May 5th, 2016 | 57 Entries

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57 Entries for “scooter”

  1. I rode the scooter down the lane. It was a breezy day, but I couldn’t help but laugh. Life was good. Tyler was meeting me at the cafe for a study date, yay! Life is so cool with him in my life. I thought this as I rode down the lane.

    By Bella Hautzinger on 05.06.2016

  2. i received a scooter for my birthday. I got tired of all of my friends, so i sneaked out of my house to ride it. I rode down my sidewalk, and then lost track of time. I didn’t even realize that I had been riding for a long time now. I then find a cottage overlooking an ocean, and then I see a mermaid.

    By faith on 05.06.2016

  3. the freedom we craved, the rush that we now appreciate as youth, when we look back. nothing stays the same forever, it reminds you. you get older, further away from the child like fascination. away from the pure happiness from simple things

    By yasmine URL on 05.06.2016

  4. Scooters are annoying when you try to get off of them, they hit the back of your ankle. What kind of thing inflicts so much pain after you’ve clearly shown some interest in it, otherwise you wouldn’t have bought it. Correct? Such inanimate object causing pain and fear, like a roller coaster ride that never stops. Even if you want to get off. The never ending screams of fear and dysphoria. The never lasting freedom, all of it comes to an end.

    By shaquira on 05.06.2016

  5. The little girl didn’t even see it coming. In fact, the scooter rider didn’t see her coming wither. With the swish of red and the metal clang of blue, they both ended in a heap of crumpled mess.

    By Amimee URL on 05.06.2016

  6. she rode the scooter to class every morning wearing her ironed sun red salwar kameez with ivory embroidery. past chai wallas and pyaaj wallas competing with the birds to awaken the galli from their winter slumber. it was, indeed, the first day of spring. well, she didn’t know if it was technically the first day of spring, but she sensed it in her blood, something quickening in the air, something that had been lodged in the sky beginning to leak, the light in the morning not so meek anymore but instead full throated.

    By neelvar on 05.06.2016

  7. The scooter scooted on the scooting chute. The boy fell down afterwards.
    Why, of course, the entire skating park laughed. Not entirely due to the incident – no. He was riding a scooter in a skate park, after all. How quaint. I’m not entirely sure whether or not I can game the system and make a sentence so long that there will virtually be no limit – of course I can – why must I be constrained to a word limit; scooters are not limited by an arbitrary set of how much data you can input through your computer and into this server and neither should I; but of course scooters don’t engage in meaningless philosophical soliloquies either, so I believe I am guilty in some sense; not guiltier than some scooters, though, I’ve seen some downright criminal ones; but not as criminal as I am in how I am abusing these semicolons.

    By Indonesian Fool on 05.06.2016

  8. I can remember riding my scooter down the city blocks. It was always dark and a tad bit windy. Oh, those San Francisco nights.

    By Drue URL on 05.07.2016

  9. The sublimation of the German zeppelin industry into mass production of aluminium-framed folding scooters. German? Well most of my friends had the cool lightweight Swiss micro ones, but mine was this heavy German deal that would snap your shin if you ever dared to tempt the Gods with a tail-whip.

    By Snufkin on 05.07.2016

  10. I was driving on my scooter as usually. Suddenly someone stopped me. Have you got lost? he asked. No, I am only following my way, I answered.

    By July URL on 05.07.2016

  11. Feels like a nick-name of someone who likes to travel fast on wheels. Could be a scooby doo character.

    By Fiocle on 05.07.2016

  12. Why a scooter again? Actually, I have no idea about what I should write. I believe this word was predictable cause there are some passages written by the community on this very word dated back to the 5th of May. Hope, the next word will be different and unexpected.

    By Katya on 05.07.2016

  13. An amazing time machine. Gets you from point A to B in a matter of seconds. Blue, green,pruple, yellow, any colou of the rainbow. Two people can take a journey of a lifetime or ride solo.

    By Nabeelah on 05.07.2016

  14. It’s a vehicle that is similar to a motorcycle but for calmer people and it is less dangerous. It is also a toy for kids that is pushed by the Kid’s foot.

    By Sara on 05.07.2016

  15. Almost everyone who finishes 10th had scooters.
    And my sisters’ scooter gave us comfort, joy, and beautiful memories.
    I often think about the time i was trying to learn to ride a scooter.
    It was said i would have my own after the 10th.
    However i left before i could finish.
    We never know what happens next.

    By Sameeka on 05.07.2016

  16. one day while riding my scooter a truck came and scooted me off the road like i was a piece of gum under a highchool desk. what was i to do ….did he even see me? wow only if i could think clearly about what is going on….a scooter i died on a sarn scooter.

    By faith on 05.07.2016

  17. One time as a child, I fell off of a scooter. For some reason, I was immediately eager to get back on it. I suppose that’s a trait I should have maintained through my young-adult years.

    By Lydia Kate on 05.07.2016