July 25th, 2016 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “role”

  1. “lets have fun my teacher said as she brough out the role for the play.

    By Tomas Brown on 07.26.2016

  2. My role today was to 720 instaswap the noob on havoc with SVG. My role was the next day was to get 500 quickscopes with the locus because I need to get into EzAf. I tricksht0=rig

    By Charlie Beikoff on 07.26.2016

  3. My role was the bomb defuser. I defused every bomb in the world but i still died. I got 360 no scopes with the locus and the svg. I used the baseball bat to bash up people.

    By Rohan Kishore on 07.26.2016

  4. I was so upset when i slouched out of the drama room. i had practiced forever, I thought surely the role was as good as mine. Imagine me in a red ballerina costume twirling and twirling while the crowd goes wild. but no that little blonde haired brat from my english class got it and left me being what…a stupid

    By Lucia on 07.26.2016

  5. His role was to be the heavy. “What are you doing here?” he demanded as he entered the room.

    The child, already scared, sniffled and wiped tears from his face. “I was hungry,” he said.

    “Does that give you the right to steal? Shop owners get hungry too.”

    By chanpheng URL on 07.26.2016

  6. When I think of role I think about my life and kind of what my role is in life. Why am I here. I think right now my “role” is to be that daughter my mom always wanted. Not to try but to just make her proud of what I have become.

    By Nicole on 07.26.2016

  7. a place, a job, a responsibility
    your place in the outside world
    could it be that an academic’s rol is to define?
    to describe and analyze
    if so
    i think i’m one

    By Katelyn Grimmett on 07.26.2016

  8. I always think about the role I want to be in and the role I need to be in. Usually being in the supportive is necessary.

    By stimjim on 07.26.2016

  9. role???? what about it?

    By acla on 07.27.2016

  10. I play a major role in my organization for which I am paid.

    By Sharique on 07.27.2016

  11. role played by actors and actress in the film industry to entertain people. Although film industry is moreover about making money. Roles should be natural while performing in front of the camera.

    By deepak shastri on 07.27.2016

  12. I couldn’t remember my role in the Skeleton King’s plan. I washed his bones once then twice while he napped. I hope he wakes up soon because this is a little awkward.

    By Rover on 07.27.2016

  13. The role I played in it all was small. The man at the desk didn’t care. “You participated?” He asked, rolling the tip of his beard between his thumb and index finger. “Not the way you’d think.” “You participated?’ He repeated. I had to nod. He smiled, cracked yellow teeth leering.

    By Vivian P DeRosa on 07.27.2016