February 4th, 2012 | 144 Entries

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144 Entries for “sacred”

  1. cow. Finer feelings, respect for someone elses views…..can’t say that maybe you don’t think or feel or share the same view……it’s a dangerous notion, an imprisonment, a threat, vague and looming, unspecified in it’s possible consequences……

    By georgie on 02.04.2012

  2. Sacred is somewhat concerned with religion or religious purposes. I;m not a very religious person, but I respect all the sacred things. Another thing, for me, SEX is sacred. It is reserved for two people who are in love, not just for some daft dimbos so they can have fun. I mean no offence.

    By GottaPanic URL on 02.04.2012

  3. Sacred.

    By david on 02.04.2012

  4. Nothing was sacred, nothing was new. That was the message the preacher was giving. The spot on the pew where I normally sat was empty as can be. Instead, I stood in the back, waiting to escape from his hostile homily. He was propagating like mad, and I couldn’t hear God at all. And across the way was a hospital where a dozen people were suddenly suffering nervous tics from some fake divine intervention.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.04.2012

  5. Sacred

    I remember a teacher I had, who was intrigued by the power of words and symbols. About how people could revere a symbol but behave entirely differently towards the actual thing it represented – and see nothing wrong with this.

    She gave the example of a group of men who were outraged by the burning of a flag. They shouted at reporters about how the people who burned the flag had disrespected this country. All the while, these shouting indignant men were chewing tobacco and spitting on the ground between sentences.

    So we have:

    1) People burning a piece of cloth. – Forget what it symbolizes. They didn’t physically harm anyone or anything of our country. What they burned was a piece of fabric.

    2) Indignant men standing around actually spitting ON our country as they spoke.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 02.04.2012

  6. As we entered the restaurant, the sign said to rub the life-sized Indian Chief’s headdress. It explained that he would help you know exactly what you wanted to eat. The 4 of us looked at each other, shrugged, and decided “why not.” After rubbing the feathers we were shown to our table and handed our menus. Opening the menus, indeed, a different item stood out, nearly glowing, to each of us. Skeptical, we exchanged menus. Indeed, we each saw our item glowing, but no one else’s. We all decided to order “our” dish. Yes, each was exactly what we wanted to eat. As we walked out, I said “Thank You” to the Chief. I swear I heard him say “You’re welcome”. As I turned back to look him in the eye, he just stood there with that same wooden expression. We go back every chance we get … and we always get the “suggestion”. Thanks Chief.

    By Dayle URL on 02.04.2012

  7. Ever heard a song, so sacred and so perfect that it seems like a betrayal to share it? Like this song was made only for you. No one else. No one can be as moved, appreciative, related yo it as you are. To share? To share this sacred gift that feels all your own is unfathomable.

    By Lor-n URL on 02.04.2012

  8. it was and always will be like a vow like a gift like a marriage of our smiles we won’t leave it in the dust or ask it to forgive but we’ll remember what it was like to have something sacred something no one understood no one wanted from us but we wanted from each other i have not given in yet love i will never give in.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 02.04.2012

  9. Sacred tombs desecrated – 1.

    You remember, don’t you? The tomb where we found that dead king. I’m pretty sure that counts as sacred. No, he was definitely a king. Well I could tell from all the treasure lying around, couldn’t I? NO it wasn’t cat shit! Look, I know a sacred tomb when I see one, ok? Now shut up.

    By Ellie URL on 02.04.2012

  10. Walking through the coolness of the forest, I can”t stop thinking of our argument. The sacred, it is in my heart. I get lost once in a while waiting for you and then think it is outside of me. You have no real commitment to me. Your priority is always you first.

    By Seansj URL on 02.04.2012

  11. She wonders why she doesn’t feel different. They didn’t get caught and she doesn’t know if she has done anything wrong. He flips his hair and kisses her on the cheek as he dresses again. And as his lips touch her face her spirits are lifted, and although her virginity is no longer present, she feels sacred again.

    By Jerzee URL on 02.04.2012

  12. i am really scared what should i do i have no idea what to do is this thing supposed to be scary what the hell is this website evensupposd to do because its not scaring me at the moment actually it kind of is.

    By jon on 02.04.2012

  13. first thing I saw was scared…then I realized my would be dyslexia was just kicking in…sacred, what’s sacred to me? my friends, my family, the moments of truly uninhibited laughter, cherished smiles, memories that I’ll never forget….sacred, what’s sacred to you?

    By Samana URL on 02.04.2012

  14. jkj jkjk jkkj sacred i don´t know what is it but I think that it should means anything and makes people life easier. However we can not see anything that we can do because everybody knows the

    By caqui on 02.04.2012

  15. Wenn du heilig bist, dann haben die Leute Angst vor dir. Ich weiß nicht genau, warum das so ist. Vermutlich fürchten sie, du könntest sie ertappen dabei, dass sie so unvollkommen sind. Sie wissen, wie sie sein sollten, aber sie sind es nicht. Sie sollten voller Liebe sein, aber der Hass hängt ihnen aus allen Körperöffnungen heraus.

    By Lisa URL on 02.04.2012

  16. I am scared of what’s behind me, and even more so of what is ahead. I don’t know what lies beyond that door of time but It isn’t pleasant. I will never forget what it’s like to fear.

    By Emily on 02.04.2012

  17. If scared is the only word we can see, then should we fear what word is to come tomorrow? what if it is never? and if never is inevitable, then it isn’t really unknown is it? I already wrote about this once before. So bye bye.

    By Emily on 02.04.2012

  18. i don’t know what that means yo . lol well i heard of it in books and other stuff but yeah.i got nothing else

    By Michelle on 02.04.2012

  19. Forgetting is that word which saves us almost always…

    Weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is for the strong… Mahatma Gandhi.

    By Ventsy on 02.04.2012

  20. Sacred is something which is very important. It is often associated with religion as something holy.

    By Elliot URL on 02.04.2012

  21. A secret I hold close to my heart.
    A dwindling bushel flickers in the night.
    I found him on the corner of love and loss,
    Curling smoke to heaven
    And smile twisting with it.
    An unanswered question on my lips.
    A knowing twinkle in his eyes.

    A belief most sacred.

    By Alexandra Bell on 02.04.2012

  22. SACRED

    By 4546 on 02.04.2012

  23. When I hear sacred I automatically think of God. And how people do not treat Him, His Word, His name, anything sacred. He is the one true God, and no one honors that anymore. Love God, love people, and you will love life.

    By Kailyn on 02.04.2012

  24. Justin bieber is a sacred name to beliebers. beliebers are 8-15 year old girls who love justin bieber. I AM A BELIEBER. #lordbieber, #proudbelieber, #lovetosupportjb are some trending twitter topics.

    By Julia on 02.04.2012

  25. Justin Drew Bieber.. I’m not writing this to say how much i love you, how hot you are, how much i love your hair, how much i am DYING to meet you, or what my feelings are on you and Selena. You are an inspiration to kids everywhere. You inspired me to follow my dreams. Thanks Justin, if you’re reading this.
    ~ A belieber…Julia Ram

    By Julia on 02.04.2012

  26. it;s you and me ..that i don’t want to lost. so sacred to me, stay

    By efd on 02.04.2012

  27. To have ones sacred touch is to be that one true piece of the everlasting hope in this everlasting dark tunnel we call life. This is all I could ask for from you to me, please.

    By Olivia URL on 02.04.2012

  28. Paralyzed and analyzed, our hero reverberated. Shrink said to him, over and over again in ritualistic repetition, “What do you do when everything is taken care of?” Our hero dissociated into and away from himself, leaving and leaving and going off from the land where everything is A-Okay.

    By Cyrus Willoughby URL on 02.04.2012

  29. anything and almost everything can be sacred to a a person.

    By destiny on 02.04.2012

  30. Though he had no idea what might be happening, or what to do about the dead end they’d just run into, John knew better than to ask Sherlock for clarification. The moody detective had retreated to his mind palace, eyes closed in instense focus. John supposed that if he were constantly irritated by the world around him, as Sherlock was, it would not bode well for any soul who dared disturb his sacred solace.

    John only hoped the mental escape would not take too much longer; he missed being let in on his friend’s amazing thought process.

    By floppybelly URL on 02.04.2012

  31. Everybody has their own different definition of sacred. To one father, his children are the most sacred of anything anyone could ask for. To another father, his children are merely a curse, born to weigh down his dreams of sacred money.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 02.04.2012

  32. something that is secretavie,

    By fcytghv on 02.04.2012

  33. Family time is sacred.

    The church is sacred.

    But then there are those who say that the family should spend so much time in the church.

    I don’t get it. Most of these families seem to split into their individual groups, away from each other. How is that family time?

    How does that keep the sacristy?

    How does that keep them together?

    By cafo URL on 02.04.2012

  34. The Cat is the ancient sacred symbol of Egypt. The cat with the mysterious air. The cat with it’s secretive life. The cat with it’s all-knowing and all seeing eyes.

    By Taylor on 02.04.2012

  35. her promises were sacred to her. every word she spoke, she meant. everything she meant, she did. she once told me that she would never abandon me.

    that was the only promise that she never kept.

    By Skäila URL on 02.04.2012

  36. There is something in this streetlight tableaux that calls out to her. He stands there, unable to look at her and she wonders why. Was he waiting for her to turn him down? Didn’t he know she was his from the moment he silently took her hand in the middle of the crowd? Among the static, they were caught in the inevitable newness of the idea, but so distant in those two chairs. After so many years, here she stood truly seeing him for the first time. She smiles and wonders if it is because he can’t bring himself to believe that she finds the enveloping hold of his hand, the touch of his skin, so sacred.

    By cmsiena URL on 02.04.2012

  37. Funny now alternating the c and a can make the word sacred, mutate into scared.

    By Nishat Tasnim on 02.04.2012

  38. When you tell a story like this one, you don’t want people to look at you and back away slowly. You want to put your words out there and then look into their eyes and find acceptance, if not open welcome. You want to have them embrace your emotions, if not your person. But when it happens – as it often does – that they back away with that wild animal look in their eyes, you know you’ve gone too far, and that maybe telling them why you’re here doesn’t bode well for your futures together.
    But what can you do about it when you’re all incarcerated for killing someone you should have loved?

    By Thirteen URL on 02.04.2012

  39. You’d expect life to be sacred, but people don’t think that way anymore.
    You hear it in passing all the time.
    “She annoyed me; I’d kill her.”
    “I don’t like how he keeps talking in class – I just want to kill him.”
    “I can’t stand her hair.”
    “I’d kill for her shoes.”
    We’re tearing verbal holes into one another and I’m afraid one day it might become a reality where literal violence is enacted in the name of inane pleasures, or avoidance.

    Say, hey, I don’t like the way you look. Put your hands up or I’ll shoot.

    By Thirteen URL on 02.04.2012

  40. im scared that he will never feel the same about me as i feel about him. i have no clue what to do. i want to just tell him how i feel but what if he looks at me like im crazy. Im scared of rejection…im scared of being alone.

    By Alexis on 02.04.2012