July 5th, 2012 | 296 Entries

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296 Entries for “science”

  1. The science behind the way you think and the way you move is something I have yet to understand. You should be so predictable by now, so very malleable in my hand, but you are not. Instead you flicker between the lines of yesterday and something unfamiliar, something I have never seen before. Maybe that is why I am so attached to the idea of figuring you out. Maybe that’s why I am so possessed by everything you do.

    By cmsiena URL on 07.05.2012

  2. science

    “The whole universe was in a hot dense state…”

    I loved science. I pretty much already said that a few days ago. Well… I talked about physics. I liked chemistry too. Wasn’t as interested in biology except as it related to medicine. What else is biology good for really? Physics and chemistry though? Loved them. Just did.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.05.2012

  3. the mad hatter grab bed the each end of the rod, and connected the two. He then asked his assistant to, “Slap the Switch!” Electricity formed around the tube and complete darkness curtained the hall.

    By Christophe on 07.05.2012

  4. science is something that not everybody can understand or have a firm grasp on all of the concepts and ideas it is about. science is everywhere. science is in our bathroom, science is on the streets. science is taking over. science.

    By nola on 07.05.2012

  5. Science is a subject that consists of many topics relating to the earth. This includes biology, chemistry , climate and more.

    By kaitlyn on 07.05.2012

  6. Science is the name of the study of life and everything in it. Basically it’s the study of… everything un-explainable and everything we all wish to explain or understand or comprehend. Because this world is a lot more complicated that we had ever anticipated and we’re just barely scratching the surface of what Could be or what Will be or even what Is or Was. It’s amazing, really, but never my cup of tea.

    By tomo on 07.05.2012

  7. its just as possible as religion, yet is treated like the plague. far too many people feel that science will hold us back, however science is what moves us forward. you do not have to be in a lab, it is all around us on a constant basis.

    By jamie on 07.05.2012

  8. I really do not like science, it was one of my worst subjects in school. Although my Biology teacher this year was by far one of my favorites! She is having a baby this year and I am so excited/happy for her! 60 seconds is not enough time to fill this space….):

    By Jessica on 07.05.2012

  9. Science often goes against religion. And it’s been like that for years. I agree with science because I’m not religious at all, but others might think just the opposite. My guess is it will always be a battle: science vs. religion. Who wins?…

    By Galardiel on 07.05.2012

  10. Science is the most boring subject I have ever encountered and, in six years of studying it, I could not even master the periodic table. I found solace in playing Countdown in the corner of the classroom with another child who felt equally as perturbed by it.

    By aoife on 07.05.2012

  11. The science of jury selection is interesting. Who will become a leader, who will take your client’s position? How can you help your side without giving too much information away. It is an imperfect social science based in psychological theories.

    By Katherine on 07.05.2012

  12. Molecules. Little itty bitty things that even the people who say they know everything about them, really know nothing. It is a mystery, and I love it. I would not want everything to be crystal clear. Thank you for that, science.

    By Fern on 07.05.2012

  13. She studied the electric-colored fluids in the glass beakers. Josh, her partner, was standing a few feet away, mixing a crimson colored liquid with a sunny yellow one. Just as she realized what they were, the sun-drop hit the blood, and all went black.

    By Lyric on 07.05.2012

  14. Oh wow, that’s a huge concept to write about. But In general I believe science has to time in with a lot of things. Science is part of life. It’s the basic that makes up everything. It’s the here and now. It’s also the where and how. It’s the why that we ask to understand. We need science because without it we wouldn’t understand life or ourseleves. It can be related to everything.

    By Padmini URL on 07.05.2012

  15. My favorite subject is science. I think it is because of my ninth grade biology teacher. I had never really been that into a certain subject, but something about that class just made me love the subject. I loved the challenge and the great feeling of finally accomplishing somethign really complex.

    By John on 07.05.2012

  16. This is the search for knowledge in all of it’s forms. Ultimately the search will lead to useful products, ideas and systems that can help mankind prosper. Science is also a fun exploration for intellectual interests.

    By Chris on 07.05.2012

  17. Science, what a fun subject. I love all kinds of science and unlike Temperance Brennan I believe that Psychology counts as a scientific pursuit. Simply for the reason that you are studying and gaining knowledge on an unknown. With that, science is everywhere and in everything that you do.

    By Auz on 07.05.2012

  18. Science makes me itchy. I hate it, trying to explain to me things that are so much more elegant and wondrous when you don’t quite see why they happen.

    By Emma on 07.05.2012

  19. The specific study of chemistry is the most baffling of scientific endeavors. This is because it’s hard for me to conceptualize a chemical property.

    By Amanda Ross on 07.05.2012

  20. Love is a science. It’s a give and take, trial and error. We form theories, ideas, make predictions…But in the end we sort of know what will happen. Art is also a science in some ways. You try and you try again until you get the desired result. And sometimes you try just to see what will happen.

    By Jamie Locke URL on 07.05.2012

  21. I think that science is a drag most of the time. It’s something that you have to be really interested in to actually understand that the hell scientists are talking about. I take it in school because I have to, but for most high school students the idea of science is mixing chemicals and that’s all that they remember when they’re older.

    By Shelby on 07.05.2012

  22. is really boring for me because I’m truly dreadful at it. my professo rthinks i’m afraid of science because i’m bad it and I get worse at it because I am afraid of it. mostly i feel like measurements and beakers and thermometers and precise measuring tools are obnoxious and too consistent. i think inconsistency is the thing that gives surprise and pleasure.

    By hillary on 07.05.2012

  23. Science for me is the only real source of knowledge. This, since emotion and feeling seemed to betray me. Science does n’t

    By Ryan URL on 07.05.2012

  24. there’s no science to these things. Why try to explain everything when no one really knows. I am militantly indifferent to how the world works. when I think of how things might’ve of been I exhaust myself.

    By micheline on 07.05.2012

  25. animals

    By alexandra on 07.05.2012

  26. The method to discover beyond the obvious. Health, space, everyday life

    By dazeedoo on 07.05.2012

  27. Science is one of those things I wish I knew more about. I understand that it’s essentially as close to magic as we’ll ever get, messing with the chemistry of living things, and the physics of the universe. I’ve always been baffled by people who think science and religion are opposites, because I’ve always seen God in the way your heart makes blood pump, and sunlight sets off the color of your eyes.

    By Mae on 07.05.2012

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    By Dmitry on 07.05.2012


    By Bri on 07.05.2012

  30. i love science. its the major thing life is based on. science is questioning everything and trying to answer everything. science is pretty ligit. like throught the wormhole with morgan friedman it makes me think about everything and question.

    By Cady on 07.05.2012

  31. The fumes fizzed and the bubbles popped. Dangerous liquids sloshed in squeaky clean beakers. A heap of metal was tossed aside, in need of a good shine. I ran furious hands through my knotted mass of hair and set the monkey wrench aside, tasting the loneliness on my tongue. Even us mad scientists need to love.

    By Divya on 07.05.2012

  32. It doesn’t have to be rocket science, or neuroscience. It’s just chemistry. Not bio-chemistry or the kind with fluids that explode, but the kind that’s unseen.
    You and me.
    That’s the only things that we need.

    By Courtney Conner URL on 07.05.2012

  33. I hate science. It’s awful. It’s mind-wreaking and boring at the same time. I don’t understand it. Yet, despite all that I wish I could. I wish I were smart enough to be a science genius. I wish I were a science geek and then maybe so many other things that should are hard would become simple for me.

    By Ranee on 07.05.2012

  34. Scientific exploration of space and time. I hated science in school, but now that I’m out of school science fiction has been amazing at expanding my imagination and view our universe. I guess you would call me a sci-fi nerd, but I’m ok with that. I know a lot of nerds like me, so I am kind of normal within my little circle.

    By Danielle on 07.05.2012

  35. science, i hate science. its hard to learn . thres alot of big words and you have to do equations in science, so really its science and math. scientists have proven alot of stuff tho, so its not too bad, it confuses me. but idk about other people. i hate science. :ppp but it is kinda of interesting if you actully get into itt. idunnnnoooo. lmfao.

    By Rachel. on 07.05.2012

  36. On his left was the scalpel, to his right was the notice. He looked down at the incision he made and cringed at how crude it was. He had about fifteen seconds left. He hands shaking he picked up the scalpel and finished the incision, cringing at the pain

    By Kevin Mott on 07.05.2012

  37. Science. Everybody uses it. We depend on it to learn and to live. What would we do without it? It’s amazing. Everywhere we look is just science here, and science there.

    By kamaryn on 07.05.2012

  38. “FOR SCIENCE!” the scouts screamed.

    By Marianne URL on 07.05.2012

  39. the art of knowing and being. the stars and how the sea moves to the call of the moon. the facts of life all around always. i’m so bad at it but I love it.

    By Carly on 07.05.2012

  40. Tony Stark’s life relied on science, everything he had become was based on what he knew from science. But he wondered if anyone would ever look beyond that. Look beyond the genius, the big ego, the arc rector. Would anyone ever see the truth behind all of that and see the real him. Lonely, scared, in need on reassurance. In need of someone telling him that he was worth something. That, he as a person, could be something important, something special. Not because he was hot or rich, not because he was Iron Man. But because he was Tony Stark and because, under it all, he did have a heart.

    By Carly on 07.05.2012