June 24th, 2017 | 15 Entries

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15 Entries for “revolving”

  1. Countless ideas were revolving around in her mind, distracting her from the child’s chatter.

    By Angela on 06.24.2017

  2. The earth keeps revolving around the sun and the moon keeps revolving around the earth, and it’s all kept in perfect time by forces we don’t really understand. It’s amazing, when you think about it. And it’s probably the closest we’ll ever come to a god. gravity is god. god is gravity.

    By Zhelana on 06.24.2017

  3. The earth revolves around the Sun
    Mimicking my spirals
    Surrounding you.

    Tienes mi corazon.
    You’ve always been my one.

    By Emily on 06.24.2017

  4. How many times must we pass through the same revolving door to the same hotel lobby, waving to the same doorman as he tips his gold braided cap to us? How many times must we shuffle awkwardly into an elevator that never leads us to the stars? How many rooms must we rotate through before finding one with a queen-sized bed that’s still suitable for serfs like us? It’s all too warm, too formal, too ornate; I’d rather just go home.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.24.2017

  5. turn in turn out
    pull up upwards to turn
    maintain balance
    posture well

    By tones8 URL on 06.24.2017

  6. Spinning around in the revolving door. The poor kid can’t get out. Is frozen in space and time. Only about three years old. Where the hell is her mother? Can’t someone stop the door? Her facial expression is terror. At first, though, she was smiling. Ah, thank God, here comes a guard.

    By Joanna Bressler on 06.24.2017

  7. Our eyes met, and in that moment I knew. I knew that every star, every planet, and every moon in my solar system would depend on you. You were my sun.

    By hira URL on 06.24.2017

  8. The earth is always Revolving. But what if one day it just stopped? Well it’s 3082 and scientist are saying that in exactly one year the earth will simply stop.

    By samantha on 06.24.2017

  9. I revolve around you, my darling
    I did not mean to make you bleed so
    I simply wanted you to love me
    Love me like you loved her
    Like you should have loved me
    I wanted you to give me your heart
    And when you didn’t, my darling
    I took it.

    By Lylli on 06.24.2017

  10. The world revolves around, but we think the world revolves around each and every one of us. I feel like once we get our heads wrapped around the fact everything is revolving we won’t only think about us so singularly.

    By KJ on 06.25.2017

  11. revolving
    everything goes round and round
    gravity in a circle,
    light in squares,
    the center of the earth was once me,
    but as you screamed naked from whence you sprang from,
    my world revolved around you

    By ching URL on 06.25.2017

  12. She pushed on the door and walked through it as it spun. She could have gotten out in the lobby, but she just kept pushing and walking in a circle. She looked over to her mom, who had gotten out at the first available opportunity, patiently waiting for her to spin all the way around again.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.25.2017

  13. Sitting at the table, it turned again.
    I wasn’t what they wanted.
    I saw every face again and again.
    The colors of the room melted together into one long stream of messy finger painting.
    I was never what they wanted.
    I think I’ve been on this ride more times than anyone else.
    I don’t know why you’d put paprika on the table. No one sprinkles it casually on supper.

    By Ian URL on 06.25.2017

  14. Ah the revolving door. What a fun metaphor, inescapable, in fact when we’re all respectively trying to figure out the line between the reality that we create for ourselves and the emotional factors that permeate the windows and litter the space leaving and entering the vestibule with a hearty dose of ideas that linger through the meditation of the march that persists to the left, push, left, lean. Fuck revolving I want to reincarnate to an endless path.

    By 1000 splinters on 06.25.2017

  15. There are people that will come into your life and stay. Others will take the revolving door and see their way out. Either way it’s all meant to be.

    By Danielle on 06.25.2017