was embarrassed of lay as well. Like a thrown away mural at the bottom of the Clear Lake. The screen took up the entire center of the living room, one burnt October orange wall to the other. I looked at my work, the screen fit in perfectly between my horribly artistic and forgotten vinyl records and his atrociously new and modern flat screen TV. The screen felt like two sides to a world that had broken into a million pieces. Just two though, we can pick up the rest later. That’s way too many worlds for someone on a budget, a tight tight budget. The screen loomed over the whole room, it even started taking up room on the ceiling and crawled its way to the front foyer and started dribbling itself up the stairwell like it was searching for the eaves of the attic and wouldn’t rest until it found that one Skylight that we hadn’t fixed yet. What it would find along the way; weird dabs of spackle that hadn’t been sanded, molding but still held bent and broken and deformed Staples, a dust rabbit forming in the corner like it was Easter. I stood back and admired the screen as it changed from a soft clouded gray to a dark Angry Cloud. As the screen divided me from the rest of the house I calmly pocketed my lighter and walked out the back door, wondering if my sleeping other half upstairs would admire the screen I put up in the living room between him and the stairs.

    By Serian on 08.08.2017

  29. there are many kinds of screens wind screens fly screens and more.
    IM DONE :)

    By Jayden on 08.08.2017

  30. Screens are wat we look at

    By WATTTT' URL on 08.08.2017

  31. Screens to keep the swarms of pesky annoying recurring nuisances entry. The smallest entry way allows them to buzz your ear for at least three months. i cant take the zzzzzzzz so im gonna stick my head in the toilet.

    By chezmoi on 08.08.2017