July 5th, 2012 | 296 Entries

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296 Entries for “science”

  1. Science claims that it is a system of fact and that God’s system is myth, not based on fact. Fact is, science was created by God. It is his little tool to create things. Our human capacity think we can prove that there is no God by the means of science, whereas we don’t take into account that science itself is the creation of an infinite God.

    By lisi on 07.06.2012

  2. biology. physics. chemistry. You need all three of them in life. Each one isn’t more important then the other. I like science. I prefer learning about biology and chemistry the most.

    By Jennifer on 07.06.2012

  3. They say it’s everything we need, but I would mostly disagree. What would we be if not the faith we have deep in our hearts. What would we do if not belief in a mythical creatures or beings we will never have a proof of existence. What would we do, if not this stupid belief in an old man high in the skies who rewards us from being good ?
    I would say, we would have hell on earth.

    By Omnix URL on 07.06.2012

  4. I don’t get science very well. It’s too precise, too exact and just the opposite of reality. It’s useful, I guess. Actually, I’m certain. But it’s not something I can master.

    By Thaís Rezende on 07.06.2012

  5. This is on the other side of God. But they cannot live without each other. Science is the only thing that help us being people opposite to animals.

    By bimba on 07.06.2012

  6. “You do know they’ve found the God particle, right?” John asked Sherlock, looking up from his laptop. “Although I understand a little about this subject, this must be important for you.”
    “Of course it’s important, John. Why else would I be conducting experiments about atoms for the past few days?” Sherlock called out from the kitchen. He must have found out about it before anyone else thanks to his brother.
    There was a little smoke coming from there and John shook his head and continued reading on the article he found online. “This would make a great leap for science,” it said.

    By smoothmovebro on 07.06.2012

  7. it’s the flow and collide of hormones searching for neurons to fire them up and create this spark that we call love but does that even really exist? because we are all so ugly oh so ugly to each other and the summer sky and the way the grass doesn’t grow right anymore and i’m sitting in my room waiting for you to call but i guess your hormones didn’t like mine or maybe it was something else but i’m all alone and you’re not and i know.

    By Sam on 07.06.2012

  8. Science is not just for smart people. Fools don’t know it but they are under the laws of science, too. Fool or wise, science rules.

    Hmmm… So does that make me a scientist?

    By Potx on 07.06.2012

  9. What is life? I never really understood the science of it. I mean, why are we alive? why are we here? why were we created? was it for a purpose, Were we meant to do something remarkable? Why do we die? why do we hurt?

    By ban-a-bomb on 07.06.2012

  10. He had to get it right
    one drop here
    one drop there
    quick, stopper the test tube and let the mixture fizz
    the results will show who did it
    they must
    he was certain who did it, but it all depended on this last test.

    By Bethan S URL on 07.06.2012

  11. boring
    hard to get

    By Ivana on 07.06.2012

  12. As of late, the girl had begun to find the multifaceted subject of science utterly enthralling and given that she was always on the hunt for new trivia, it seemed to be a very fruitful new passion.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.06.2012

  13. science is the bane of all christians. That whole “proven” thing. Its one of my favorite bedfellows. Wraught with math and inseminated by creative thought. The never ending quest for knowledge and a child-like excitement.

    By Monique Alcott on 07.06.2012

  14. 7:40, Monday, 1st year, 2nd sem. I cried because of science, biology to be specific.

    It was a very emotional event in my life, I cried for a quiz. Oh F.

    By Vim on 07.06.2012

  15. Where would we be without the great thinkers of the past? Well, probably about the same as we are now, with modern technology and geniuses. But a lot is to be said about the scientists gone. The appriciation of a field so passionate and enthralling to those who love it, and moghty in the natural spectrum.

    By Erin on 07.06.2012

  16. “has done what?…For Me?”

    I shuffled my feet and looked everywhere but directly into God’s eyes. “couldn’t really say…”

    By Paul Metzger on 07.06.2012

  17. I am interested in science.I like scientific reading articles and watching documentaries

    By Laima on 07.06.2012

  18. It’s very accurate and vast, but it never explains the feelings, so if you are truly in a beautiful state of mind just feel it.

    By Alex on 07.06.2012

  19. Gives us hope, lives us with more questions than answers. . .Kinda sounds like religion, eh?

    By essays35 on 07.06.2012

  20. Glassy bottled beakers are reveling in sunlight from a tilted window nearby. Thick green gels ooze up to the top, bubbly purple spritz spurts from a wavering froth, a sticky white gum bursts with one resounding pop, sending gobs of steamy material clinging to the walls.

    By Mimmy on 07.06.2012

  21. Science is a tricky thing. People, some people, think it is their religion, some think that they will be able to solve the riddles of the universe through it. I think it is a good reason to stop and smell the roses.

    By goodwitch13 on 07.06.2012

  22. science is a subject that people teach us in school. science is what most of the world depend on, aometimes its what we trust over our own religious beliefs, over our own gods, science has gotten people killed in the olden days, scince is the truth, science is a lie, what is science ? noone knows…

    By elly on 07.06.2012

  23. i really like how the letters that make up the word ‘nice’ fit nicely into the word science :)

    By caidy URL on 07.06.2012

  24. He was a man of science. Is, he is a man of science. He studies the stars and the holes they leave behind when they die. My moon tattoo caught his eye and he said it was beautifully positioned on my body. My curves were its Earth. We had passionate sex and tearful goodbyes.

    By Tahlia URL on 07.06.2012

  25. The science behind making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is so much more then slapping on some peanut butter and some jelly onto two pieces of bread. It’s the bread the texture of the peanut butter and the gooeyness of the jelly. With all three in the right proportion the sandwich can be glamorous.

    By Winnie on 07.06.2012

  26. Slice and dice, analyse, dissect, examine. Debunk. Disprove. I don’t like science. I don’t like the bare bald whiteness of it. The safety goggles approach. I don’t like explaining away mystery. I like to keep it intact. In my imagination, where possibilities like star nebulae burst and explode in streams of colour.

    By siobhan347 URL on 07.06.2012

  27. Is the human capacity to understand the mortal aspect of its existence and comprehend its envirronement. Art is as important as science for the human understanding of oneself.

    By AnnieCounie on 07.06.2012

  28. a hard subject, the most difficult to learn, checmistry, molecules, protons, electrons. I nver liked abstract science that much, but I did like life science and learning about everything. Chemistry was harder, andi

    By Mary Essary on 07.06.2012

  29. There is one particular question about science. How can we know it is right when we are prisoners in our subjective barains ourselves? Maybe science is just a joke of God to pull our legs.

    By Julia on 07.06.2012

  30. The science behind it was one that no human would ever understand. They didn’t even understand the limited science that already existed in their world. To unveil the truth about what they believed to be real could potentially be devastating to them all.

    By KaliAdia on 07.06.2012

  31. Science for me is a questionable topic.. . I’m inning space. Science space.. Speaking of space I saw a picture of a man in a spacesuit standing on a beach in what seemed like a different planet. I’m guessing he was a scientist.

    By Erika URL on 07.06.2012

  32. I believe there’s a science behind everything, even the smallest things that seem to be controlled even by fate itself.
    Fate could be a part of science, but it’s something so bizarre and out of the box that nobody would ever bother to think about it.
    Science is a difficult word to grasp, because it spans thinking and our faith.

    By Izumi URL on 07.06.2012

  33. Fun.! I liked doing science experiments. It’s from a curiosity about how things work, which I inherited or learned from my dad.

    By Jean on 07.06.2012

  34. its rather something very factual, actual, and very biological. you cant escape it, its never overratted, and theres always something to be found

    By sarah on 07.06.2012

  35. Science is a cool thing. Without science, we wouldn’t know anything about anything. Everything is science. Science is involved in typing, in the internet, in our breathing, how the air moves, how the time passes. I just heard a bell.

    By Yves on 07.06.2012

  36. The fantastic art of Life

    You say you’re bored?
    You say that you can’t really proove that we exist?
    Ok…. I get that, but-
    You say so what’s the point?
    O.K. let’s start: yes we doint really exist that’s the beauty of it! Can you not see we are free, free of purpose to create our own purpose! You create your own purpose and convince yourself that it is true and great. The purpose fantastic!
    Therefore if your life is uneventful it is because you chose it to be!
    Why would anyone convince themself of nothing if they know that we are nothing?

    By Jaco-thenewbie on 07.06.2012

  37. So many people think that science proves so many aspects of life. Science is not completely true. Science in fact has many flaws. It makes me sad at the fact that people put so much trust in this subject.

    By Chelsey on 07.06.2012

  38. I was never a very good student of science. All those figures and formulas. But I do enjoy life sciences. Biology and even Geology were pretty interesting in college. Now I get my interest met on the Animal Planet Channel and Discovery.

    By Lisa URL on 07.06.2012

  39. could be as good as evil, be careful Man

    By tote on 07.06.2012

  40. The darkened room spilled with it’s own ethereal light. Jess handled the glowing beaker with the caution of a surgeon and the hands of an anointed priest.

    By C.Perez on 07.06.2012