July 11th, 2008 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “run”

  1. She ran to me the other day, and I ran to her. That is when I believed in love, that is when I saw an angle

    By jaz on 07.12.2008

  2. Run. They told him to and he did, but where he was going he could never say. This life was so short and the course so long–no matter how fast he went, no matter how he panted and pushed, the race was never done. Run run run, until his legs ached and eyes bled.

    By Katharine on 07.12.2008

  3. Always running from someone. It’s better to run to someone; to have a destination in mind, to find those enveloping arms, that open heart. We ran through life, but we don’t know where we’re going to stop. You need to have that place in mind, that person, that goal. Anything to make you stop running with your eyes shut. Anything to make you stand and see. Aren’t you tired of only feeling the wind?

    By Ver on 07.12.2008

  4. i am not running away from you, i am trying to run towards you. it seems like i keep pushing you away, but i really need you at this moment. you’ve pushed me away before, and came running back. now this is my turn dammit. let me run

    By crista on 07.12.2008

  5. I wish I could run again but I’ve become too fat! Want to coordinate my time or somehow push my priorities to the top. Why do I spend my time surfing Amazon when there are so many things on my to-do list? Do I run away from success? Fear of failure? Laziness? Procrastination? I hate doing this every day.

    By PDP on 07.12.2008

  6. running is quite bad for your knees. i used to run cross country and it got me into the greatest shape i have ever been, but it also hurt my knees quite a bit. i am not very fast

    By steve on 07.12.2008

  7. Run, run as fast i can. he may catch up with me.
    he may get me. So scared, so tired all i know is that i nmust not stop i must carry on running. I have a stitch and can barely breathe but my nightmare, my bad thoughts may get me. Help. Please

    By sweeze on 07.12.2008

  8. how about a nice run? we put on our nikes and started out the door, out from the door where it began the road runs ever on and on, down from the door where it began, and we ran, did we ever run…until I had a run in my stockings, caused by the dog in the run, he was in his kennel, his run, having fun in the sun the river also was running as we ran on the shore

    By heidi on 07.12.2008

  9. Run … something I dont do. I love the idea of getting out of bed in the morning and just going for a ‘run’ but I have not got the energy. But something I’m gonna work on :) We’ll see….

    By Ella on 07.12.2008

  10. She reached the top of the hill in just enough time to see the bus pull around the corner. Shit. She readjusted her backpack and started the run down the hill. She was always late. Didn’t matter what she was trying to do – she managed to dawdle too much somewhere and found herself racing time.

    Racing time – she laughed.
    The end outcome is the same for everyone.
    And it wasn’t a race she wanted to win.

    By Morgan on 07.12.2008