May 26th, 2024 | 2 Entries

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2 Entries for “sail”

  1. Sail away across the great blue forever, the blue tedium of waves and sea, the crust of salt on dry lips, the occasional shriek of a lost bird, the waves keep going, up, down, up, down, your world has been rocking so long that you sway with it. When you reach solid land, your eyes might see it but your body does not know it. Drunk stumbling and people laugh, you long for the constant chaos you learned to live in. You knew how to compensate for that but you don’t know how to walk flat-footed in stability.

  2. We could see the sail on the horizon before we could see the boat itself. In a few more moments, we could see the boat, and the men sitting in it. A few moment later, we could see that they were waiting for us, and the children rain to the edge of the ocean, pulled up bamboo rakes where they could lay out the fish. The quiet beach bubbled with the action as the men pulled their boats up on to the sand, waiting for a wave to come in, and force the boat further up on the sand.

    by Chanpheng on 05.26.2024