May 5th, 2010 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “roller”

  1. I’m a high roller, baby. Got my pockets full of cash-lots of cash. And they treat me like royalty everywhere I go. Cause I’m just a high roller.

    By Lizz URL on 05.06.2010

  2. I have never been good at rollerblading. It has always upset me a little bit. Now any hope of being one of the beachy California girls who rollerblade down the boardwalk are crushed.

    By katieee on 05.06.2010

  3. Rollerskaterderby boss my boss does roller derby. She is so incredibly beautiful in an elvin way. Rollers for curls; I have curly hair but it used to be straight, then wavy. I’m not sure if I like it. I hate the way I look. Roller markers and pens with the rolling tip.

    By lograp on 05.06.2010

  4. rollerrrrr.
    roller coaster.
    hands in the air.
    slowing down.
    comes to stop.

    By brandi URL on 05.06.2010

  5. Ha, If it wasn’t for the velcro roller, my husband’s dreams for my pin up girl hair could never be realized.

    By Emily URL on 05.06.2010

  6. They used to have to do everything slowly. Pin hair up a few strands at a time into rollers. Sleep on the overnight. Stand at the sink talking while washing dishes or looking out the window. Boil water on the wood stove. Now everything must be rolled out in an instant. We want it all done yesterday. Faster everything is better.

    By Hope Hall URL on 05.06.2010

  7. rolling around, circle, smooth, paving, roller skating on smooth wheels, rollin around in the cruiser, a cop, hair dresser, donutes, COPS,

    By Andrew C URL on 05.06.2010

  8. We went roller skating when I was in elementary school. I used to like it. I wasn’t very good at it, but it was nice being on the rink floor with my friends. Later, I tried to give that same experience to my own daughter. We held her 12th birthday at the roller skating rink. My arm will never be the same after the 3 falls I had.

    By Tim URL on 05.06.2010

  9. As she took the rollers out of her hair the curls dropped the way her heart did the night before. Love’s never easy.

    By Erin on 05.06.2010

  10. Roller. Ich hatte mal einen. Einen roten. Mit großen Rädern. Räder mit Luftkammer. Der rollte schön, vor allem bergab. Bin ich mit dem mal gestürzt? Keine Ahnung. Ich gehörte wohl eher zu den vorsichtigen Fahrerinnen.

    By Lisa URL on 05.06.2010

  11. Things that come to mind when I think of the word “Roller” :
    roller coasters in the summer time.
    six flags with friends and family.
    when Ali and Lauren lived across the street,
    and we would roller blade on the road.
    being little, carefree.
    skating without a worry.

    By Brandi Antrobus URL on 05.06.2010

  12. I am a roller.
    I gather no moss
    I take no shit from the pit boss
    the stakes are high and my fortunes are wild, and nobody can touch my style.

    By Emerson on 05.06.2010

  13. I rolling on roller coaster and I rolled upside down, sped up, rolled faster, did a flip.
    It felt like I was flying.

    By voskamp on 05.06.2010

  14. skates. paint. baller. This is fun I like this. “They see me rollin, they hatin……”

    Derby. Disks. Smiles.

    By Matt URL on 05.06.2010

  15. just like to go down that road. it’s perfect. it is seems to be made for skating.damn. a hole.

    By scrypticwriter on 05.06.2010

  16. “Bob, I need more rolls!” shouted Gladius from the storage room. Bob cocked an ear & paused scrubbing potatos. He was kitchen help. She’d had plenty of rolls. Judging from the jiggle of her 50 something hips. He’d like to be her roller. If she’d only look his way for more than short orders.

    By @ on 05.06.2010

  17. coaster? that’s what i think of. my first roller coaster i was like 8 or something, and it was at disney world. i closed my eyes the whole time which didn’t even make any since because it was in the dark. it was pretty fun though.

    By hope URL on 05.06.2010

  18. “Come on Sandy!” Dennis yelled as he zoomed down the hill on his new roller blades. He could feel the wind whipping past and he felt freer than he had felt in a long time – since his step-mom had come into the picture.

    By casey on 05.06.2010

  19. paint. ive been seeing nothing but paint rollers for days and days and days. re decorating my room has been fun, paint fumes filling my nose and the candy orange covers wall after wall..

    By rawr? on 05.06.2010

  20. Roller blades
    roller skates
    hair rollers

    By Christine Hunt on 05.06.2010

  21. I had roller derby skates when I was fourteen. That’s right. And they were pink, not pink vomit, or the really cool, acceptable goth hot pink. But Barbie puke pink. I went skating and fell on my ass.

    By Tiffany URL on 05.06.2010

  22. I used to use rollers to curl my hair every night…then, I used electric rollers when that was available. Ouch! Both hurt.. the price we pay for beauty! Oh, well, now it’s hot air brushes. What could possibly come next?

    By Carol on 05.06.2010

  23. Wheels lined up. My best friend plays street hockey. He says he looks real nice getting all sweaty, but his face gets red.

    By Chloe on 05.06.2010

  24. ich habe nie einen roller besessen, ich hatte ziemlichen bammel vor allem was fahren kann, wo man runterfallen kann, hinfallen kann, sich weh tun kann. und auch sonst hatte ich vor so ziemlich allem bammel.

    By Nini on 05.06.2010

  25. over and under trying to smooth offensive wrinkles

    By gidge on 05.06.2010

  26. Really

    By Cheese Omelette on 05.06.2010

  27. She came thundering down the hill wearing her brand new roller blades. They gleamed a sleek black in the sunlight and drew the envy of all the neighbourhood kids. She felt on top of the world!

    By Lily URL on 05.06.2010

  28. there was only one left to put in when she realized that she hated how her hair looked, that she hated the dress and the tights she had bought that day, that she felt like shit and she didn’t want to go out with him.

    By Leenie on 05.06.2010

  29. A roller is like a wheel. It rolls. It rolls with things. It rolls with it.
    That’s something I need to learn to do. Be it stopping worrying so much, or even just accepting things when they go wrong, or even… just… not having to go over bumps like I do put up myself.

    This is my aspiration. Rolling.

    By Tai URL on 05.06.2010

  30. The roller was stuck and she couldn’t untangle the hair from around it. Sue sighed flustered as her morning just got worse

    By Elise URL on 05.06.2010

  31. blades. I was roller skating when I was maybe seven or eight, in a rink, and I wanted to stop but couldn’t and I slammed into a wall. It’s embarrassing. Skating doesn’t seem like much, but I was skating, not blading.

    By victoria on 05.06.2010

  32. Roller skates baybee. I went roller skatin up the alley into darkness and became a man. Then all of a sudden a shitload of disco lights hit me. And I curved it like ghost. I curved it so good. Meaning my body was so graceful. I was moving like a body of water baybee. Hellll yeahh. Whach you think bout that

    By K TO THE S MOFO on 05.06.2010

  33. i roll over and wonder what you are thinking as you look at my dreds am i the woman you loved years before or the queer lover with nothing to offer but empty words i roll out and it’s over. we are done. blue.

    By MI URL on 05.06.2010

  34. Rolling down the hill of life, careening faster and faster. Skid to a stop. Breathe, smile. Continue. Flat lands do not mean a lack of adventure. Just a pause before discovery.

    By Talliah on 05.06.2010

  35. “I need a lint roller!” my brother screamed. It was one of those no one’s-ready mornings. I found the roller, tossed it to him, heard a slam against the wall. “What was that?” “Spider.”

    By CeeCeeElle on 05.06.2010

  36. my roller skates roller stopped working because I accidently broke it by banging it to kill a wasp and boy let me tell you it was so much fun. When the roller was able to work it broke off so i don`t have another roller to replace it. I guess I`ll have to improvise and just use a tenis ball or a ball of tape. Also I mite run over a dog and step in poop with the new skates that I made to replace the old roller but now I fell accomplished and happy!!!! So much fun was it to get rid of the roller. LOL got to finsh everything up and have fun skating rite now.

    By Kenneth Stuck URL on 05.06.2010

  37. the white roller was soon to turn an ugly blue. My wife was at it again. ANother shade of blue for our bedroom. We had been throught his before but nothing seems to satisfy her artistic thirst for perfection.

    By tim on 05.06.2010

  38. Once I was on a roller coaster… It was amazingly huge. annnd FAST! woah that puppy went as fast as my mom when she wants pie……. and that is FAST.. and it had loooops and big drops. I love Roller Coasters.

    By DEBBIE on 05.06.2010