October 5th, 2012 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “scene”

  1. That stupid band that accompanies Selena Gomez is called The Scene right? My god music has really gone to shit.

    By Chloe Herman on 10.05.2012

  2. The scene is a beautiful one, if she thinks about it abjectly. Tony is almost at his best asleep, unaware of anyone looking, none of his defensiveness, none of the constant awareness that goes with the day and the eyes on him and the judgments made about him.

    By Elisabeth on 10.05.2012

  3. Be scene and not heard said the photographer to the politician. A picture speaks a thousand words. Make wordy scenes.

    By Maryanne URL on 10.05.2012

  4. I don’t want to cause a scene, but I need to know why you left. Even if I have to travel 18 hours to come find you, I’ll do it. I tried, and you gave up. For once I dove in only to find out you were only going to watch me drown.

    By andie on 10.05.2012

  5. Whatever be the scene, he always kept me in a good mood just by being there. Together we could feel bored but not with each other. We were odd friends and that’s what made us close really.

    By Liberty on 10.05.2012

  6. i scene is something you may get in a play or a movie like a movie scene its a scene out of something.

    By megan on 10.05.2012

  7. The scene was chaotic. People were coming to check out the rumble, machines were whining as they cut through metal. The cars were stuck like jigsaw puzzles melted together. The cops were just arriving when the event really explode.

    By Jeanne on 10.05.2012

  8. Suspended in your emotions; reality slows down while your mind speeds up to make up for the lost time. The sounds of your surroundings are amplified as you try to control the feelings that overwhelm you. Equilibrium cannot be reached. Let the emotions inundate you; it will be over soon.
    End scene

    By EmilyH on 10.05.2012

  9. “Alright gang! Here is where you are, up on Tokyo tower where the girl of your dreams is waiting, and suddenly you are hanging on for dear life on the edge where she comes and attempts to pull you up! And action”
    “Is life really like that?” a naive coworker asked her friend.
    The camera-man quietly laughed and said, “Only if you are in the movies kid, only in the movies can something as stupid and nauseating as this can spawn.”

    By Li Poxto on 10.05.2012

  10. A scene is what is caused when someone freaks out. Causing a scene generally means that the scene causer no longer cares what the opinion of the general public is and wants to embarrass the party that accompanies him or her. Scene causers are very angry persons, and they should be treated with the utmost care or may throw a temper tantrum.

    By Ryan on 10.05.2012

  11. Once there was a scene in a play where everyone just died. Just like that. There was a glass of wine on a table and some pills in a flowerpot and it was turned over by the end of the scene- you might think everyone had ate the pills and drank some wine, but it wasn’t like that. No, everyone instead strangled each other and then they suffocated. The pills were all for show. People are dumb like that. Of course, the pills were also real, and the wine wasn’t because they’re cheap bastards.

    By Irene on 10.05.2012

  12. play action drama acting playing friendly sad happy blood crying emotialonal

    By val on 10.05.2012

  13. i scene in a movie a beautiful site it has 5 letters idk what else to write i don’t even know what this is about grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr almost done

    By kelly bocci on 10.05.2012

  14. If oblong is a kind of clumsy, rounded, awkward sort of long, then is obscene a kind of clumsy, rounded, awkward kind of scene?

    By Holden URL on 10.05.2012

  15. She began to survey what was in front of here. There were flowers on her desk and a lack of paperwork in her inbox. This was unusual. She felt cautiously optimistic for a brief second, before she heard snickering to her right. Her gaze shot to the direction of the snicker and she glared.

    By Perry on 10.05.2012

  16. ‘Don’t make a scene’, she hissed. He had to clamp down on his emotions at that moment while the woman seemed entirely unaffected and even smiled slightly as if she hadn’t just been offended. Though in her eyes he saw a promise of revenge, slow and painful at that.

    By Tacent on 10.05.2012

  17. God, she is so scene.
    She has seen the world.
    Seen what she came here to see.
    She has been seen.

    She is a perfect tableau.
    Dressed to the nines in punk pink and garish green,
    Always a backdrop of black.
    Oh, what a scene she makes.

    By Fake Faker on 10.05.2012

  18. Setting a scene is always difficult. I mean how does one relate a scene when they are unsure if the reader is familiar…and what if they don’t see the same scene that the writer has intended? Has the writer then failed? Or has he prevailed because he related to the reader in a very specific to the reader way. It’s a mystery. A wonderful gift for both the reader and the writer.

    By Christy on 10.05.2012

  19. A scene is similar to a setting, but refers to something more direct and exact, regarding time and location. It can be used in general context but often relates to theatre

    By Marissa on 10.05.2012

  20. Not many people realized what a scene kid was. It was raves. It was glow sticks. It was parties. It was brightly colored hair and too tight clothing. It was my friends. My life. I knew I would have to grow up someday, but not today.

    By Maggie Rose Otto URL on 10.05.2012

  21. whats the scene man? i asked and they all told me about it too…..its all very depressing most times but then its up to you how you take it. its the norm, everyone’s doing it, your own short coming or your delusoins. whats the scene? such a convenient thing to say….small question….so vague a scope….it could be anything from whats happening to hey man…tell me all thats going on wrong over here….
    whats my scene these days?….confucion…and here i go putting it all down again given the slightest chance….scene….scenario….whats the scene with this site…and whats this all about then?

    By Sunny on 10.05.2012

  22. She moved around the room seemingly without purpose, staging her actions. Walking to the window she turned and said, “Does it rain here often?”

    I took this to be a retorical question, but looked up and saw her silhouettoed against the view. She smiled as our eyes met.

    By Meredyth URL on 10.05.2012

  23. “I just don’t know what to do for this next scene,” Amber says. She moves a few index cards around, placing them in different spots on the table. I look up at her from where I’m sprawled on the floor on my stomach, ankles crossed in the air.

    “I liked the plot you had before,” I tell her. “The one with the combustible lemons. You should do that.”

    She throws an index card at me. “Of course you liked that one.”

    By Fiddo on 10.05.2012

  24. Aaiiiiiiiyaaaaa Jackie!! You no listen to Uncle!!

    By Chris on 10.05.2012

  25. The lake shimmered in the late afternoon sunlight. As she meandered down the path, she thought to herself that the scene was perfect, except that it needed another character. She longed for her old friend back to walk with her again.

    By Julia on 10.05.2012

  26. What a wonderful scene, the beach with all the people enjoying the surf, sun and sand.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 10.05.2012

  27. the green beyond the screen with the golf course and the palms should feel like paradise but instead i want the street with the noise and the bums. I want home.

    By Nico on 10.05.2012

  28. It was a riot. Unadulterated an full of vigor. I could have stopped it.But why should I? This was entertaining. And goodness knows I needed a little fun in my life. So I let these women batter it out like alley cats. I figured I’d take the sweatiest one home.

    By Ruben URL on 10.05.2012

  29. The beauty and majesty of this world is impossible to capture. You see what I want you to see. Look where I tell you but only there, where I point my camera.

    By The Lavender Cowboy on 10.05.2012

  30. The scene always opens with the staircase and the harsh summer light. Then enters the boy with the smile brighter than the sun. For a brief moment, you have him. He’s yours and you’re happy. But then everything works against you. Slowly you start to get torn apart. Every night it’s the same scene. Over and over again.

    By Liz on 10.05.2012

  31. at place you are at
    how is it
    where is it
    waht is it
    time and place where an event happends
    how long it takes

    By val on 10.05.2012

  32. Scenes in my head . . . mom and dad running toward me at the airport . . . children gazing longingly at me . . . before they found out that they do not adore me. Scenes like mental scrapebooks flow through my days.

    By Sheila on 10.05.2012

  33. ANDDDD SCENE. Someone I work with said that to me yesterday, in a self-mocking, pretentious kind of way, as if he were a character in a movie, maybe a flamboyant, dramatic character, but he knew he was flamboyant and dramatic and was mocking himself for being so.

    By Haley on 10.05.2012

  34. It was a chaotic scene, what with all the upturned cars, broken pavement and collapsed buildings. Dust hung in the air, choking the life out of those who survived. Sirens wailed in the distance as the world awoke to the disaster. Scientists were puzzled; such a catastrophe shouldn’t be possible. They should have know about the oncoming destruction at least 48 hours in advance.

    But no one could have predicted this.

    And now here I am. Alone in the rubble. Most likely the only person breathing in a 20 block radius.

    But even that’s become difficult…

    By Aster Vox on 10.05.2012

  35. Kerrie was so angry, she could not help making a big scene about it. Everyone was mystified. Why was she acting like that? What bee got under her bonnet? I suspected there was more underneath the surface that would explain her reaction. I wondered if she was frustrated with all the interviews that never panned out. I wondered if she was jealous of Bridget. Was there some territorial bitchy jealous thing going on? Her outburst was uncomfortable and embarrassing for all. Thank goodness, Fran chimed in to smooth things out. Fran is always the diplomat, the peacekeeper, with a Masters degree in “middle child skills”.

    By Frances on 10.05.2012

  36. A scene is dramatic. If you create a scene, people look at you and it’s like you are on a stage. If you look at a scene, it can make you feel serene, or anxious, or motivated. Sometimes you are part of the scene, and sometimes you are an outsider.

    By Tia on 10.05.2012

  37. In the scene it was dark and gloomy going through the woods. She wasn’t sure what to expect on the other side. It was misty and cold and she had no shoes on. What was she thinking chasing Bingo all the way out here?!


    By Kelly. on 10.05.2012

  38. I looked up at the window, rain sliding down the glass with ease. The light inside was grey and dreary, but I smiled at the glow of the television. It was nice to have a reason to stay inside from my problems, at least for a day. My little cube was enough, and enough was all I needed.

    By Marissa URL on 10.05.2012

  39. Everything was surrounded by the tape. The yellow you see on the movies with the ‘DO NOT CROSS’ on it. Indeed it was a crime scene. With the big puddle of blood in the middle. Outline of the dead guy next to it and group of guys from forensic team with cameras and stuff.

    By Omnix URL on 10.05.2012

  40. Scene. The scene girls. I kinda want to be scene. They’re always really small and cute. I think piercings are kinda cute too, depending on the person. Although, since I’m Mormon, I don’t want to get any piercings, for fear of being judged. Also, I’m too fat to be scene, so it won’t work. I also really want blue hair, but I think I’d also be judged because pf it. I have this haunting fear of having to get up in front of everyone, with this outrageous hair, and face all the disproving looks.

    By Nikki URL on 10.05.2012