December 5th, 2014 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “rivalry”

  1. I stared her down. That girl and I, we have a history, a rivalry. We’re the same height, age, and weight. That makes us great in the ring together. It helps to that we hate eachother. As my music played I approched the ring, and never broke eye contact. The bell rang and all of the sudden she was on the ground, and I was the reason.

    By Olivia Russo on 12.06.2014

  2. You want there to be a rivalry. But in my mind there isn’t one. The conclusion is forgone. I can see around the bend. Change will come in waves. There is evidence. And it will erode like a steady ebb all that has come before and it will sculpt it not unlike those sun-streaked layers in the canyons. Whatever you believe, you know the rocks are not done changing. Not after the floods, fires, wind, and rain across the ages still continues to do it’s work uncaring of your opinions and petty biases. You can fight this evolution or embrace the inevitable adaptations. Steady as the world turns this word that there is rivalry between us rings hollow in my ears.

    By Intuition on 12.06.2014

  3. This rivalry that we did not create haunts us daily
    constantly looking over our shoulders.. is today the day I die
    White people constantly jealous of our shine, resilience and ability to rise
    upset that we have the audacity to thrive, or at least attempt to in a world that was not created for us, but built by us, our blood sewn in the fabric of Amerikka
    They try to keep us down, hate us, kill us, before we even have a chance to live. life expectancy of maybe 20
    Raising children, embedding in them the need to work twice as hard to get half of what they’ve got
    Constantly warning against the men in blue. telling them don’t walk too fast, don’t look , suspicious, try to be polite, not that that would save them anyway. Sending them into a world that would love nothing more than to destroy them.
    The media slanders us daily, coded language and white washed textbooks and lying “educators”
    the racism is systemic and pervasive, working overtime to make sure we stay down

    By dj on 12.06.2014

  4. Don’t think. Just write.

    Um. Ducks vs. Kings?

    There goes my time


    By willard on 12.06.2014

  5. the lights in the room flashed, bright colours filling the vision of everyone in the room. one team stood proud, arms crossed and lips curled in a sneer. another stood less confident, arms behind their backs, smirks not leaving their faces.

    By Keely on 12.06.2014

  6. Boom clap the football fans cry as the team goes barreling down the field, a single unit of sweaty men. I don’t understand why you all care so much. Why do you find pleasure in watching people tackle each other? Is this what it felt like to be a Roman watching a man tear at a lion in the coloseum? I guess I’ll never know.

    By Zelle on 12.06.2014

  7. well this girl is four feet of being super annoying to me right now.
    and i’m sure she’s thinking, “damn girl five feet of what-do-you-think-you’re-doing.”
    i click my tongue and look away from her, even though she isn’t doing much and we’re supposed to be working together, i just want to get this project done and get my good grade, my better grade than her to be exact, but here she is with that amazing powerpoint and i kind of want to accidentally spill water on her laptop. but since we’re step-sisters that probably wouldn’t fly. oh well.

    By Aura on 12.06.2014